The longest list of spanking scenes in novels (and books!)


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Some of us are obsessed with spanking. This is not the time and place to discuss why we are that way or why so many of our fellows are not as fortunate as we. My continual musings on this subject appear in The OTK Newsletter. But most of us share some characteristics, spanking dominates our sexual fantasies, we have been interested in spanking for as long as we can remember, and we spent a significant part of our childhood trying to satisfy our interest while keeping what we were convinced was a unique interest (“I always thought I was the only one!”) secret from those normal people who dated the prom queen and had their first sexual experience at age 11 with a fantastically horny neighborhood woman. (Please excuse the masculine ego in this introduction, it is the only one I have. I do recognize the absolute essentiality of our female comrades to our interest.) Who among us can’t remember looking the word spanking up in as many dictionaries as we had access to.

Ah, the days spent in libraries and at newsstands, looking for books that contained spankings. And every once in a while finding one, or better, finding an author such as Delderfield who put a spanking into almost every book. As usual, the younger generation has it easier. Listed here are hundreds of books with spanking scenes in them, along with, in most cases, enough information that you can find them if you make the effort and enough information so you can determine if you want to make the effort.

The first selection criterion was simple, I had to know about the book. In the majority of cases this meant that RB, PS, RA, SL, or one of the other CF irregulars had found the book and informed me of its contents. Not even this bibliography can contain every book in which somebody gets a slap on the behind or a threat of a slap or a spanking. I tried to include those books with scenes which would appeal to somebody as obsessed as I am. I had a slight prejudice towards classics, Twain gets in for the Becky Thatcher episode which probably wouldn’t have merited mention if it had been by a lesser writer. I am a purist, I tried to steer away from what could be called beatings or whippings of slappings rather than spankings. Like most of us, I am a glutton for details, I want to read about lowered panties, rolled up sleeves, kicking, begging, and bright red bottoms. “Then he spanked her. The next morning they went riding,” would not normally qualify for inclusion. But I am obsessed with spanking and I can and did find redeeming social value in almost every spanking reference I came across. I also have generally avoided listing books primarily available from adult book stores.




Abbott, Shirley, THE BOOKMAKER’S DAUGHTER, 1991.
p. 146 A boy drops his pants for a belting from his father.
p. 148 A boy is paddled at school

Accawi, Anwar THE BOY FROM THE TOWER OF THE MOON, Beacon, 1999.
pp. 62-3 A mother gives her son a sound spanking across her knees for getting dirty above and beyond the call of duty (h).

Adair, Dennis & Janet Rosenstock, STORY OF CANADA : WILDFIRES, Avon, 1983
pp. 231: A woman mentions to a man she is talking to that he will next be threatening her with a spanking. The man is very dense in the face of this womanly provocation. He turns down the opportunity she is handing him and then has the colossal gall to say that spanking is alright for children but she is a woman!!!

Adams, Richard, MAIA, Knopf, 1985.
p. 221 Maia watches a woman being whipped and finds herself strangely excited.
p. 250 Maia herself gets spanked by the High Counselor.
p. 679 A woman spanks a queen.

Aimes, SAMANTHA, Pinnicle, 1978.
pp. 338-40 Samantha’s bared buttocks are beaten by a man with a wide leather belt. (p)

p. 133 An apprenticed maid is spanked over her mistress’s knee with a fire-place broom on her bare bottom. (h)

Allison, Dorothy, BASTARD OF CAROLINA, Dutton, 1992.
p. 106 A man straps a girl.

Allyne, Kerry, REUNION AT PITEREEKA, Harlequin #2407, 1981.
pp. 101-3 The heroine gets spanked and then kissed. It is not clear which bothers her more.

Allyne, Kerry, WEST OF THE WAMINDA, Harlequin Romance # 2248, 1979
pp. 28: Ashley Beaumont’s friend Lori teases her about the time when she was twelve and Dane Carmichael had spanked her quite soundly.
pp. 43: Dane calls her the Beaumont brat and she retorts about him chastising twelve-year-olds. Funny that she should bring that up.
pp. 96: She has a thought about “the humiliating day ten years before.”
pp. 99: He gives her a cautionary spank on the jeans.
pp. 147: When he gets really angry with her, she throws that old spanking up in his face. Though he doesn’t spank her in the book, she is just begging for it. She talks about it at the most opportune times. Of course he could be one of those stick-in-the-mud guys who think it okay to spank young girls but it isn’t right to spank them when they’re older.

Allyne, Kerry, THE WOOL KING, Harlequin #2205, 1978.
p. 128 This heroine gets spanked on her jeans by her guardian. (p)

Brutal descriptions of punishment in a Spanish reform school.

Anderson, Linda, TEMPTATION’S TOUCH, Zebra, 1989.
p. 68 Dan bends Gabrielle under his arm and spanks her.
pp. 284-5 Dan wants to lift Gabrielle”s nightgown and spank her, somehow they end up making love instead. (p)Andrew, PrudenceA SPARKLE FROM THE COAL, Putnam, 1965.
p. 70 A boy is switched by his father (h)

Andrew, Prudence, CONSTANT STAR, 1964.
p. 178 A young lady gets pregnant, her father takes her out to beat her with a rope, she strips down and lies on a table in preparation for her beating, but her father doesn’t go through with it.
p. 197 Several children are spanked.

Andrew, Prudence, ORDEAL BY SILENCE, 1961.
p. 45 A father pulls down his son’s pants and spanks him with his belt.

Andrew, Prudence, A QUESTION OF CHOICE, Putnam, 1962.
p. 194 A father uses the belt on his daughter to try to find out her lover’s name.

Andrews, V. C., MY SWEET AUDRINA, Pocket, 1983.
p. 39 Audrina hears Vera being spanked on the bare with a belt by her father, the father denies that he did it.
p. 89 Audrina sees her father spank Vera on her panties.

Andres, Barbara, LOVE TRAP, Ecstasy Romances #86, Dell, 1982.
p. 139 A little boy is spanked by his father. (p)

Annandale, Barbara, HIGH BARBAREE, Ballantine,1980.
p. 142 Cordelia innocently violates Islamic law, she is publically caned, but her clothes are not removed. (p)

Anonymous, “FRANK” AND I, Grove Press, 1968.
Entire book. It happens all the time, the Victorian hero takes pity on a street boy and takes him into his home. When spanking him for an infraction, the observant narrator notices that the boy is really a girl. From then on he spanks her, he spanks other hers, and she is spanked by other hims.

Anonymous, THE PEARL, Confessions of Miss Coote, London, 1879.
Ten letters. A description of how a boy and a girl, both mischievous, receive a treatment with a cane. This famous erotic Victorian English novel is a must for those interested in flagellation.

Anonymous, THEM, Bantam, 1978.
pp. 55-8 A father learns of his daughter’s sexual misbehavior, makes her strip down to bra and panties and lie on the bed, then rips off her panties and gives her 100 strokes with a belt.

Arbo, Juan Sebastian, MARTIN DE CARETAS,
The misfortunes of a boy who suffers the rod from his schoolmaster and from his family.
PP133-5 A man spanks and brands a woman who is his lover and slave.
Archer, JeffreyNOT A PENNY MORE, NOT A PENNY LESS, Carpe, 1976
pp. 132-3 A man spanks his fiance to remind her he will be in charge when they get married. She asks him not to spank her again, he declines. (p)

Arlen, Leslie, LOVE AND HONOR, Jove Book, 1980.
pp. 135-140 A new Russian wife discovers that her husband intends to cane her. He does, and she considers her feelings afterwards.
pp. 145-146 She worries about being caned.
p. 164 Some women discuss caning as an aid to conception.
p. 191 The woman tells her brother that her husband beats her.
pp. 221-222 A socialist woman is threatened with whipping.

Arnow, Harriet Simpson, OLD BURNSIDE, University Press of Kentucky, 1977.
P. 107 A boy is paddled in class for missing spelling words.

Asch, Sholem, MOTKE GANEW, (Original title, in Spanish, is MOTKE EL LADRON. In English, perhaps it is MOTKE THE THIEF)
Very good descriptions of punishments of a Jewish boy, by his father and by a shoemaker, during the boy’s apprenticeship.

