Spanking on boats

( No, SpankingLife does not advocate nautical abuse. )


This is another page in the Spanking Location Series.

Our  KITCHEN SPANKING  page has proved to be a very popular page. This has proved to be a popular page. We have also added    BATHROOM SPANKING , BEACH SPANKING , CAR SPANKING   and  OUTDOOR SPANKING    pages. Suggestions to reduce the noise made during a spanking are on the  SPANKING NOISE  page.

A boat or other vessel can be a most useful spanking aid. It can transport participants to a suitable location, it can carry a  SPANKPACK  and provide an object to position a recipient over or a place for the giver to sit.

We are Michael and Mary. We are both well familiar with the benefits of domestic discipline. We also appreciate that for many couples with children, or other family members in the home, it is often difficult to find the privacy needed to apply correction to the seat of the problem.
We own and operate a 46 foot motor yacht along the SW coast of Florida and across the Okochobee waterway. Our weeks, and especially our weekends, are often booked by guests who enjoy a quiet getaway and relaxing time on the water. Because we appreciate and are very sympathetic to the needs of couples who practice domestic discipline (not spousal abuse!), we have been considering making our home on the water available as a refuge for those who need a weekend away to “get things straightened out” with a little strict discipline or spousal correction. If enough couples are interested, we are willing to set aside one weekend each month for such special guests. Our boat sleeps eight to ten, but we limit our guests to no more than four to provide everyone with both an opportunity to socialize and to allow space for quiet time alone or as a couple. For these special weekends, because we share this passion, we would ask only a contribution to cover dockage and fuel expenses. Depending on the selected itinerary, the out of pocket costs could often be covered by a contribution from each couple of one to two hundred dollars.
If you are seriously interested, you may contact us at readytoplay44 . SORRY, BUT ALL OUR CRUISES ARE TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY NON-SMOKING. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Michael and Mary

( Another possibility in central Florida :  floridamoonshine)

Royal Spanking

Sailing’s royal couple, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Princess Mary, competed against one another last Sunday in a Farr 40 match racing series in Sydney. The Princess, formerly of Hobart, is a champion helmsman who, apparently, gave security forces ( trailing in security boats ) fits as she determinedly dipped and swooped her way to victory in Chris Meehan’s Belle Property . The Prince seemed to take all of this in stride, just as he did losing ( 2-1 ) to his bride-to-be in a pre-nuptial series in Copenhagen last May. Got to love a Princess who cans the tiara, makes the wheel her slave and whales the tar out of the boys.


( O well, it was too good to be true. )



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