Spanking in pools and spas

Swimming pools and spas provide another spanking variation.


This is another page in the Spanking Location Series.

Our  KITCHEN SPANKING  page has proved to be a very popular page. We have also added  BATHROOM SPANKING ,  BOAT SPANKING ,  CAR SPANKING  and  OUTDOOR SPANKING  pages. Suggestions to reduce the noise made during a spanking are on the  SPANKING NOISE  page.
( Water quickly evaporates from bare skin, the use of wet clothing keeps the skin moist. )

Water makes bottoms more sensitive ! The surface tension of the skin is changed and air is excluded from the area of contact. Various ” contact solutions “, other than water, can be used to enhance skin contact ( see  SPANKING CREAM  ) or you can make your own from a mixture of water soluble oil or cream and water. Using baby and olive or other vegetable oils is not recommended as they cause implements to slide away from the intended point of impact and make implements harder to hold. These oils are more likely to stain clothes, furniture, etc.

Try  a search for ” Taking the Waters ” for further information.


” If it will make anyone happy, I will relate a true story of one of my favorite spanking instances. A girl I know as a teenager ( whom we exchanged birthday spankings ) told me that she got only one parental disciplinary spanking in her life. When she was 18 and at a private beach ( so they were alone at the time ) she and her stepfather ( who was probably a closet spanko ) were joking around and he put her over his knees and gave one of his ” pretend ” spankings ( I bet he liked those bikini bottoms ), except this was one that began to sting. She got mad at him and swore at him. This led him to get angry, so he pulled down her bikini bottoms and gave her a big spanking. She told how she was crying and kicking her legs.Also, I recall another girl in high school whose birthday fell on the summer who got guys to give her birthday spankings on the beach. Those birthday suit spankings can be fun.

Finally, for those who like F/M, there is a description of a bare bottom spanking incident on a beach in a book written by Daphne Merkin. While the book is fiction, there were elements of truth in it, as Ms. Merkin has told has seeing things like this created an interest in being spanking in her real life. ”

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