Ashfield, Helen, EMERALD, St. Martin’s, 1983.
p. 38 A fifteen year old girl is caught in serious misbehavior by her father and is beaten naked with a stick in front of assembled onlookers. (h)

Ashley, Alma, LOVE’S RAGING AND TORMENT, Tower, 1978.
p. 140 The heroine is whipped with a riding crop and then the man forces himself on her. She tries not to enjoy it, but she does.

Atwood, Margaret, CAT’S EYE, Doubleday, 1988.
pp. 51-2 A girl tells another of how she gets spanked.
p. 175 The girl tells of how her father had belted her bare bottom, and then bares her bottom to show her friends the marks. (h)

Atwood, Margaret, Great Aunts in Carolyn Anthony, Family Portraits, Doubleday, 1989.
p. 15 Tells of her aunts being spanked as little girls by her grandmother.(h)

Avallone, Mike, CRAZY MIXED-UP CORPSE, Goldmedal, 1967.
pp. 119-20 When a man asks a woman to strip, she doesn’t realize it is so he can spank her. Shortly thereafter, she does. (p)

Awbrey, Elizabeth RECKLESS ANGEL, Pageant, 1988
pp. 280-1: Jase (hero) threatens our heroine, Katherine, with a belt after she had slashed him with a whip. She says, “You wouldn’t dare”. He dares, puts her over his lap, but uses the palm of his hand to whack the “curving swell of her hips” ten times, quickly but smartly.
pp. 287: A short mention of her spanking.
pp. 331: A thought of the spanking helps break down the anger she is feeling at the moment


Bachmann, Diana, TIDES OF THE HEART, Fawcett, 1988
p. 32 A rather strong scene. Father raises blood on his daughter’s bare buttocks with a riding crop.

Bacon, Nancy, LOVE AND DREAMS, Ballantine, 1980.
p. 190-1 A woman gets fed up and spanks a thirteen year old girl, and tells her that she will do it again whenever it’s needed. The girl realizes that the woman loves her.

Balkey, Rita, PASSION’S DISGUISE, Zebra Heartfire, 1988.
pp. 212-3 A woman gets publically switched on her bare bottom as part of a plot to fool the Redcoats. (p)

Bardin, John, PURLOINING TINY, 1978.
p. 70 A woman has her dress ripped off, her panty hose peeled off and is spanked. (h)

Bart, Peter, and Denne Peiticlerc, DESTINIES, Doubleday, 1951.
p. 254 The hero plays a game with his girlfriend in which they act out the way famous scenes in literature should have ended. He picks Great Expectations, where Pip is rejected by his lady love. Instead of taking it as in the book, he gives her the spanking she deserves. Our hero acts it out with enthusiasm. (h)

Barth, John. GILES GOAT BOY, Doubleday and Co., 1966.
pp. 138-145 A teenage girl relates a series of spankings given her by her uncle. (h)

Bass, Ellen, I NEVER TOLD ANYONE, Colophon, 1983.
p. 71 The author remembers a childhood occasion on which she and her two brothers were to be spanked. Only her brother is. (p)

Bawden, Nina. DEVIL BY THE SEA, Lancer Books, 1966.

p. 128 A father spanks his 9 year old daughter, he takes down her pants so as to use humiliation more than pain. (h)

Bawden, Nina, THE ICE HOUSE, St. Martin’s, 1984.
pp. 16-7 A girl watches another caned by her father. (h)

Bayer, William, PUNISH ME WITH KISSES, Pocket, 1980.
p. 86 A ten year old girl is spanked. When her father tells her that she had to be punished, she asks him to punish her with kisses.
pp. 199-200 The heroine is spanked as part of love play.
p. 200 She is spanked again.

Bean, Amelia THE FANCHER TRAIN, Ace, 1958
[There is a known hardback edition extant – but it is not at hand right now.]
pp. 35: Jed pulls feisty Melissa over his saddle in front of him and slaps her small rump twice with his gloved hand. He then drops her to the ground.

Beauchamp, Loren, UNWILLING SINNER, Midwood, 1959.

pp 118-9 LB was a fairly prolific writer for the paperbacks in 1950’s-60’s, and not infrequently inserted a c.p. scene. This one, in which a woman is briefly thrashed with a belt, is not one of her best efforts, but the only one currently on hand.

Bedford, Sybille, JIGSAW, Knopf, 1989.
p. 24 A discussion of the school punishments of boys. (h)

Bellow, Saul. DANGLING MAN, Vanguard Press, 1944.
pp. 70-2 A man spanks his twelve year old niece. (h)

Bellmore, Don, SHAME AGENT, Ember, 1964
pp. 13-4: Kathy gets a slap on her bottom which leaves it stinging.
pp. 16: Paul now puts Kathy over his knees and spanks her beautiful buttocks soundly. She pouts but enjoys it.
pp. 96-7: Kathy gets another smack on her upraised rump by Paul.
pp. 117-21: Paul really gives Rosie a blistering spanking. She wants more, so he spanks more, etc.

Bellmore, Don, SIN CAST, Midnight Books, 1962.

pp. 141-3 After he pulls her over his knees and rips down her panties “she sensed what I was going to do”. This Mensa candidate gets a hard spanking but admits later she had it coming.

VBellmore, Don, SIN CELLAR, Sundown, 1964
pp. 33-9: Arnold Stone gives Nina Howard a long, embarrassing and hard bare-bottomed spanking.
pp. 81: Arnold spanks Judy Perkins as they are standing when she refuses to kiss him.
pp. 171-2: Arnold again spanks Judy while they stand in the bedroom. Now she has started to learn to enjoy it.Bellmore, Don, SIN CAST, Midnight Books, 1962. pp. 141-3 After he pulls her over his knees and rips down her panties “she sensed what I was going to do”. This Mensa candidate gets a hard spanking but admits later she had it coming.

Bennetts, Pamela, DEATH OF THE RED KING, 1976.
A woman recalls how her father had spanked her with a stick when he found out about her first sexual experience. (h)

Benzoni, Juliette, CATHERINE, Pan, 1967.
pp. 12-3 Catherine is whipped, first over her clothes, then on her bare back and buttocks.

Bergman, Ingmar, THE MAGIC LANTERN, Viking, 1988.
p. 8 The great director tells of his boyhood punishments. (h)

Berry, Chuck, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Harmony Books, 1987.
p. 4 Chuck Berry records his first whipping.
pp. 12-3 Chuck is whipped by his school principal and his mother.
pp. 32-3 A graphic description of a razor stropping he received while in high school from his father. (h)

Beti, Mongo, THE POOR CHRIST OF MONGA, Harriman, 1971
pp. 178-83 A girl is caned for not answering a priest’s questions.
p. 191 A number of girls are lined up and each given 15 strokes with the cane. (h)

Beverly, Jo, MY LADY NOTORIOUS, Avon, 1993
pp.203: Chastity was started to being subjected to whippings so she would marry. Her father though she was compromised.
pp.211: A man hopes her father whips her thoroughly.
pp.220: Her father brings into her room an elaborate cane.
pp.221: The cad canes her across her tender palms.
pp.226: The palm caning had been nothing, she thinks to herself, but waiting for the same for her, “back, and buttocks, and legs….” worries her.
pp.228: She tries to think of ways to get her brother onto her side.
pp.232: Her lower self is exposed with the aid of a male servant but it is only her thighs caned this time.
pp. 252-3: She runs away to avoid the later to come and more severe caning of her buttocks. In the escape she tries to explain the stiffness in her legs to her lover. When he sees the marks, he knows the reason. (p)

Beyea, Basil, THE GOLDEN MISTRESS, Fawcett,1975

pp 53: Mentions the time old Sam must spank his young servant girl, Betsy’s, bare buttocks for disobedience.
pp. 55-6: He here birches her bare bottom.
pp. 130-1: He birches her much more mature nude bottom as she nakedly bends over the back of a chair.
pp. 290: Betsy remembers the sting of those birchings.
pp. 293-4: Betsy whips a woman named Freelove on her bare bottom, etc., using broom, at the woman’s insistence. (p)

