Spanking references and site recommendations

This is a list of recommendable resources. you know another one? please contact us!

Our reference material

 SSecond opinion ?

TThe art of spanking
(yet another view on spanking.)

When to spank 
(reproduced article)

Female erogenous zones

Before and after a spanking

What is a spankpack?

Converting a vanilla

Spanking switches

10 helpful tips for every spanker

Crying and adult spanking

Spanking for the over fifties

Therapeutic spankings

Spanking bibliography – an annotated bibliography of spanking

Spanking research resources – Bibliographies etc.

This page lists some internet sites and other information which may be of use to the serious researcher. It is not intended to be a definitive or “academic” list, but will point visitors in the general direction of where to find material.

Book bibliographies


Spanking resources guide

The dominatrix in print and other media


Film and/or television bibliographies

Arilds movie spanking list  ( is unfortunately down as of Oct, 2017. Someone should reactivate it!)


World cp research



The armed robbery orgasm


Ronald W. Keyes & John Money

(Buffalo, NY: prometheus books, 1993 – 164 pages )

” This book is an excellent inside account of a set of unusual sex-scripts — the first book – length exploration of paraphilias written by the person who has that imprinting. keyes traces his masochistic sex-scripts (which call for spanking and domination by a woman ) to childhood abuse. ”  click here to order

“Getting to the bottom of naughtiness. ” by Barbara Ehrenreich. the guardian, may 17, 1996.

the history of corporal punishment : a survey of flagellation in its historical, anthropological, and sociological aspects. by george ryley scott. (ravin, c 1954.  detroit, gale research co, 1974. )

just and painful :  a case for the corporal punishment of criminals. by graeme r. newman. (new york, macmillan,  1983. )


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