Spanking exercises – the list

Spanking Exercises – the list

Always have regard for your physical limits when engaging in spanking play or exercise and seek proper advice if you have physical problems such as heart disease or back problems.

Set No. 1

BEGINNING POSITION FOR SEQUENCE A-24 slow smooth leg lifts in perfect alignment

Linear alignment is very important. Hip to knee, knee to ankle and heel to toe should all be at right angles. Right shoulder to hip should be in a straight line. Place right hand behind right hip and “push” forward to keep right hip joint in correct position.

Lift right knee up as high as you can with right hip forward. Keep right foot flat at same height as right knee (this is not as easy as it looks!) Form check: Tendency is to release right hip back which allows right foot/toe to face upward to ceiling. Note my right knee is directly above my left knee. Slowly lower upper leg to lower leg keeping knee right over left knee (keep pushing right hip forward with right hand). Form check:Tendency is to bring right knee slightly forward as you lift right leg. Make sure to keep the right heel tight pushing lower than the right toe, but never allowing the right toe to point towards the floor. I compare this position to balancing a tray on the lifting leg. Continue to do a total of 24 slow, smooth leg lifts without touching knees or relaxing. You should start to feel the buns “burn” at around count 18 (if you are doing it right with proper form). Photos of common mistakes/incorrect form are featured on last page. Once you do the 24th lift, do not stop or rest; continue moving to sequence B.

SEQUENCE B – 15 little leg lifts at moderate speed – 4 count eachCount 1: Right knee comes forward towards chest (keep right knee at hip level).spanking-exercises-list-01

Form check: Common errors are allowing right knee to drop closer to floor during movement, as well as allowing right foot to relax. Keep ankle/heel tight with muscles flexed to maintain flat foot position.

Count 2: Right knee returns to original position with right knee over left knee, maintaining hip level height.


Form check: Common errors; allowing right foot to lift higher than right knee and/or allowing right foot to relax (keep tension in right foot pushing heel down and toe up). Photos of common errors on last page.

Count 3: Little leg lift with right knee directly over left knee (not as high as seq. A), but keep right hip forward and right foot flat.


Count 4: Return to same position as count 2.

Please note: Even though your entire derriere should be burning by now do not stop-if you do, your muscles may cramp. Instead, immediately proceed to full leg extension-inhale/exhale-then continue with sequence C.

SEQUENCE C – 15 full leg extensions at moderate speed – 2 counts each

Count 1: Bring right knee to chest (keep right knee at hip level)


Form check: Common error is allowing right knee to drop lower than right hip level and/or allowing right foot to relax. Keep right foot flexed in flat foot position and toes forward.

Count 2: Fully extend right leg keeping right hip forward and right knee/leg at hip level. Continue with 15 full leg extensions. Be sure to tighten the buns when right leg is straight. Resume to original position at start of sequence B to continue with final sequence D.


Form check: Common error is extending right leg higher or lower then right hip-(see photos on last page). Important: Do not let right leg rest touching floor. Severe cramps could occur in the gluteal muscles. If tired, inhale/exhale twice in count 2 position before starting sequence D.



SEQUENCE D – 15 mini leg lifts – 2 counts each

Same movement as sequence A, but mini lifts (same height as in sequence B) but done very quickly for 15 reps.


Form check: Make sure to keep right knee directly over left knee (keep pushing that right hip forward) throughout entire sequence. Biggest error in sequence D is allowing right foot to raise higher than right knee. Keep right knee directly over left knee during lifts.


After the 15th lift, quickly “slap” the right fanny cheek 3 or 4 times (no more, you may go to the  DIY PAGE  when you finish !) to make the burning sensation go away-(it really helps!)



Step 1

Swing both legs over – assume right angles with left hip to left knee, left knee to left ankle, and keep position as demonstrated in sequence A photo. Repeat sequences A-B-C-D with left leg lifting.


Step 2
Grab right knee with right hand and help move it to the ceiling, then use arms to pull body up into sitting position.


FINAL SEQUENCE E – 8 back leg lifts – 2 counts each

At conclusion of sequence D with left side roll over and keep tummy with both hip bones on floor. As you lift back right leg, be sure to point right toe and touch floor each time with right foot. Continue for a total of 8 lifts, then repeat with the left leg. These should feel good; they help to release tension from those fatigued muscles!



