Car spanking

No, SpankingLife does not advocate automobile abuse. Spanking car sales people, service managers and those who cut you off, are incompetent or run into you are possibilities. )


This is another page in the SpankingLife Spanking Location Series.

Our  KITCHEN SPANKING  page has proved to be a very popular page. This has proved to be a popular page. We have also added    BATHROOM SPANKING , BEACH SPANKING ,  BOAT SPANKING  ,  OUTDOOR SPANKING pages. Suggestions to reduce the noise made during a spanking are on the  SPANKING NOISE  page.


The automobile has been, since it was first produced, a most useful spanking aid. It can transport participants to a suitable location, it can carry a  SPANKPACK  and provide an object to position a recipient over or a place for the giver to sit.

( This is from a STRICTWOMEN video about the aftermath of a driving ” incident “. )


  1. When I was working as a traveling salesman, I took my wife on one of my trips. During this trip one day we were driving on a rural road to see a customer. The road was parallel to a stream and they criss crossed at many points. Rachel asked me to pull over and under one of the bridges. She opened her door and asked me to come see the view on her side, which I did.

    When I did she grabbed my arm, lowered my trousers and to my surprise with her wooden hairbrush began giving me a spanking. Eventually I kicked off my trousers and under pants while my feet danced to her spanking time. When she stopped she had me put on panties and my trousers and get back into the car. She told me that was for not playing with her last night. We then continued to the customer and a nice order. I played with her every night for the rest of the trip, including giving and receiving some spankings in our motel rooms. During this trip we went hiking and we both spanked each other. Since that time she carries a spank pack in the car and we have both enjoyed using it.

  2. I have a minivan, and most of the time the 2nd and 3rd row Captain’s seats are removed and a loveseat is loaded up in the back. I call the van my “Portable Punishment Parlour” :-)!

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