Spanking noises

For the participants ( including  DIY ers  ), the noise of a spanking is a big part of the ambiance of the event. Examples of these can be found on the  SPANKING AUDIO PAGE .

However noise may create problems with other family members, neighbours or if in motels, car parks etc. The thin construction of modern buildings and higher population densities makes this problem worse.

Sound travels through the air and there are many ways of soundproofing an area. Additionally raising the background noise level by using a Radio, TV etc will mask the noise. ( Search for soundproofing  and background noise level  for further information. ) The sound of a spanking may also be masked by varying the rhythm or spanking in time with an external sound. The increased sound level of TV commercials can be used ( this adds interest to watching TV and takes the timing of the spanking out of the hands of the participants ).

A simple way of checking how much noise is escaping an area is to prepare it as you intend to later ( by closing windows and doors and covering vents and gaps under doors etc ). Have an assistant stand where the spanking is to take place and clap their hands together while you check the external noise level. If outside, remember that noise travels further downwind, over water and on damp nights.

How to reduce spanking noises

Reducing the noise made by the spankee is basically a matter of self control and using an appropriate level of force during the spanking. Gags etc should be avoided for safety reasons.

We created this page to suggest some methods of reducing the noise of a spanking.

The”smack”associated with spanking comes from the escape of air trapped between the bottom and whatever strikes it.

Loose material that air can flow through covering the bottom will lessen noise  .

As will using a cotton or wool glove.

A cupped hand will trap the air and increase noise.

An open hand will lessen noise.

Starting with an open hand and then closing the fingers along with varying the force used will soon determine the best”setting”for these variables. Most noise comes from the palm, not the fingers striking the bottom.


Thin spanking implements are generally quieter :


( See  BIRCHES  )

( See  CARPET BEATERS , coat hangers can be fashioned in a similar way, be careful not to cut the skin. )

( See  KITCHEN  , spatulas are best used with a sock  over them. )

Some of the items mentioned on this page may be included in your  SPANKPACK .





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