How A Smaller Person Can Spank A Larger Person

Or the long and short of it!

This page deals with how an smaller person can effectively spank a larger person. (Spanking overweight people is dealt with on the  BIG  Page.) The advice on this page applies to all  TYPES OF ADULT SPANKINGS , especially punishment spankings. Size differences generally occur in female / male spankings, although they can occur with any spanking ” mix “.

The effectiveness of a spanking is a mixture of mental factors, such as the  POWER EXCHANGE  involved and physical factors, such as  CLOTHING , the  POSITION  and  IMPLEMENT  used, the degree of force used, number of blows and the length of time etc..

A degree of mental toughness is involved for both parties, the spanker must be prepared to carry the spanking on until it reaches an appropriate conclusion and the spankee should stay in position and not unnecessarily struggle during the spanking. The  LEVEL  of the spanking should be agreed to beforehand. The result may be something like this (or a bit less).


How this is achieved is a matter of the physical factors mentioned above. The hand alone generally is not sufficient. Using an implement means choosing a position where sufficient ” swinging room ” is available. In the case of a smaller person and a larger person the traditional across the lap position may not allow enough room.


An impossible situation!


Using a single knee increases the effective length of the swing.


Using the bending over position gives good swinging distance.



An alternative to using a cane is the  CARPET BEATER , which is a lot easier to use.


Maximum effect is achieved by having the spankee lie on a low table, a bed,  a chair  or the floor. The force of gravity increases the impact.



Sitting on the recipient’s back has the advantages of the lying position, albeit with slightly reduced room, but with a good degree of control. It also has physical contact between the participants. In other positions, this contact may be maintained by placing a hand on the spankee’s back or stopping to massage the bottom occasionally.

Another technique is to kneel or sit beside the (fortunate) recipient :


Binding the wrists and ankles helps to maintain control.

Another way to spank a larger person is to enlist the services of an assistant.

Taking the time to consider these factors before embarking on spanking a larger person will ensure a successful outcome for both participants.