Bianchin, Helen, YESTERDAY’S SHADOW, Harlequin Presents #695, 1984.
pp. 137-8 A husband and wife have an argument, she throws a glass of wine in his face, he lifts puts her over his shoulder and carries her into the bedroom where he spanks her thoroughly. (p)

Bittinger, Billy, THE GOOD TIME GOSPEL BOYS, St. Martin, 1987.
p. 21 A preacher straps his adolescent daughter to rid her of carnal thoughts. (h)

Black, Cheryl, COMMANCHE LOVE SONG, Zebra, 1989.
pp. 243-4 A man spanks an Indian woman. She attacks him, so they decide to make love. (p)

Blair, Leona, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE, Bantam, 1989.
p. 81 A father gives each of his daughters three strokes with a riding crop. (h)

Blake, Stephanie, DAUGHTER OF DESTINY, Playboy, 1972.
p. 116 A woman attacks a man with her fingernails, there is nothing for him to do but spank her. (p)

Blake, Stephanie, A GLORIOUS PASSION, Jove, 1983.
p. 86-7 A married couple gets into a fight which ends up with him lifting her skirts and spanking her which ends up with them making love. (p)

Blayne, Sara, SEA WITCH, Zebra Heartfire, 1988

pp. 265: Trevor Miles, as all true heros, finally shows Sabra Tyree another position heroines can find themselves in when they deal too stubbornly with the hero. He sits down on the bed and pulls her down with him and over his knee. He proceeds to give her a hard, long and well deserved spanking.
pp. 317: In a verbal fight between two other women, one threatens the other that a third woman will take a stick to her “skinny little behind.” (p)

Bonds, Parris A. MOOD INDIGO, Fawcett, 1984.
p. 187 A man settle an argument with his wife by turning her over his knee, raising her petticoat, and spanking her bare bottom. This has a generally beneficial effect. (p)

Bonds, Parris A., SAVAGE ENCHANTMENT, Popular, 1979.
p. 285 A woman is bent over the edge of a bathtub, her gown is raised, and she is spanked on the bare bottom. (p)

Bonfiglioli, ALL THE TEA IN CHINA, 1978
p. 150 A woman is manacled, spread eagled, face down on a bed with her, with her dress bunched around her waist, wearing no drawers. Our hero takes a conveniently located whip and uses it on her. She is disappointed that he is not immediately moved to make love. (h)

Bouton, Ruthie, GAL: A TRUE LIFE, Harcourt, 1994
pp. 48-9 A girl must bring her father a switch. She asks that she keep her drawers on, but is refused, and given a long, hard switching. (h)

Boyd, Sheila, AMERICAN MADE. Fawcett, 1979
p. 40 A threat to paddle a schoolboy.
p. 48 Mention of being paddled.
p. 204 A senior girl is paddled by the school principal, three weeks before graduation. Seems realistic. (h)

Bracco, Edgar J., CHATTELS OF ELDORADO, Avon, 1955
pp 74, 84, 127, 141-2, 163-7 Woman asks a man what he would do to her if he were furiously angry with her, and is told he would spank her bare bottom. Later, she provokes him until he is, and does.

Bradshaw, Emily, CACTUS BLOSSOM, Dell, 1991

Aaron Hunter, once a member of the Maxwell gang, is now a lawman. He comes to clean out their hideout but has a problem of what to do with one of them – “Cactus Maxie”, the young girl, now a young woman, who had saved his life years ago.
pp. 44-50: He figures the least he can do to start her rehabilitation (after much provocation) is to flip her over his lap after yanking down her denims and baring her cute little rounded butt. He proceeds to spank her so hard and long that even the tough “outlaw girl” gives into tears. Later she is incensed that he could accomplish that feat and also a little awed that it happened at all. He threatens and she believes that he can and will do it again if she tries any of her tricks to get away.
pp. 255: Aaron tells Maxie about he himself getting spanked almost once a week as a child. She is impressed as she never managed that much devilment, though she blames that on her father not caring enough to discipline her that often.
pp. 356: In the epilog, five-year-old Theresa Medina Hunter (Aaron & Maxie’s child) tells her Uncle Jim that her ma had beat her butt for riding a dangerous horse.(p)

Bradshaw, Emily, HEART’S JOURNEY, Dell, 1992

pp. 247: Harriet (heroine) remembers when her mother had spanked her as a child for reading her father’s copy of Dante’s INFERNO and admiring the lurid illustration of a near naked man. But no one is there now to spank her for admiring the bodies of Horace Smith and Jake(hero) as they wrestled.(p)

Brandt, Jane, FIREBRAND, Zebra, 1983.
p. 266 An uncle threatens to cane, with obvious relish, his niece. (p)

Brenchley, Chaz, THE SAMARITAN, St Martin’s 1988.
p.191-2 A boy is caned at school. (h)

Bridwell, Dark, THE WILD ONES.
Very cruel punishment with a rod of two brothers by their irate father.

Briffault, Robert. EUROPA, Scribner’s, 1935
p. 59 A schoolboy is caned.
p. 119 A woman tells about seeing a man and two women stripped and whipped by Cossacks.
p. 209 A school is described where men can go and spank little girls.
pp. 301-4 A baroness cheats at cards, as a punishment she is stripped and whipped on the buttocks. (h)

Brodkey, Harold, STORIES OF AN ALMOST CLASSICAL MODE, Knopf, 1988.
pp. 302-3 A little boy plays games with his sister which involve her spanking him.
pp. 407-8 The boy tells of spankings from his mother. (h)

Brodkey, Harold, THW WORLD IS THE HOME OF LOVE AND DEATH, Holt, 1997.
p. 110 A girl spanks a boy’s bare bottom as, supposed, part of play. (h)

Bronson, Anita, LUCY EMMETT: OR A LADY OF QUALITY, Fawcett, 1979

pp. 70-1: When Lucy is a young teenager, her father takes her into the barn, locks the door, and turns her over his knee. He then proceeds to lay-in some very hard hand spanks, landing squarely on her cute, rounded teenaged rear. She gets one slap for every year of her age. The pet of the family brought low. There is then several pages of back and forth as to why she was spanked (“beaten” as she and almost all other brattish imps of females always want to portray a spanking….. of themselves.)

Brooks, Terry, WIZARD AT LARGE, Ballentine, 1988.
p. 41 A man switches a kings son. (h)

Brown, Carter. THE ASEPTIC MURDERS, Signet, 1972.
p. 67 Our hero whacks a woman a couple of times on the bottom to cure her hysterics. (p)

Brown, Carter, CHINESE DONAVAN, Signet, 1976.
p. 11 Our hero takes down a woman’s panties and spanks her until she promises to be good. (p)

Brown, Carter, THE COFFIN BIRD, Signet, 1970.
pp. 72-5 Hero spanks a woman on her panties, of course, she gets sexually aroused. (p)

Brown, Carter, THE COVEN, Signet, 1971.
p. 95 He feels her up, she slaps him, he spanks her, they decide to make love. (p)

Brown, Carter, THE DEADLY KITTEN, Signet, 1967/
p. 66 Our hero almost loses a fight with a woman, so he spanks her and makes love with her.

