Therapeutic spanking

” There’s a lot more of it going on than you might imagine,” says Dr Patrick Magee, a sexual-behaviour expert based at the Bolton Institute. “There is even some evidence that the role-playing and dramaturgic elements of spanking can have calming, therapeutic effects upon the people who engage in it.”

………… Oh, the cheek of it !

Adult therapeutic spanking is a subject which has had a reasonable amount written about it. An internet search will produce pages of ” information “. A lot of opinion is disguised as fact and, on the other hand, some scientific research which often has been performed by those who seem not to understand what adult spanking is about. This misunderstanding may be compared with the overuse / misuse of the word ” spanking ” in the general community. (See our  TERMINOLOGY  Page for a discussion of this point. )

There are several  TYPES OF ADULT SPANKINGS  .  Therapeutic spankings may come from several of these classifications  :

  • “Play ” spankings
  • Erotic spankings
  • Punishment spankings
  • Opportunistic spankings


Here we diverge from most definitions of therapeutic spanking which concentrate on the ” punishment ” style. This may be the majority case where a deal of pain is required to achieve emotional release. The word “therapeutic” means beneficial, curative, remedial, salutary or restorative and this can be achieved with other types of spanking.

The aim of therapeutic spanking may be a cleansing of guilt, the ” clearing of the air “, to expend emotion or, for some, a way of relaxing. These spankings are most often by consent.

Hite suggests that the rush of blood to the buttocks caused by childhood spankings can also go to the genital areas and when combined with physical contact may lead to SADOMASOCHISM in adults. The biology may partly be right, but brain function (see the  FAQ  Page ) in adults is not mentioned. We would say that most recipients of most therapeutic spankings are not masochists. Suffice to say that everyone should strive for intimacy in their life and relationships and that spanking should not be the only source of intimacy.

An important aspect of this variety of spanking is  AMBIANCE , including how the scene is set and the recipient is prepared and appropriately placed to be spanked . Allied to ambiance is the  POWER EXCHANGE  between the participants, especially the granting of permission to spank. These things go to the ethereal ” X ” factor of therapeutic spanking, which leads to the release of emotions, tension etc..  An altered state of consciousness may be reached. This release or change is akin to that achieved by religious flagellation in the past. (Sometime we may write on  Metaphysics  and spanking. )

On the practical side, some form of the over the knee position is suggested (see the  POSITIONS  Page ). Needless to say bare bottom is best. Be prepared to work up to a full on ” punishment ” spanking rather than have this done on the first occasion. At the other end of the scale, a  SPANKING MASSAGE  may be all that is required.

Asking for the first therapeutic spanking may be a challenge. As with most things, do a little preparatory ground work, drop hints days or weeks before. Look for a chance to talk about your need for an occasional spanking and how etc. you would like it done. Do a bit of coaching, if necessary, so your spanker will be able to do a satisfactory job. In finding a spanker, your sex or theirs should not be a issue for you. Obviously a life partner should be your first choice. See our  CONVERTING A VANILLA  Page for advice about approaching people about spanking.

Should the first result not be satisfactory, keep working on it. If you need to cry to achieve emotional release, look at our  CRYING  Page.

Good luck !


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