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The first example, our hero looks for a little relief on the streets. He spots a suitable lady on a street corner and makes his commercial arrangement. They go up (or down) the stairs and before the door closes she has his fly open. The light is not good but he makes out a tattoo or two and wonders about the cold sore on her cheek. By now he is questioning his decision but he has already paid. He wants to check the use by date on the condom pack.

It is a bit late anyway his pants are off and she already has him up. He has the distinct impression of working against the clock as he watches a cockroach climb the wall. She goes through the motions of orgasm, it obviously is not real, she doesn’t care.

Soon he is on the street, so much for his wild night on the town.

Example two, our hero is going through a divorce. On the morning ferry he strikes a friendship with a lady attorney. She looks after her self, but is not Hollywood material. They get on well enough over a period of some months. He is representing himself in his divorce and she has helped him out with a few technicalities, even though this is not her speciality. She has been more of a friend than a lawyer.

Day one of the Court hearing goes poorly even though he had done his homework. She meets him for lunch, more to hold his hand than anything else. The next day she visits the hearing room several
times, the wife’s team has him on the ropes. There is a tug on his sleeve, she tells him that she is representing him and in the following thirty minutes re examines the wife and follows up with a brief examination and submission. The other side gives in. For all of the time she was on her feet she did not look at one reference, quoting from memory. She was fully prepared and he had no idea that she had done it. The Judge thanks her for saving the Court’s time.

He is dazed both by the outcome and the realisation that she had become more than a friend. This all in one afternoon. This was the first and only time he had seen her angry.

That was over 12 months ago and it’s their Anniversary, candlelight dinner the works. Now they are in the bedroom and she gives him a card which, in only a few sentences, tells him how she loves him. This brings a tear to his eye. She still isn’t Hollywood material, but mentally and physically there is no one else for him. The bed was lucky to survive the night.

Alright, this was rejected by Mills and Boon. But the difference in our ” hero’s ” feelings towards his partner(s) can be easily transferred into a spanking situation. It is a feeling of mind, body and soul translated into physical action.



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