Before and After A Spanking

This page has some tips on what to do before and after a spanking. Please feel free to change them to suit your circumstances.

Before the spanking

The mental preparation for a spanking can be a real turn on, even as much as the actual spanking. This is about anticipation, being given an appointment, the uncertainty of a new contact or the absolute certainty of a  PUNISHMENT SPANKING  from a regular disciplinarian. Some thought is given to  CLOTHING . The same process takes place in the mind of the person who will be doing the spanking as they prepare the  LOCATION ,  IMPLEMENTS  etc. A letter, note or Email may be written requesting (or outlining the reasons for) the spanking, it’s method, the time and place etc. Consider personal safety  and the use of  SAFEWORDS .

Physical preparation includes taking a shower or bath, preparing the bottom with lotion or cream which should be water based and easily penetrates the skin. (This is particularly important for those with dry skin.) See  SPANKING CREAM .   Emptying the bladder is also recommended.  Depending on pain tolerance, a pain reliever may be taken (not aspirin as it thins the blood and makes bruising worse). Purists avoid pain relievers because they deaden their sensations and hence enjoyment.

Warm up  EXERCISE  will loosen the body, particularly the spine and reduce stiffness later. This applies equally to the person doing the spanking, especially if prone to upper back and neck pain.

After the spanking

When the spanking is over a massage is recommended, starting by applying pressure (sometimes heavy) with the hand and fingers to areas of bruising, particularly the”Tram Lines”left by canes. This is a case of being cruel to be kind as the pressure applied forces the blood back out of the affected area and reduces marking. Of course if want the marks, delete this step.


Next apply cream etc to the area and gently rub in, several applications may be necessary. Use antiseptic cream or lotion if the skin has been damaged (use rubber gloves etc.).



A little humour is good at this time as the”wind down”continues. A particularly intimate experience has just been shared and the feelings of those involved should be sought out. This is most important with A punishment spanking as it brings closure.


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