Bedroom spanking

Bedrooms are often the scene of adult spankings. There are many reasons for popularity, the first being the amount of time spent in bedrooms.  Privacy, security ( both for lack of interruption and IMPLEMENT etc. storage ), soundproofing and AMBIANCE are other factors. Bedrooms are the primary places for intimacy and sexual activity in homes. These are the main reasons why so many, if not the majority of, domestic spankings occur in bedrooms.

Bedrooms come in many designs, as does bedroom furniture. Unless someone is a spanking tragic, these considerations will take second place to other factors. However, if an open mind is kept, many designs may have  secondary spanking uses.

Spanking considerations should include favoured POSITIONS , IMPLEMENTS  ( both from the space required to use them and their secure storage ), electronic equipment ( television, DVD, camera, computer, etc. ), privacy, noise reduction, lighting and air conditioning.

When considering beds and other objects to sit on, consider the degree of compression of the material, on one side, it should not be excessively firm or too hard for the spanker’s bottom ( remember that most of the weight of the spankee may have to be supported through the spanker’s seat for a period of time. ) On the other side excessive compression may make the spanker’s position unstable.


The lying position is popular, especially for longer spankings or SPANKING MASSAGES . Soft furnishings include pillows and cushions to either sit on or to raise the bottom. Bed clothes may be used in a similar fashion. Curtains absorb noise and shut out light.



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