What Is A Spankpack?

What is a spankpack (other than a word that we invented)? It is a collection of implements and other things that might be useful to have with you when spanking. This collection may be housed in a plastic bag or suitcase. It can be a few discrete things to travel with or to wear. A spankpack can be kept in your car, under the bed or wherever it is readily available.


Selecting a container for a spankpack is largely dependent on the size of the implements that are to be carried or stored and where you intend to use it. No container is needed if you can wear and carry the basics. A belt, penknife (for cutting switches etc.), small lengths of cord or small whips, such as those made by braiding shoelaces and rulers which may be pushed into socks and covered by trouser legs.

A container may be a small case, such as a carry on bag, suit carrier, briefcase or computer case. Plastic storage boxes may be used, air tight containers should have their contents regularly aired. Canes are best carried in fishing rod cases, rolled up umbrellas, golf bags or plastic garbage bags. Golf bags are especially useful because of their additional storage pockets.


(Note : Some items may produce allergic reactions, use with care. No, this does not include the implements!)

IMPLEMENTS – Paddles, Straps, Belts, Canes, Feather Dusters, Brushes, Coat Hangers etc..

FIRST AID – Antiseptic, Cream (  Sorbolene  etc.), Ointment, Swabs, Cotton Buds.

COMFORT – Rugs, Towels, Blow Up Cushions .

OTHER ITEMS – Handkerchiefs,Tissues, Gloves, Travel or Hand Mirrors, Magazines, Cameras, Flashlights, Disinfectant, Insect Repellant,  Penknives (  for cutting  Switches   etc.), Props (Uniforms, Blindfolds, Restraints etc.), Music Source and Restraints (Cargo tie downs are good and are cheap).



Electric cord or stiff rope (but be careful).

Travel mirror, see  MIRRORS  page.

Golf bag, note the pockets for additional storage.

Cargo Tie Down (do not use around the neck!), these can be used to hold spankees to horizontal or vertical surfaces. (One around the waist and perhaps one around the knees and one or two around the shoulders / arms or hands and another for the feet.)  The one shown is really too big. Look for 2 to 4 which are about 1 – 2 in wide and 12 – 15 ft long, with plastic coated hooks, these cost about $4 each.





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