Outdoor spanking

The great outdoors provides many spanking opportunities and a chance to vary your routine.

( Messing Around)

It is a place for spontaneous spanking.

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This is another page in the Spanking Location Series.

Our  KITCHEN SPANKING  page has proved to be a very popular page. We have also added
BATHROOM SPANKING , CAR SPANKING ,  POOL AND SPA SPANKING  and   BOAT SPANKING  pages. Suggestions to reduce the noise made during a spanking are on the  SPANKING NOISE  page.

What are your experiences with outdoor spanking?



  1. I have caned my girlfriend at night in the snow in the woods. On another occasion we stripped naked in a secluded but open spot at night and I spanked her while she was on her hands and knees. She has taken down my trousers and underpants in a secluded place and spanked me in broad daylight

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