Brown, Carter, THE EARLY BOYD, Signet, 1975.
pp. 94-5 Carol tries to scratch Boyd’s face, instead she has her bare bottom well spanked. (p)

Brown, Carter, THE GUILT-EDGED CAGE, Signet, 19962.
p. 40 She slaps him, he spanks her. (p)

Brown, Carter, THE LADY IS TRANSPARENT, Signet, 1962.
pp. 96-9 Hero spanks another woman. (p)

Brown, Carter, LONG TIME NO LEOLA, Signet, 1967.
P. 123 His lover insults him, so he spanks her and makes love to her. (p)

Brown, Carter, LOVER DON’T COME BACK, Signet, 1962.
pp. 56-7 Ambrose spanks Sonia’s very tight pants while she is pulled across the bar. (p)

Brown, Carter, THE LOVING AND THE DEAD, Signet, 1959.
p. 102 A girl wishes she had worn a girdle as she gets her panties spanked. (p)

Brown, Carter, ONLY THE VERY RICH, Signet, 1969.
pp. 111-2 A woman insults Danny’s masculinity, so he spanks her bare backside.(p)

Brown, Carter, THE PLUSH LINED COFFIN, Signet, 1966.
pp 73-4 A boyfriend spanks a girl over her see through panties until he can see the red through them. (p)

Brown, Carter, REMEMBER MAYBELLE?, Signet, 1976.
pp. 116-7 Woman is tied on a bed, her clothes are ripped off and she is caned. (p)

Brown, Carter, SO MOVE THE BODY, Signet, 1973.
pp. 124-5 Boyd thoroughly spanks his girl friend’s bare bottom because she wants to prove to him that she is tough, although not a lesbian. She seems to enjoy it. (p)

Brown, Carter, STRAWBERRY BLONDE, Belmont Tower, 1979.
p. 68 Man kneels on a woman’s forearms, sits on her head and spanks her bare bottom. Then fondles her, she likes it. (p)

Brown, Carter, WHEELER DEALER, Signet, 1975.
A waitress gets her bare bottom spanked pink because she spills wine on a customer. (p)

Bruce, Honey, HONEY, 1976.
p. 57 Heroine is in jail, she is sexually assaulted by two other inmates. When she fights back, they hold her down and take turns spanking her. She fights them off, when the guards come, they all get put in isolation. (p)

Buchanan, Thomas G., THE UNICORN.
pp. 34-5 A Roman commander spanks the bare bottom of a noble woman in front of the men of his regiment because she deserted her father in his time of need. (h)

Buck, Pearl, MY SEVERAL WORLDS, John Day, 1944.
p. 10 The famous author remembers a childhood whipping from her father. (h)

Buckley, William, Jr., SAVING THE QUEEN, Doubleday, 1976.
pp. 72-78 An American youth is caned soundly, unjustly, and with his pants down at a British boarding school. (h)

Burger, Pixie, WOMAN OF TWO CONTINENTS, Bantam, 1982.
p. 7 A little girl misbehaves at lunch, her Nanny orders her to go to her room and lower her bloomers, then she spanks her with a hairbrush. (p)

Burgess, Michael, LOVE THIEF, Midwood, 1965

pp. 53: Paul gives Claudia’s bottom a slap.
pp. 63-5: Toni gives Claudia an OTK, long, sexy, hard, bare-bottomed lesbian spanking. “Just like old times….”
pp. 122: Joan gives Claudia a few bottom spanks to get her to get up.

Burkhardt, Mary, MIDNIGHT HEAT, Zebra, 1991.
pp. 283-8 A woman punches her husband, who, reasonably, puts her over his knee and raises her gown for a spanking. Afterwards they discuss it, and she offers the following gem of wisdom “It is impossible to be a haughty matron, Lucifer, while you’re draped naked across your husband’s knees contemplating the knotholes in the floor.” (p)

Burns, Olive Ann, COLD SASSY TREE, Ticknor & Fields, 1984.
p. 248 A teenage boy gets a razor strapping and considers how his father really gives it to him and only pretends when he punishes his sister. (h)

Busbee, Shirley, TIGERLILY, Avon, 1985.
pp. 22-3 A girl gets on a dangerous horse, after Brett rescues her, he spanks her.

Butler, Beverly, MAGNOLIA PLANTATION, Zebra, 1981.
pp. 318-9 A man gives a woman the choice of making love or getting a spanking, she takes the spanking.

Butler, Francelia, THE LUCKY PIECE, Van Koctor, 1984.
p. 4 A man spanks a girl at her mother’s insistence. (h)

Butler, Samuel, THE WAY OF ALL FLESH, Doubleday, 1944
pp. 102-3 A small boy is beaten because he cannot pronounce a word correctly. (H)
pp. 224-6 A man takes his wife upstairs, lifts and pins her nightgown, so her hands are trapped, puts her over a leather horse of his own device, and birches her twelve times. (p)


Cable, Mary, THE LITTLE DARLINGS, Scribner, 1974.
pp. 74-5 and 91-2 descriptions of corporal punishment in the 19th century. (h)

Cain, James M. CAIN X 3 (MILDRED PIERCE), Knopf, 1969
p. 177 Mildred is upset by the airs her teenage daughter is putting on, so she turns her over her knee, pulls up her kimono, pulls down her pants, and spanks her. (h)

Cain, James M., ENCHANTED ISLE, Mystery Press, 1985.
pp. 192-3 A woman notes the same look in a man’s eye that he used to have when he would take her panties down and spank her.
pp. 198-9 The man explains why he used to spank her. (p)

Calder, Willingham, END AS A MAN, Originally published by Dell, 1947. Also by Pocket Books, 1970.
A caning between cadets in a military school.

Caldwell, Erskine, GOD’S LITTLE ACRE, Modern Library, 1933.
pp. 82-90 A woman finds her sister in bed with her man. She whacks the man once with a hairbrush and then spanks her sister with the hairbrush and later takes a couple of shots at the man. Finally, she soothes her sister’s bruises. (h)

Cameron, Kenneth, OUR JO, Macmillan, 1974.
p. 219 A man ties a woman to a bed and beats her with a leather strap. He is surprised that she doesn’t like it.

Cameron, James, TIME OF TERROR, TD Pub, 1980.
p. 11 A mother tells her children of how she was spanked by her mother.
p. 40 The narrator recalls when his mother spanked him.

Campbell, R. Wright, FAT TUESDAY, Ticknor & Fields, 1983.
p. 22 A woman tells about the beltings her father used to give her.
p. 201 A switching as part of a sex show.

Cannell, Kathleen, JAM YESTERDAY, Morrow, 1945.
p. 44 The narrator gets spanked with a hairbrush for lying about going to school.
p. 131 Her little sister is spanked for throwing a tantrum. (h)

Card, Orson Scott, SEVENTH SON, Tor.
pp. 4-5 A little girl gets ten strokes on her bottom with a switch for lying.

Carlow, Joyce, EMERALD’S HOPE, Signet, 1983.
p. 35 A servant girl gets spanked by her employer with her dress up and her panties down. (p)

Cannell, Kathleen, JAM YESTERDAY, 1945.
p. 44 Author recalls her mother spanking her when she was 7 in front of her brother with a hairbrush.
p. 131 Her sister throws a tantrum and is spanked by a man. (h)

Carey, Joyce, CHARLEY IS MY DARLING, Harper and Brothers.
pp. 99-104 A group of children discuss how they are punished. The discussion includes a comparison of implements and consideration of the merits of doing it on the bare.

Carmichael, Emily, AUTUMNFIRE, Warner, 1987
pp 86-7 The eponymous heroine throws a plateful of stew in her captor’s face, and is soundly spanked and kissed. (p)

Carr, John, PAPA LA-BAS, Harper and Row, 1968.
pp. 65-66 A man and woman discuss spanking a teenage girl who has run away.
p.70 He decides not to do it.
p. 129 He turns the girl over his knee, lifts her skirts and spanks her over her pantaloons.

Carter, Nick, A BULLET FOR FIDEL, Award, 1975
pp 27-8 Our hero finds a girl in his room and spanks her to extract an explanation.

Cervantes , Miguel, DON QUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA, Ch. 4.
A punishment a peasant gives a 15 year old boy, which cannot be avoided, and Don Quixote’s attempt to save him. Most memorable for the severe punishment inflicted on the boy.

Chamberlain, Ann, REIGN OF THE FAVORED WOMEN, Tom Doherty, 1998.
Pp 248-9 A boy must drop his pants to receive the belt from his grandfather (hb)

Chamberlain, Ann, SOFIA, Tom Doherty, 1996.
p. 23 A young woman is told by the Doge to obey her father or he will personally turn her over his knee and spank her.
p. 60 A man publically spanks a woman on a gibbet. (h)

Chamoislaw, Patrick, SCHOOL DAYS, U of Nebraska Press, 1997.
pp. 84-5 Papa spanks his son at school in front of the class.
p. 106 Some words on what was worst when his mother spanked him. (h)

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pp. 281-2 A couple have a fight, he spanks her, then makes love to her. A good time is had by all. (p)

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Very good description of punishments administered in an orphan school where Chaplin studied.

