Spanking – How To Spank Yourself!

Let’s talk about spanking yourself. We’ve had mixes, in which men spank women and the other way round, but self-spanking wasn’t in my sight until recently.

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(Note that the underside of the bottom is untouched and the pink colour of the hand.)

Why have this page ? Well for several reasons some of us end up with no one to do it for us. Quite often our regular partner is away (they can still listen on the telephone) or it could be for self discipline or for pleasure.

Several methods will work but anything which allows solid blows to the bottom is good. One way is to lie flat on your stomach (a couple of pillows under the hips brings the target area more in range) and smack away, this position prevents the subconscious movement of the bottom away from the incoming blow.

Lying on your side increases swinging room :

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You can also try lying on the corner of the bed (a coffee table is good too), with a leg on each side, the point of impact can be changed by moving further on to the bed by pushing up with your feet or lifting your feet from the floor. A small to medium paddle can be used. To have a little method in your madness start below your right cheek and move up the cheek across to the other one and down to opposite where you started. Next you can start again or reverse the previous path, ending up under the right cheek. If you wear a light pair of shorts the non spanking hand can grip the waistband at the back which pulls the buttocks up and stabilises your body.

A hot water bottle, hotter than is comfortable, may be applied (try counting the seconds). Some have even developed their abilities, while standing, to include caning and the use of straps (wrapping around from the side of the hip or cheek, with the tail(s) striking across the bottom).

Some degree of self control is required and it can help to visualise yourself as the chastiser of another delivering a predetermined number of blows. This will help you to overcome the natural tendency towards avoiding pain (particularly if it is self inflicted).


There are many instances of self flagellation in history and it is still practiced as part of some religious festivals today. A film called “Passion” also deals with this issue. What we are talking about here is the sort of spanking which you would otherwise receive from another  “caring ” person and not other forms of self harm. A book which deals with this subject and which may help in the understanding of some of the more extreme masochistic impulses is called: “A bright red scream” (this is to be reviewed).

Self spankers talk about the experience

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that since my boyfriend and I broke up, it has been a while since I was allowed to experience the feel of a good (often well deserved) spanking. After reading your article on ‘do it yourself spanking’ I thought I might as well give it a try.

After all, I do often feel like a naughty little girl so I ought to be treated as one. I made myself take off all of my clothing (which is not something I am looking for when I am to be punished, I just did not want anything to get in my way) I then did as you suggested and I laid down on my stomach on my bed over a few pillows to be sure my bottom was kept at the highest possible apex. I then did as you suggested and imagined that a man was now holding me over his knee telling me of the punishment I was about to receive.


I was then given (10) hard/fast smacks to my bare bottom. That was followed by another (10). Still not convinced that I was learning my lesson, I was made to take another (30) for a total of (50). My bottom was now very red. I was not able to make myself shed a tear of shame. I know I do not want to cry from a spanking yet, at the same time when I am being spanked as punishment, the spanking can and will hurt. So, tears are more than likely going to flow and I would be grateful.

I am sure that if I was able to be in your school and I was naughty enough to require such a spanking, that the punishment would not stop there. Meaning, you would require me to stand in the corner with my red bottom for all to see. You would even require me to do a very silly and childish written punishment while sitting in the corner (in hopes to further humiliate me) Perhaps I would be told that I must write a sentence such as “”thank you for spanking me like a naughty little girl””

I would have to write maybe 100x’s for a first offence. (increasing with each time I needed to be punished). I wish I was not afraid to give you my E-mail address. I would love for you to tell me how many times I should take that paddle for not being a good girl in school. I would even like to be given a test (over the computer) and when I completed the test, if I had any of the answers wrong, I would once again be told to get out the paddle and you would tell me how many times I was to be spanked for each wrong answer.

