Switching spanking roles!

( This page deals with people who switch spanking roles. The switch, a spanking implement, is dealt with on the  SWITCHES  Page.)

” Bueno, yo ya he recibido mi spanking por traviesa. Ahora te toca ti, majete. “ This is roughly translated by to ” Good, I already have received my spanking by crossbeam. Now he touches you to you, majete. “  Examine her lower body clothing and her expression – it appears that she will be enjoying her revenge!)

The switching of roles between spanking partners has many benefits. Before discussing these, it is worth saying that some spankers do not switch for various reasons. Generally these are to do with the role that is generally assumed by their partner and a difficulty in seeing them in a reverse role. Even in these fixed role pairings one, or both, partners may assume an opposite role with another partner. Switching may not occur in all spanking sessions. ( See  POWER EXCHANGE  Page for a more detailed discussion.) This may be a little confusing, but participant’s wants and needs change. The old saying ” If it feels good, do it ” applies here.

” Being a switch means you appreciate all both aspects of spanking. As a spanking switch, you give back some of the pleasure you have gained from others. I wonder what kind of dom can really understand what s/he is doing without having experienced it themselves. The switch as spankee knows the arduous and complex job of the spanker and cooperates accordingly. “


 “………  I get a lot of enjoyment from being spanked and so to share that with those guys who like to be spanked also is great fun

the fact that some say I do it well also helps…..

and I find it also helps me when I spank/get spanked to learn new things… what’s good…. and share them with others

but to be fair…… even if I could be spanked all the time….. I still think I would carry on spanking guys….. coz lets be honest they are just as cheeky as some of us girls and just as deserving it. ”

From : http://www.britishspanking.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6864

The major benefit of switching comes from letting the person doing the spanking get a taste of their own medicine, which tends to limit excessive zeal in spanking. The same occurs with various mental aspects of spanking, limiting possible abuse. These factors are behind the  SPENCER  and  SpankingLife  SPANKING PLANS  ( see also   HOW A SMALLER PERSON CAN SPANK A LARGER PERSON ).

Many spankers simply enjoy both giving and receiving in the same spanking session. It is important that partners understand this and do try to accommodate these requests. A turn about spanking may not be planned, quite often they are spontaneous.



In most cases, the spankee has little to do when being spanked, the onus and conduct of their spanking is in the hands of the person doing the spanking. There are exceptions, even the occasional spankee ” control freak “. But this is part of the attraction of spanking, the ability to put yourself in the hands of another for a period of time and to share an intimate ( and for some, spiritual etc.) experience.



There’s nothing like the hairbrush or paddle when it comes to giving or receiving a spanking. The intensity on bared fannies is overwhelming and commands one’s full attention. The hard sting, the loud resounding slaps and cracks…. is what a real spanking is all about. I’ve been on both sides : received and given and plenty of both / too many to count.
Before when I was exploring my spanking fantasies I remember ” the grey years ” when I knew what I wanted and what I liked and what I was but yet felt guilt and shame and fear of expressing or sharing those desires to a partner. It was miserable to feel as though someone must mask who they are in order for a relationship to remain copasetic. I couldn’t take it anymore for various reasons but for the one glaring at me every time I looked within myself was self-denial. And so I said hell with it after my divorce and plunged head-first into exploring my fantasies.

Schoolgirl spanking a favourite fantasy3

I have had quite a lot of adventures since and am now within the second year of a relationship that includes spanking. The sexuality of spanking has evolved quite a bit for me over time yet still it remains a very personal form of expression and other times its just fun foreplay. I wanted to take some time to share this with you. My sincerest wishes go out to all spankoholics but especially to those who find themselves in a situation where you either have to be brave and announce your kinks or haven’t found that special someone yet who equally shares your kinks. To those I’d like to suggest just opening yourself wide-open to your object of attraction and be yourself because life is relatively short.

……… Rob

On the other hand the spanker does have to execute the spanking and needs to remain in control of it’s physical aspects. If a role play is involved, there is also a need to remain mentally alert. The fun and enjoyment of spanking should always be present, otherwise in can degenerate into being more of a chore. For some professionals, being spanked is a way to unwind.

Another way to achieve role switching is to play a spanking game. More can be read here: https://spankinglife.net/2018/09/17/spanking-games/




Do you want to spank or be spanked ?



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