Chase, Glen, WHERE THE ACTION IS, 1977.
p. 130 This time it’s a young man who the hero threatens to spank. He says “you wouldn’t dare.” You know the rest. (p)

pp 91-2 A couple is bickering, he ends it by putting her under his arm, lifting her clothes and spanking her long and hard.

Chatwin, Bruce, ON THE BLACK HILL, Penguin, 1982.
p. 58 Two boys are birched at school.

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pp. 326-7 The short story, “Peasants” includes a switching. (p)

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pp. 151-2 A woman recounts how her father had spanked her with a strap, with her bloomers down, in front of her girlfriends. (h)

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p. 39 The old “throw something, get a spanking” routine. (p)

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p 132 Adam sits on a beer cask and publicly spanks his wife in front of a band of pirates.

Churchill, Sam, DON’T CALL ME MA, 1977.
pp. 143-4 Two boys are reported to their mother for stealing tomatoes. She makes them take down their pants, and each give the other three strokes with a willow switch on the bare bottom. (h)

Churchill, Winston, MY EARLY LIFE, Odhams Press, 1959.
Vivid descriptions of Churchill’s school flogging.

Clavell, James, KING RAT, Dell, 1962.
pp. 173-6 Sutra threatens and then canes his daughter with a thin bamboo. (p)

Clavell, James. TAI-PAN, Atheneum, 1966
p. 113 After overcoming her struggling, including biting, the hero spanks the heroine’s bare bottom.
p. 283 The hero threatens a woman with a paddling.
pp. 348-9 Hero uses a length of bamboo on the heroine’s naked backside. (h)

Coffman, Elaine, MY ENEMY, MY LOVE, Dell, 1988.
p. 82 Uncle and hero discuss a girl’s need of a spanking.
pp. 130-1 The girl is publically spanked with her skirts and petticoats up for shooting the hero’s hat. (p)

Conn, Phoebe, STARLIT ECSTASY, Zebra, 1987.
p. 373 A man gives his fiancee a long overdue spanking. (p)

Conn, Phoebe, SAVAGE STORM, Zebra, 1985.
pp. 162 Infuriated by Gabrielle’s risk taking, Jason turns her over his knee and spanks her. (p)

Conway, Theresa, GABRIELLE, Fawcett, 1977.
p. 362 A man gets into an argument with his mistress over flirting, she refuses to go out with him, so he throws her on the bed and beats her bottom with a riding crop. Then she agrees. (p)

Conway, Theresa, Seeds of Destiny, Jove, 1984.
pp. 210-1 Caitlyn insults a yankee until he turns her over his knees, pulls up her dress, pulls down her pantalets, and spanks her bottom soundly. (p)

Cook, Glen, SWEET SILVER BLUES, Signet, 1987.
p. 34 A woman pays a man to beat up our hero. He can’t talk him out of it, but he does hire him to spank her in the Bazaar, over his knee, on the bare backside.
p. 224 Our hero spanks her himself. (p)

Cookson, Catherine, MARY ANN AND BILL, Corgi, 1974.
p. 14 A mother spanks her son and daughter.
p. 161 The father spanks the boy with his pants down for stealing. (h)

Cooper, Jefferson, SLAVE OF THE ROMAN SWORD.
A Roman noble lady flirts with a peasant man, so he spanks her very hard on her white bottom until it is scarlet and she is screaming.

Cooper, Morton, THE CAMERON STORY, Fawcett, 1972.
p. 126 A man uses a belt on his daughter’s backside when he catches her stealing from him. (p)

Coover, Robert. SPANKING THE MAID, Grove Press, 1982.
An attempt by a “serious writer” to deal with our mutual fantasies. Favorably reviewed by the New York Times. (p)

Copeland, Lori, AVENGING ANGEL, Dell, 1988, first pub. 1987
pp. 288-9: Cole Claxton hand spanks the squirming seat of Wynne Elliot’s britches. She has been a stubborn brat in general and “stole” a roasted rabbit from him on the trail because she wouldn’t carry her share of the duties and as a consequence she hadn’t eaten for a while. Afterwards she sits with a stinging bottom, a girlish pout while he wipes her tears and she calls him a big bully. A natural end to a much deserved spanking. She later realizes that it was justified.

Corder, Eric, SHAME AND GLORY, 1978.
pp. 281-2 A woman is stripped naked, held down by slaves and switched with a rod cut from a peach tree. (p)

Coulter, Cather, DEVIL’S DAUGHTER, Signet, 1985
pp. 286-7 A man spanks his stubborn lover on her bare bottom. (p)

Coulter, Catherine, CALYPSO MAGIC, Onyx, 1988.
pp. 102-3 A man catches a woman eavesdropping, turns her over his knee, lifts her skirts, and spanks her, first over her chemise, then he pulls it up and spanks her bare. He also feels her up a bit. (p)

Coulter, Catherine, EARTH SONG, Onyx, 1990
pp. 91: Dienwald bares Philippa’s buttocks and spanks her, much to to her astonishment and anger. She hits him over the head with the chamber pot.
pp. 96: He imagines her bottom has recovered but his head is still sore.
pp. 206: He is washing her in public after they had a “fight” in a mud puddle. Hethreatens all the people standing around watching that if they don’t move on, they will feel theflat of his sword on their backsides. One of the men says that the wenches would enjoy that sortof play.

Coulter, Catherine, JADE STAR, Zebra, 1986.
p. 285 It’s gown up, underthings down, and a good spanking for Jules. The pain is bad but her humiliation is worse. (p)

Coulter, Catherine, NIGHT STORM, Avon, 1990.
p. 104 Alec thinks of the pleasure of lifting Genny’s gown and spanking her bottom.
p. 121 He promises Genny that he will spank her bottom red just as soon as she is well. (p)

Coulter, Catherine, THE OFFER, Topaz, 1997.
p. 318 Sabrina throws a hairbrush at Phillip, he spanks her, although only with his hand, he warns that next time he will lift her gown and petticoat. (p)

Coulter, Catherine, THE REBEL BRIDE, Signet, 1979.
p. 73 The heroine invites the hero to cane her as her father does.
p. 78 The heroine’s father canes her, apparently on the back.

Courter, Gay, RIVER OF DREAMS, Signet, 1984.
p. 361 Having rescued a little girl from a roof, a man spanks her firmly.

Coulter, Catherine, SECRET SONG, Onyx, 1991
pp. 63: The earl mentions to Daria that he should use his hand to chastise her for trying toescape him.
pp. 170-1: He slaps her buttocks hard twice and raises her gown to continue but only looks at her bare backside, succumbs to a fit of the horneys and lets her off.
pp. 367: Graelam says the only danger his wife faces is his hand on her buttocks.

Coulter, Catherine, THE SHERBROOKE BRIDE, Jove, 1992
pp. 64-5: Tony tells Melissande that he will beat her, she says no, he doesn’t.
pp. 144: Douglas makes a half-hearted threat that he will beat Alexandra.

Crawford, Alexander William, LIVES OF THE LINDSAYS,
An instructional instance of maternal discipline. The mother is a firm believer in the cane being applied indiscriminately to all her children.

Crawford, Jeanna, BIRCH INTERVAL, Houghon, 1964.
p. 11 A boy gets taken to the coal shed and spanked with a stick on his bare bottom.

p. 57 A woman insults the Toff and he repays her with the back of a silver hairbrush.(p)

Creel, Catherine, BREATHLESS PASSION, Zebra, 1983.
p. 300 A woman slaps a man, so he turns her over his lap, pulls up her skirts and petticoat, pulls down her drawers, and spanks her hard.

