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Hello ,

I’ve never posted here before, but I must admit to being more than a little ‘spank curious’. I often fantasise about meeting up with a younger women (I’m 41 and single) putting her over my knee and spanking her bare bottom. Where this urge came from I don’t know, but I suspect its always been there in one form or another, lacking only the opportunity, the time and the place.


The thing is … I’ve never actually carried out my fantasy, thinking of it as a dark secret. I did once mention it to a previous girlfriend, and she thought about it for a while but told me, ‘That’s not my scene’. I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as ‘dominant’, and I’m not really interested in CP (though to a certain extent I can understand it). My interest only revolves around the lighter side of OTK play. Using implements doesn’t really appeal to me either: I’m very gentle by nature, which is again why I’ve never understood my (so far very private) interest.

I suppose I’m looking for feedback and/or advice. I would like to try an OTK session, but I have no idea where to begin. How do I begin? Later on I’ll ask myself, ‘Do I even want to begin?’ There must be 1,000s of people out there just like me, but I’m not sure if spanking could – or should – form the basis of a relationship.

What’s really curious is that a friend of mine said – quite out of the blue – ‘I think you’re the dominant type! You want to whip someone?’ I suddenly felt naked: she was wrong, but not far off! How strange that something like that should be apparent to just one person … as far as I know. She also said, ‘You’re like a gay person who hasn’t ‘come out yet’. Right again: sometimes your friends can see more than they let on.

Bye the way: thanks for producing this site. I’ve just left a vanilla dating site where the people seemed a lot less articulate than some of the ‘posters’ on here. Many thanks for reading.



  1. I had the same feelings and decided to try a professional many years ago. We started with her spanking me by hand lightly and progressed to a medium spanking with her using a paddle. Today I am in my 70’s and my wife is in her late 60’s and we still spank each other as part of our love making. She loves the hand on her bottom and me the paddle. You have to start somewhere: maybe a pro spanking you or a girl friend and build from there.

      • I started in 1965 reading articles, actually practicing in 1969 and finally with my wife exclusively in 1980. Many of the girls who spanked me enjoyed this but not switching. Finally I met one who did and eventually we married. We have done spanking in many ways and locations.

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