How to smack that ass the right way!

The preliminary warming should be all over each cheek . The main part of the spanking should be confined to the lower half of the bottom , an occasional smack a little bit higher or on the backs of the legs is OK but stay away from the base of the spine and the kidneys ( which are located on either side , above the hips ) . Prior emptying of the bladder is also recommended .

…………………. from  FAQ page


This is a definite NO – TOO HIGH !

If you look at the diagram above , you will see that the paddle is hitting the area of the tail bone  or coccyx .how-to-smack-that-ass-the-right-way1

This as high as full force blows should go .

The picture below shows the correct area to strike on the right , the girl on the left has been spanked too far up on her buttocks .

Similarly , the photo on the right ( above ) shows the correct spanking area .









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