Spanking anatomy


This page is about the anatomy and physiology of the body as is applies to bottom smacking . Both spankers and spankees are dealt with .

A good knowledge of this subject will improve your spanking experiences and those of your spanking partners.

Three of the five senses are involved in spanking ( in order of importance ) touch , sight and sound. Areas encompassed include the nervous system, muscle groups, bone structure, reactions, reflex action, learning and memory and balance.

The subjects covered on this page are:

The Nervous System

The Spine and Neck

The Arm

The Hand

The Buttocks

The photograph below illustrates many of the bodily aspects of spanking:


Her sense of touch through her hands and lap give her a continuous flow of information from which she can make adjustments to her posture etc. Likewise his sense of touch is transmitting information from his groin, thighs and buttocks to his brain via the spinal cord. This flow varies from person to person and may be affected by tiredness , drugs etc . Her sense of sight allows her to coordinate the impact of her hand . Hearing is a lesser sense , but does add to the memory of the spanking and is useful in judging a blows effectiveness. Both her hand and his bottom are showing redness , which is caused by the flow of blood to the contact areas.

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