The Definitive List of 20 Spanking Implements And Tools

The  TERMINOLOGY  Page deals more generally with implements (see definitions). If you want to read more on how to use these implements, pease refer to this page which will be up soon.

We recommend a wide variety of spanking implements from the traditional to the modern.  In many cases  implements are imilar to those available elsewhere. The difference in implements is the range of materials in which they are available in.  Paddles such as the classic oval shape can be made in over twenty types of timber and five types of leather additional features such as special reinforcing, cross sawing and drilling are also available. In many cases similar looking implements can have a totally different feel and different ratings.

Avoid using implements which have sharp edges or points or are broken. Further advice can be found on the  FAQ ADVICE  and  POSITIONS  pages.




Some well known implements have their own pages (they will be added after a while) :

Other pages with implement references :

  • KITCHEN  (Spoons and Spatulas)  .

N.B. Most people come equipped with two implements!:




Implement ratings are partly subjective and also very depending on how the they are used. All implements may be used in a light fashion. The ratings given are for implements used with average force upon a lightly clothed adult bottom. “L”

Light implements should only warm the bottom and produce some redness. “M”

Medium implements may produce marking and cause tears. “H”

Heavy implements can produce blisters and/or break the skin and should be used with care. Their use should be confined to the fleshier part of the bottom.



(Care, light wipe over with damp cloth keep lightly creamed, English  Connolly  products are the best available, but at a cost. We have a similar product at less than half the cost, but it can not be sent by mail. Do not use anything with silicone in it. Keep in a dry place. See also  LEATHER PRODUCTION .)


Authentic reproductions of the original lochgelly tawses plus two mini tawses made to the same design.

(2 and 3 tail)                     (mini 2 tail)

Reproduction  Lochgelly Scottish Tawses are available, both in single and double (special order) thicknesses. These are exact replicas of the original tawses used in Scottish and overseas schools up until the early seventies, as made by J Dick & sons in Lochgelly. Hand crafted from the finest 13 oz (5mm) Russet harness leather each tawse measures 21inches long (mini, 14 1/2  in) by 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 in wide. Each is a full 1/4 inch thick (single thickness) with two or three 8 1/2 inch tails. Weights are approximately 140 grams. All edges are marked with a saddlers crease line, are fully bevelled, burnished and finished. They are made from British tan leather. 

(4 tail)

Each tawse is hand crafted to the original specifications by a British master leather craftsman  and author of the book”Leatherwork” (  Ian Hamilton-Head, Blandford Press, 1979 ).

The SALLY (centre) is our most popular strap it is double thickness and measures 460 by 45 by 10 millimetres. It comes in brown and is made from either Buffalo or cow hide.

(Rating “M – H”)

The Glasgow Strap is to the right and a special order Crocodile strap is on the left. Scottish style tawses are also an idea.

(Rating”M + or – “)



The two Paddles on the right (above) are part of our extensive range and cost $ US 50 (their lighter versions are $ US 45). These examples are the heaviest we make, they are both drilled and one is reinforced. (Most Paddle shapes are available in several types of wood and leather.)

Rating”H + or – “)


Whip making books (click on the image to order) :

spanking-implements-az15                   spanking-implements-az16 

(The whips mentioned below are the real thing and should only be used by those with experience. The cracker (or tail) travels in excess of the speed of sound to produce the noise of the whip cracking and can easily cut the skin or take an eye out.)

(example only) (Rating “H  ++”)


The martinet is a classic French implement.

(Rating “L”)


(Care, light wipe over with damp cloth, keep lightly oiled, English Goddard’s  products are the best available and contain bee’s wax.  Over time the bees wax will protect the outer surface and gives an aged appearance. All wooden items should have an exterior coating. Do not seal the surface (except for painted paddles etc). It is important  not to let canes go dry or they will split (some like to keep them in linseed oil, boiled is slightly more expensive but does not stain clothing as much as raw oil does). Make sure that the end of the cane is rounded and do not use if dry or split. Do not use anything containing silicone on wooden implements. Keep in a dry place.)


This implement can be one of the most severe, but it can also be found in every home and some ladies even carry their own to make things even easier!  If it is not applied parallel to the bottom there is a risk of producing”tip”marks and repeated applications to the same spot from the same angle will produce bruising and blisters.

Hairbrushes are available from :





(Rating”M – H”)





These are some of the handles and tips available. Cost is from $ US 15 to $ US 30. Other specialist canes are available and cost approximately twice as much.

(Rating “M – H +”)


There is a range of Birches from classic birches made from white birch branches.

(Rating “M – H +”)


One of our larger Birches resting on our Birching Block.



We have been checking on a range of light wood paddles which have a great feel without the sting and after effects of their solid counterparts. There will be more in the future.






In Africa, the Sjambok is a cattle prod, a whip, a riding crop and a means of self-protection. Its considerable reach, lighting speed and devastating impact have given it quite a reputation. And since the Sjambok is swung like a rod, not cracked like a bull whip, its weight, speed and flexibility does all the work. Little physical strength is required. Originally they were made from strips of leather cut from the thickest part of a hippopotamus hide which was rolled to produce a uniform round taper. These Sjamboks are made from precision moulded black plastic. They are the same kind as were used by the South African Police.




The material is usually flexible and has the sting but not the impact of wood. They are light and are particularly recommended for ladies to use.

(Rating “M”)


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