Spanking levels

This page is designed to discuss standards which may be used in describing a spanking. Words such as ” light “, ” medium ” and  “heavy ” mean different things to different people. Other words such as ” severe “, ” sound ” and ” thorough ” are even less precise. (  SPANKING TERMINOLOGY  is discussed on another page.) Degrees of marking of the buttocks can be useful in this task. If the recipient cries as a result of the spanking is another consideration, however the mere threat to spank may bring one person to tears but the next may not cry regardless of what is done.

Also, if you put the level of a spanking on a scale how can a light tap on the bottom be easily graded through to say a full  birching which draws blood and the recipient looses consciousness ?

The approach we intend to use is to group and mostly disregard the extremities ( hence no ratings of 0 or 10 are shown here).

We shall concentrate on the average or ” mean ” range. Our original thoughts were to use a suitable  ” volunteer ”  to produce a set of photographs and add a word description to the series of photographs, one taken at each level. ( This concept was tested but failed because the recipient’s bottom did not mark sufficiently to show  significant differences in the photographs !)

We have had some feedback on this topic and have decided to use the only world wide source for the colour red – the red background from Macdonald’s Restaurant signs. This overcomes the problem of different colour scales on individual screens, but we have a new problem –  that on a scale of 1 to 10 the colour is about an 8. But rest assured that SpankingLife is working on it !  In the meantime, please try not to smile when you go to their restaurants.

This came in recently :

Your idea to grade spankings based upon color sounds interesting. However, not applicable in every situation ie I am married to a Filipino girl whose color is basically light brown and despite “severe” spankings and paddlings her bottom does not turn very red….Any ideas?


 Our suggestion would be to record the next spanking on video tape and work backwards from the end result by comparing it with the scale below, if you have a good freeze frame you should be able to pick a frame from each level up to where the spanking was concluded. Remember that there are other factors such as reactions and how the bottom feels to the touch etc. You can dictate notes as you go along. This scale is not an even progression and two or more times spanking effort may be required to move up the scale to the next level ( especially when you reach MEDIUM and above levels).

Skin type and colour vary, ( This is why new partners should be either spanked bare bottomed or regularly checked for  marking. Dark skinned models are generally not used in spanking photographs as marks do not show up as clearly as they do on their fairer skinned counterparts).


Repeated blows to the same area can produce severe results, as shown below. However, these spanking results are difficult to grade as the peripheral areas are, on our scale, between   2 and 3 while the other areas are close to10.


N.B. The Colour figure is used to grade the colour scale of individual photographs and is not intended to measure severity on it’s own, it is only one factor. This topic is discussed on the   FAQ  page. 

In essence, the colour rating system used here is determined by the colours present in the image, allowing for technical factors, with a subjective assessment of skin type and the implement used ( within about a one point range).


The scale we intend to use is :

( Here are some suggestions as to how these levels may be reached, but these are very rough guides, for example, the cane can be used for a light warm up or it can draw blood. Men do not cry easily and this is reflected in the higher levels shown – ” big boys don’t cry “.)

< LIGHT   ( pat – with feeling ! )

LIGHT   ( smack, 10 – 30, over clothes with hand)

LIGHT / MEDIUM   ( as above on bare skin, may also include some use of a light implement – leather paddle etc)

MEDIUM   ( up to 100 with hand, implements etc,  women would most likely cry )

MEDIUM / HEAVY   ( 20 – 30 using heavier implements – cane, wooden paddle etc)

HEAVY   ( 50 plus with heavier implements, some men would

VERY HEAVY   ( 100 plus with heavier implements)

VERY HEAVY <   ( whatever turns you on !)


Any comments on this approach and grading  would be appreciated.


Very Light – Colour Grading 0.5


Light – Colour Grading 1.5


Light / Medium – Colour Grading 2 – 2.5
( In ascending order.)



Medium – Colour Grading 5