Creel, Catherine, CAPTIVE FLAME, Zebra, 1988.
pp. 374-5 Girl receives a spanking before lovemaking. Throughout the book, the heroine and her sister in law are threatened with spanking. (p)

Creel, Catherine, GOLDEN OBSESSION, Zebra, 1986.
pp. 150-1 A man starts to give his wife a spanking, but when he bares her bottom he gets distracted.
p..p. 364-5 Another preparation, another love making instead of a spanking.
p. 442 This time he turns his wife over his knee, ups her skirt and petticoat, and spanks her.
p. 451 He gives her another smack, with the implied promise of many more if she flirts, with any other man. (p)

Creel, Catherine, NEVADA CAPTIVE, Zebra, 1984.
pp. 164-5 A man threatens to spank a woman until she can’t sit down for a week. They make love instead.
p. 322 This time he turns her over his knee, lifts her skirts, and spanks her. (p)

Creel, Catherine, PASSION’S CHAIN, Zebra, 1991.
p. 290 A reasonably graphic bare bottom spanking over her husband’s knee. (p)

Creel, Catherine, RAPTURE’S ROGUE, Zebra, 1986.
pp 150-1 A man starts to spank his wife, but he is so distracted by the sight of her naked bottom that he lets her escape.
p. 298 He keeps himself in control long enough to give her one whack.
p. 359 This time he is too drunk to carry out his threat.
p. 364 One more time he lifts her skirts, pulls down her petticoats, and with her prepared for a spanking across his knee, gets distracted to lovemaking instead.
p. 442 Finally he figures out to just lift her skirts and not pull down her underpants, and gives her a spanking. (p)

Creel, Catherine, SURRENDER TO DESIRE, Zebra, 1985.
pp. 256-7 Alex turns Marianna over his knee, lifts her various skirts and petticoats, and spanks her. He tells her that he will do it again if she doesn’t learn to obey.

Creel, Catherine, TEXAS BRIDE, Fawcett, 1982.
pp. 295-6 With her mother’s permission, Adam spanks a teenage girl.

Creel, Catherine, TEXAS SPITFIRE, Zebra, 1987. (p)
pp. 457-8 A rebellious wife who needs, and gets, a husbandly hand applied to her backside. (p)

Creel, Catherine, TEXAS TORMENT, Zebra Books, 1985.
p. 350 Addie gets a smack on her bare bottom from her husband.
pp. 390-2 Addie sneaks off to join her husband on a cattle drive. He is not pleased, leads her away from the group and spanks the seat of her jeans. When this is over, he warns her that the next time it will be on the bare bottom.

Creel, Catherine, YANKEE AND THE BELLE, 1974.
p. 45 A Northern army captain gets tired of the behavior of a Southern woman, so he turns her over his knee, lifts her many skirts and petticoats, and spanks her over her silk underpants. (p)

Currie, Ann, NATALYA, Ballantine, 1981.
p. 168 Nikolai spanks Natalya’s naked backside with a hairbrush. (p)

Curtis, Jack, CROW’S PARLIAMENT, Dutton, 1987.
p. 229 A woman strips naked and asks a man to beat her with his belt. (h)

Dahl, Roald, BOY, Farrar, 1984.
pp. 46-7 A young school boy gets a public caning
p. 110 The narrator gets a caning
pp. 128-9 A description of a caning from a prefect
p. 131 A boy gets a 10 stroke caning from the headmaster with his trousers down (h)

Dailey, Janet. BOSSMAN FROM OGALLA in Harlequin Collector’s Edition, Harlequin, 1982.
p. 167 The heroine slaps the hero, the hero spanks the heroine.

Dailey, Janet. THE ROGUE, Pocket Books, 1980.
pp. 32-33 The foreman saves a rancher’s 17 year old daughter from being raped. In return she slaps his face. In return he turns her over his knee, “partially” pulls down her panties, and spanks her. (p)

Daly, Saralyn, IN THE WEB, Fawcett, 1978.
pp. 38-39 Lady Agatha birches a girl for cursing her son. (p)

D’Amato, Barbara, HARD WOMEN, Scribners, 1993.
p. 105 A prostitute mentions that besides punching her, her father spanks her. The detective heroine is shocked by the spanking, not the punching. (H)

Daniels, Norman, WINDWARD PERIL, 1980.
pp. 182-3 The male slaves have to line up, drop their pants, and be whipped by the female owner of the plantation. (p)

de Gramont, Sache, THE WAY UP,
p. 151 A maiden disguises herself as a 14 year old girl and gets her bare bottom spanked by a priest. (h)

De Jourlet, Marie. LEGACY OF WINDHAVEN, Pinnacle, 1978.
p. 30 Arabella fondly remembers a spanking her husband gave her some years ago for flirting.
pp. 126-7 A man spanks the woman of a friend for trying to seduce him, then he is seduced.
p. 215 Arabella threatens to spank her children.
p. 354-5 A young woman tells her beau that he should whip her, they get engaged instead.
p. 382-3 An Indian spanks a white woman that he bought. (p)

De Jourlet, Marie, RETURN TO WINDHAVEN, Pinnacle, 1978.
pp. 520-1 In the second bibliography we had several Windhaven books in which a woman looked back fondly at the hairbrush spanking that her husband had given her. Here it is. (p)

De Jourlet, Marie. STORM OVER WINDHAVEN, Pinnacle, 1977.
p. 117 A slave is whipped on her bare buttocks.
p. 140 A man uses a belt on a prostitute.
p. 311 An Indian woman is whipped with a cowhide thong.
p. 351 Slaves are switched.
pp. 377-86 Nightriders switch two sisters they accuse of Lesbianism. (p)

De Jourlet, Marie. WINDHAVEN’S CRISIS, Pinnacle, 1981.
pp. 7-8 Nightriders switch a woman for living with a Black.
pp. 214-5 A wicked stepmother straps a teenage girl in front of a camp of outlaws.
pp. 263-4 A man is still gloating about a hairbrush spanking he gave his wife several books ago. (p)

De Jourlet, Marie. WINDHAVEN’S PERIL, Pinnacle, 1979.
pp. 94-95 Another recollection of the hairbrush treatment for flirting.
p. 97 The husband is so entranced with the memory he contemplates going into business selling hairbrushes to husbands.
pp. 253-4 The wife threatens to spank her daughter with this same famous hairbrush (p.
314 A man threatens to whip his wife.
p. 348 He does so on her naked back. (p)

De Jourlet, Marie. WINDHAVEN PLANTATION, Pinnacle, 1977.
p. 247 An indentured girl mentions that she is switched.
p. 250 She describes her switchings.
pp. 448-9 A man whips a woman with a riding crop.
p. 489 A man whips a slave with a belt. (p)

De Marco, Arlene, MAKE BELIEVE CHILDREN, (?, 1975)
pp 310, 367 Woman gets two bare bottom spankings, both quite well described.

Deal, Borden, DUNBARS COVE, Scribner, 1957
pp 366-7 Father spanks one of his daughters for concealing another daughter’s elopement.

Delderfield, R.F., THE AVENUE, Simon and Schuster, 1958.
pp. 157-159 A headmaster canes boys.
p. 364 A woman is spanked on her bare bottom by her lover’s wife (a circus stronglady) in front of him. There is a suggestion that he will be treated the same when she gets him home.
pp. 771-772 A woman attempts to get sympathy by claiming, falsely, that her husband spanked her.

Delderfield, R.F., A HORSEMAN RIDING BY, Simon and Schuster,1966.
pp. 484-485 A man finds two girls making love to their boyfriends in the woods, and switches them all the way home. He later becomes their lover.
p. 368 A policeman advises a man to spank his suffragette wife. he thinks longingly about it, but doesn’t.
pp. 706-708 A woman is almost unfaithful to her husband. She urges him to punish her by spanking. He at first refuses, but eventually tells her to bend over. She complies, hoisting her nightgown as she does, and he gives her only a single stroke with his belt.

Delderfield, R.F., MR. SERMON, Simon and Schuster, 1963.
pp. 287-288 A mother describes to her daughter’s husband how she used to spank her. She suggests that he should try it.
p. 302 he takes his mother-in-law’s advice, spanking his wife on her underpants with his hand and a hairbrush.