FINAL SEQUENCE F – push back into Better Bun Stretches

Push up with arms and lean back into kneeling position as shown in step 1, step 2, and step 3 photos. Lift fanny up and over towards right of feet and relax (keep head down). Inhale and exhale twice. Repeat with buns to the left of the feet. Inhale and exhale twice. Repeat Bun Stretches to right and left of feet for a total of two reps each side


Step 3


You have just completed the first step to achieving a diva derriere. Try to do this exercise every day for 10 days. Don’t forget to measure before and after. Be sure to tighten buns when measuring and place measuring tape at fullest part of fanny for accurate hip measurement.


Incorrect Form – Sequence A & B
Right knee too low, right foot relaxed, right knee behind left knee.

Incorrect Form – Sequence A
Right knee too forward in front of left knee, right foot relaxed.


Incorrect Form – Sequence A
Right foot higher than knee.


Incorrect Form – Sequence A
Right toe upward due to release of right hip.

Incorrect Form – Sequence A
Right knee too forward and in front of left knee.


Incorrect Form – Sequence C
Right knee lower than right hip.


Incorrect Form – Sequence C
Right foot lower than right hip.



Buttocks. (gluteals — primarily glueous maximus)

Hip extension with bent knee

Ankle weight


The Workout:
Bend over a bed or workout table with your pelvis on the edge and your ball of the foot of your non-exercising leg on the floor. Keep your nonexercising leg relaxed. Bend your exercising leg to a 90-degree and let it do all the work. (Resist the temptation to brace the foot of your nonexercising leg against the floor so you can push against it.) Move the exercising leg up toward the ceiling to the point where the buttock muscles engage but not beyond parallel with your back and pelvis.

Managing Your Sets:
Lift ten reps with one leg. Lift the next ten reps with the opposite leg. Working both sides constitutes one set. There is no need to reset between sets if you alternate legs unless you feel fatigued.   How long does it take when Jim and Phil work out?

First set:
50 seconds right / 50 seconds left

Second set:
50 seconds right / 50 seconds left

Third set:
50 seconds right /50 seconds left

Total time: 5 minutes

Taking it to the Gym:
Machines at the gym work well here, where a locked position helps isolate and track muscles properly… as long as you use machines that allow you to work out one leg at a time and put no strain on your back.


These are for spankers. The most common injuries are neck and wrist nerve damage for the spanker. Back pain may also occur. The following exercises may help to prevent prevent these types of injury.


1 . Sit on a firm chair and lean forward to stretch your back.

2. Put your right hand across your chest and hold the side of the chair. Stretch your left arm out in front of you and then twist to the left, taking the arm horizontally as far behind you as possible, turning your head to look over the left shoulder. Hold this position, then push and turn a little further, hold that position and then return to facing forward. Repeat 3 times with each arm.


3a. Sit with your shoulders relaxed and chin drawn in, looking straight ahead. Bend your head sideways to bring your right ear toward your right shoulder, hold it there, make sure your shoulder muscles are still relaxed and bend a bit further, then return to straight. (As you do the side bending, the profile of your nose should remain in the same place, to make sure you don’t turn your head.) Repeat to each side twice.


3b. Now tip your head back, looking up the wall and along the ceiling and bring it back to straight. Repeat.

Change to tipping your head forward as far as possible to get your chin touching your neck, and return to straight with chin pulled in. Repeat.


Wrist Flexion

1. Place forearm onto thigh with palm facing up

2. Lift hand upward, bending from wrist

3. Lower slowly, keeping forearm on thigh

4. Use dumbbells, tubing, or manual resistance



Wrist Extension


1. Place forearm onto thigh with palm facing down

2. Lift hand upward, bending from wrist

3. Lower slowly, keeping forearm on thigh

4. Use dumbbells, tubing, or manual resistance


Wrist Pronation/Supination

1. Place forearm onto thigh with palm facing sideways

2. Stabilize forearm with opposite hand

3. Turn palm to face down, then turn to face upward

4. Use dumbbells, tubing, or manual resistance