If I was to not improve my scores on the tests I was given, I would be told to report to the principal’s office were he would assign me additional spankings/punishment. knowing that I deserved it, I would be grateful and I should always be quick to say thank you. One fantasy (if you want to call it that) that often comes to mind when I think about being spanked is after each and every time I smacked on my bare bottom, I must be quick to say  ‘ Thank you, may I please have another ‘

This would continue until I was crying to much to say it at which point I would receive an additional (10) or (12) smacks and then made to sit in the corner (in the hopes that the simple act of sitting down was starting to become a painful thing to do)”

Parents’ influence

My parents believed in cp and we got plenty of doses on the bare which left bruises for at least a week and made it difficult to hide due to the tingle and itch when sitting in school. Early on mom did it always bare and privately with her had or later – about age 7 – with a hairbrush. We were often punished together – first one of us getting 50, then the other getting the same. Sometimes we would get punished twice in one day if our faults were serious enough. My CP stopped at age 14, my sister’s at 15 mostly because we were too big to put over her lap.

Punishment was always feared because it hurt so much but after around age 11 or 12, it felt sexy when the pain died down and there was just the heat or the tingle and itching. By age 15 I was self spanking to get that sexy feeling. This continued into college and beyond. I don’t know about my sister = if she got any pleasure after her punishments stopped. We both CP our children but not as hard as we were punished. ”

Teenage years 
” Mom’s CP started circa age 4 and ended at 14. My sister’s ended a year after at 15. Punishments from the early years were a lot more frequent than after age 11. In junior high we got cp mostly for poor reports from school, for using “bad” words, mouthing off, etc. Sis got a couple for missing curfew and in all, there might have been 4 of 5 a year at age 12, half that by 13 and another 2 at 14. Sis got a couple at 15 but I don’t remember the causes.

” It was after age 14 that I started a self spanking ritual about once a month. I told no one and sis never found out because nobody was home when I did it. Lining up my dresser mirror and the door mirror I was able to position my bare butt so that by looking into the one, all I could see was my elevated bottom lying over my bed. Then, using the same hairbrush mother had used countless times before, I’d spank the bottom in the mirror very hard or until I would ejaculate into some tissues. The bottom that I was punishing was not really mine at the time but that of a girl in my class for whom I had a secret “crush.” I also knew from her neighbor that she also got CP. These punishments always left “her” bottom bruised for at least a week while the tingle and itch was very erotic. There were many “wet dreams” as a result. ”

Have you ever tried Self-Spanking?




  • i did that once i dressed up in my sisters school uniform and lingerie, i lifted my skirt pulled my panties down and spanked myself with a plastic ruler.
  • Hi Al, This is in fact my fav kind of sexual stimulation. Self-flag especially when fantasizing erotic sub/kinky thoughts (esp. when prompted by cyberotic e-mails (which I call e-swat (that’s tawse spelt backwards) I get e-mail from guys who berate my naughty behaviour, then give me orders on how to discipline myself (usually naked before a full-length mirror) and demand use of various tools/toys of discipline (my fav is a plastic cutting board, thin and very stinging with broad expanse to get my bum an all-over red quickly) I get off on it.  I have an exclusive Hotmail address so I need to know your e-mail….. You can send your e-mail to my friend Ivan who can pass it on to me.. then i can contact you and, if you’re interested, you can start giving me scenarios and orders.. I promise to never write back unless I have at least tried to carry out your instructions (within the safety and privacy of my apt). I always respond standing and naked with a red bum. Standing because I’m too sore to sit. Vicky
  • I have done this before, I’ve knelt down in front of a mirror with no clothes on and then spanked myself as hard as I could on my ass with a wooden spoon…..It did give me a very big erection and I was totally turned on, but I think I’d enjoy it more if it was someone else spanking me.
  • Yes I have self spanked. I think a lot of people have at one time or another. It can be a real turn on. What did it feel like ? That depends on how hard you spank yourself ! Most of the time I end up with a very red, sore and hot bottom.


The “DIY” Paddle

This paddle was designed for a friend who is into “self-spanking”. It is designed to be long enough to reach behind and is very easy to swing but because the paddle is heavy at the business end it will strike the skin with a lot of force. The paddle is made from 1/2″ thick hard maple. It is 19″ long and the business end is 3″ x 6″.

This brush has a curved handle which enables spanking the underside of the cheeks from an upright position.

” I like to use two mirrors and a big photo of (eg) kylie so we can use the strap on each other. “



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