Delderfield, R.F., THEIRS WAS THE KINGDOM, Pocket Books, 1972.
p. 89 A mention of a young woman, put across her mother’s knee and spanked with a slipper.
p. 267 A reference to a teacher caning pupils.
p. 665 A man gets pushed too far and spanks his fiancee.
p. 668 She remembers a spanking by a former lover.
p. 673 He threatens to spank her again.

de Saint Pierre, Michael, CE MONDE ANCIEN.
Very good description of a spanking on the bare inflicted by the vigilante who discovers a 15 year old apprentice in a lodge which he was forbidden to enter.

de Saint Pierre, LES ARISTOCRATES, 1956.
Here a father belts his twin sons.

By the French author of books for young people. Several references to whipping of children. Particularly good.

de Segur, Comtesse, LE GENERAL DOROVKIN.
Two children a boy and a girl, are whipped, Russian style.

de Segur, Comtesse, MEMORIES OF A DONKEY.
References to boys being whipped.

del Valle Arizpe, Artemio, EL CONILLITAS
Costume novel of a very famous contemporary Mexican author. Two colorful descriptions of a rascal’s well-deserved lickings.

Deveraux, Jude, THE CONQUEST, Pocket Books, 1991.
p. 170 When he finds out that Anne has been making a fool of him, Severn stalks into her father’s hall, lifts all but one of her petticoats, and spanks her in front of several hundred people. Then her father asks him to marry her.

Deveraux, Jude. HIGHLAND VELVET, Pocket Books, 1982.
pp. 77-8 A man wants to make love to his wife, she sics her dog on him, so he spanks her bare bottom. (p)

Deveraux, Jude, MOUNTAIN LAUREL, Pocket, 1990
pp. 259-60: Laurel, the heroine’s twelve year old sister, tells Maddie (the sister) that Ring Montgomery (hero) had put her over his knee and spanked her after she had done the simple little trick of putting urine into their food. She had thought at the time that they were real kidnappers and were intent on doing her harm. Ring’s only intent after that was doing her pert bottom harm of one particular sort. (p)

Deveraux, Jude. VELVET SONG, Pocket Books, 1983.
pp. 277-8 A man takes his bossy wife over his knee, lifts her skirt, scolds and spanks her. (p)

Devlin, Bernadette, THE PRICE OF MY SOUL, Knopf, 1969.
pp. 28-9 Bernadette describes her mother’s spanking method. (h)

Dickens, Charles, DAVID COPPERFIELD.
The belting of the hero is, perhaps, one of the most well known thrashings in English literature.

The famous “tickler” that the Uncle uses to chastise his nephew.

Dickens, Charles, NICHOLAS NICKLEBY.
An orphan’s misfortunes. Some gravures can be found in this work, as well as the above-mentioned works by Dickens.

Dickens, Charles, OLIVER TWIST.

Dingwell, Joycel, CANE MUSIC, Mills & Boon #1042, 1975
pp. 32-6: The young girl, Belinda, gets a spanking from Marcus because she is caught playing with snakes. It wasn’t harsh as later Roslyn undressed her for a cool cloth and the area wasn’t even pink.

Dingwell, Joycel, TOMORROW THE GLORY, Pinnacle, 1985
pp. 24-5: Kendall (heroine) is threatened by her step-father with a belting because she doesn’t want to marry the man he wants her to. She threatens back and though she had been whipped by him with a belt before, he backs down this time.
pp. 64-5: Brent McClain (hero) does manage to subdue her temporarily, and spank her on her pantaloons.
pp. 76: She remembers the humiliation of the spanking.
pp. 80: She complains to him about it.
pp. 92: His rubbing of her buttocks with his hand reminds her that it was also the instrument of her earlier punishment.
pp. 154-5: Her husband (not the hero) has her face down on the bed to beat her with his belt. Not clear what part of her he hits. Maybe her back and not her bottom (he is a villain.)

A woman’s new lover spanks her several times, bending over a table and her bed. He also ties her up and sodomizes her. Eventually this and other actions lead her to hate him and take revenge.

Divine, David, BOY ON A DOLPHIN.
pp. 117-8 A female diver is spanked after a dive on her bathing suit.

Dixon, Dorothy. THE LAVENDER BLOSSOM – LEATHER AND LACE #1, Kensington, 1982.
p. 38 One woman pours hot water on another, Coles Younger takes off his belt, pulls her into the woods, orders her to lift her skirts, and belts her. The wet woman and her friend listen delightedly.
p. 145 Two sisters tie up and whip the husband of one.
p. 172 A girl gets 10 lashes with a whip.
p. 176 The heroine gets one lash with a cat-of-nine tails. (p)
p. 194 A father uses a belt on his daughter’s naked bottom to get her to reveal her lover’s name. She doesn’t (p)

Devine, Thea, TEMPTED BY FIRE, Zebra, 1992
pp. 176-8: A semi-punishment (erotic) spanking leads to sex. (Naturally.) A good scene of a love spanking.

Dobyns, Steven, THE TWO DEATHS OF SENORA PUCINI, Viking, 1988.
p. 188 Malgioli tells his companions of his love affair with a whore who dominates him. He says that she beats him with her hand and a ping pong paddle.

Doctorow, E. L. RAGTIME, Bantam Books, 1976.
pp. 26-7 Evelyn Nesbit gets a dog whip across her naked backside from Harold Thaw, the next day he uses a razor strop. (p)

Donaldson, Sam, HOLD ON, MR PRESIDENT, Random House, 1987.
p. 24 Ronald Reagen’s favorite newsman gives some advice on instruments to use on bare bottoms. (h)

Drake, Shannon, PRINCESS OF FIRE, Charter, 1989.
p. 62 A girl keeps calling a man a bastard until he spanks her. (p)

Drake, Shannon, TOMORROW THE GLORY, Pinnacle, 1985.
p. 66 A man pulls up a womans skirt and spanks her hard on “the think material of her pantaloons”. (p)

DuBarry, Michelle, LOVES OF ANGELA CALISLE – V.I., Leisure, 1981.
Angela tries to kill a man, as so often happens he decides to spank her, this time it is with a leather strap on her bare bottom.

DuBay, Sandra, ILLUSIONS OF PASSION, Leisure, 1984.
p. 281 The Duc de Richelieu catches the king’s future mistress making love to a servant, he spanks her. (p)

DuBay, Sandra, IN PASSION’S SHADOW, Leisure, 1984.
p. 74 Never having been spanked in her life, Catrina did not know what to expect. She finds out. (p)

DuBay, Sandra, TEMPEST, Leisure, 1989.
p. 108-9 A man finds that he must work his way through a mass off skirts and petticoats before a 18 year old girl can feel the spanking, but he does. (p)

Dubay, Sandra, WHISPERS OF PASSION, Leisure, 1984.
p. 281 An emissary of the king finds his future mistress in bed with a servant, so he spanks her. (p)

DuCornet, Rikki, THE STAIN, Grove Press, 1984.
pp112-3 A nun whips a female pupil with nettles. (h)

DuPont, Diane. THE EMERALD EMBRACE, Fawcett, 1980.
pp. 32-33 The Evil Guardian spanks his 17 year old ward with a riding crop when she resists his evil advances. The worse part is that he raises her wrapper and nightshift. (p)

Early, Robert, THE JEALOUS EAR, Houghton, 1973.
pp. 72-3 A mother gives her child a spanking with a hairbrush (h)

pp. 70-1: A young woman (Dawn Drummond-Clayton, daughter of Phillip Jose Farmer’s characters, Lady Hazel & Sir Armond John Drummond-Clayton) gets a good, sound, over-the-knee spanking in this science fiction novel.

Edson, J.T., THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN, Berkeley, 1980.
p. 112 A cowboy spanks a girl. At breakfast the next day she still finds sitting painful. (p)

Edson, J. T., THE TEXAN, Berkeley, 1983.
p. 156 A cowboy spanks a woman over her frock for pulling a gun on him. (p)

Edison, J. T. THE TROUBLEBUSTER, Berkeley, 1964.
p. 104 A cowboy spanks a girl who maneuvered him into a fight. (p)

Edwards, Rachelle, IN THE SHADOW OF TYBURN.
pp. 45-47 When a spanking fails to calm down an irate young lady, the hero dumps her, fully clothed into a bathtub full of water. (p)

Elbert, Joyce, THE CRAZY LADIES, Signet, 1970.
pp. 390-1 A woman who has never had an orgasm gets spanked by her new boyfriend and experiences the big O. (p)

Emecheta, Buchi, SECOND-CLASS CITIZEN, 1975.
pp. 20-1 A young Black girl is sent to stay awhile with her uncle. While there, she gets caned on her uncovered behind both at home and at school. (h)

Eustice, Helen, THE FOOL KILLER, Doubleday and Co., 1954.
pp. 174-175 A man spanks a boy for stealing.

