Spanking Love (for Chinese readers: 日本spanking love免费)

This is a placeholder for a post which I am writing.

For a long time I’ve been wondering: where the heck are these chinese visitors coming from?

From the very first moment after which I started this website, almost immediately I  had between 5000 – 10000 chinese visitors on it every month … Now to be honest, at first I thought there might be something wrong, but after a while I found that they get sent here by the Baidu search engine.

Most of these guys apparently look for this:

  • 日本spanking love免费

That’s a 1995 japanese spanking I never had heard of! Until recently, at least. Here’s a pic:


Anyways, I will expand this post in the future and hope some of my chinese readers can shed some light on this! What’s your take on this film? To be honest, the reviews on Amazon are rather suboptimal. Why do so many of you search this film?


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