Faulkner, William, MOSQUITOES, Sun Dial Press, 1937.
p. 271 A girl swears at a man so he spanks her over her tight skirt. Not a great scene, but how could I leave out Faulkner? (h)

Feather, Jane, BELOVED ENEMY, Zebra, 1987
p. 182 Ginny is being rescued, but thinks she’s being abducted. The resulting misunderstanding brings a riding crop into play.

Feather, Jane, LOVE’S CHARADE, Signet, 1986, reprinted, 1989
pp. 7-9: An irate baker whom the heroine stole bread from “spanks” her with a belt. The hero, who is going down the street at the time, sees the incident and rescues her. She is dressed as a lad – “urchin” – so the hero thinks she is a boy until later when he wants her to bathe. Before the revelation of her true sex, though, the hero begins to wonder if she should be spanked anyway because of her actions with him.

Fickling, G.G., A GIRL MUST BE LOVED, (?, 1969)
pp 91-5 Really on the mainstream/soft porn borderline, but reasonably done. Our hero is the subject of an attempted seduction by another man’s wife. For once in the book, he does not respond, but gives her a thorough spanking instead.

Finch, Carol, RAPTURE’S DREAM, Zebra, 1982.
pp. 152-3 Gabe humiliates Dane in front of the town, so he spanks her. (p)

Finch, Carol, LONE STAR SURRENDER, Zebra, 1988
pp. 321: A man thinks about the need to spank the heroine. He doesn’t carry it out, though. Minor scene.

Fitzgerald, Catherine, PASSION SONG, Avon, 1989
pp. 90: Lucy (heroine) is forced to spank the boy, Eustace (Stacy), on his bared bottom and then spank his sister, Minerva (Minnie), the same way.
pp. 126: The children wonder if Lucy will spank them again.
pp. 333: Stacy thinks they will be spanked real hard but his sister thinks he is being a spoilsport for letting that possibility stop him from wanting to go along with some devilment she wants to do.

Fitzgerald, Julia, JEWELLED SERPENT, Century Publishing, 1984
p. 21 Alegra disguises herself as a boy and ships out with her future brother-in-law. When he finds out the truth, he spanks her, of course.

Fletcher, Dirk, SPUR 3: ST. LOUIS JEZEBEL, Leisure, 1983, pp. 67
SPUR 6: TEXAS TART, Leisure, 1984, pp. 173-4
SPUR 8: SANTA FE FLOOZY, Leisure, 1985, pp. 63

These three adult westerns (found in regular bookstores) contain minor to average scenes

Flores, Angel, (ed) GREAT SPANISH SHORT STORIES, Dell, 1962.
Includes the famous short story “The Thrashing” by Antonio de Trueba.

Flournoy, Sheryl, FLAMES OF PASSION, Pocket Books, 1982.
pp. 182-3 A man warns a woman, his prospective wife, that he will beat her if she swears again. She does and he throws her on the bed, lifts her full skirt, exposing her bottom, and gives her a spank. He is going to repeat it, but the sight of the mark left by the first spank stops him. (p)

Flynn, Jack, NAKED HEART, Dutton, 1988.
p. 42 A little boy destroys some dolls and gets spanked by his father. (h)

Forrester, J. S., INNOCENT DARK, Dell, 1982.
pp. 102 A girl finds her mother’s diary, telling of a time when the mother was 10 and used lipstick. She was taken down to the cellar by her father who spanked her with his hand and his belt.
p. 116 A recollection of another spanking by her father. (p)

Forsyth, Frederick, THE DOGS OF WAR, (Details Unknown)
This well known writer does not usually include anything of interest to OTK fans, but on pp 292-3 (Large Print Edition) our hero smacks a spoiled young girl. She later accepts that she deserved it.

Fosburgh, Liza, WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE, Pocket, 1983
p. 44 Woman spanks two children.
pp. 102-3 The children are spanked again.
pp. 106-7 The governess discusses the advantages of spanking children. She recalls, her own experiences being spanked with a belt. (p)

Fox, Gardner F., MADAME BUCCANEER, Gold Medal, 1953
p 29 Fiery, beautiful Lizzie Hollister is tamed, and publicly tanned, by Martin Chandos, the renegade Irishman.

Frame, Janet, TO THE IS-LAND, Braziller, 1982.
p. 40 A remembrance of a childhood spanking. (h)

p 42 A man remembers being beaten with a razor strop by his father for lying to him.
pp 263-4 A man hears how a mother was forced to spank her daughter for taking a boat downriver without permission.

Frazer, Robert C. MARK KIlBY TAKES A RISK, Pocket Books, 1962.
p. 96 Clara turns Joyce across the arm of a chair, pulls up her dress and spanks her bare bottom. (p)

French, Marilyn, THE WOMEN’S ROOM, Summit Books, 1977.
Of all the places to find spanking, in this feminist manifesto. Nonetheless, the women in this story seem to have some trouble differentiating hitting and loving.
p. 118 A woman tells nostalgically of how her husband used to come home, pull her pants down and spank her. At first she says that he didn’t do it hard, but then she says that he did it real hard. She is unhappy that this has stopped.
p. 263 A woman tells how she got into an argument with her husband over a Xerox machine and they started hitting each other.
p. 254 A woman tells how, when she was five, she let her panties show, so her father beat her with his belt. As an adult, her father slapped her and she stabbed him in the stomach with a fork. She then comments contentedly that he always loved her the best. (h)

Gaines, Diana, DANGEROUS CLIMATE, W. H. Allen, 1961
p. 106 A man spanks a woman.

Gaitskill, Mary, BAD BEHAVIOR, Poseidon, 1988.
p. 28 (Daisy’s Valentine) “She’s still hot for you, ya know,” said Elliot. “I still have to hear about the times ya tied her up and spanked her.”
p. 84 (An Affair, Edited) Man tells his lover to get his belt. When she hesitates, he says, “don’t you think you deserve it?”
pp. 131-47 (Secretary) The whole story is about a woman who goes to work for a lawyer. He notices typos and makes her bring the letter to his office. She has to bend over his desk, reading the letter aloud, while he spanks her. (this happens twice.) She weeps and is humiliated, but later she masturbates to the memory.
p. 194 (Heaven) A woman visiting her sister is awakened by the sound of someone being rhythmically and repeatedly smacked.


Galbadon, Diane OUTLANDER, Dell, 1981
Chapter 22, The heroine, an English nurse from the 1940’s thrown back to 18thcentury Scotland, has fallen in deep and permanent love with Jamie. And visa versa, however she learns that he like the men of his time have definite ideas about female behavior and the need to enforce these ideas with a leather strap on their wife’s bare bottom. The author of this series mentions elsewhere that she received more mail about this chapter than anything else in the popular romance.

Galgut, Damon, SUNLESS SEASON, Penguin, 1984
p. 122 A boy is strapped after he was caned. (p)

Garin, Nicolas, LIFE OF TIOMA KARTACHEV, (Russian)
The brutal punishment of an 8 year old boy by his father, who loses his temper.

Garlock, Dorothy, DREAM RIVER, Popular, 1988
pp. 117: The hero’s friend, Gavin, figures that Eleanor (the “second” woman) needs a strong hand applied to her bare bottom.
pp. 146: Gavin threatens her with using a hickory switch on her bare bottom, also saying what she needs is spankin’, etc.
pp. 187: Eleanor causes a situation that demands that the men fight for her safety from other men. Gavin threatens her again when he pushes her out of the way and to a safe position.
pp. 189: Rain (hero) and Amy (heroine) hear the sounds of rhythmic slapping and squeals as they come back to the cabin they all are staying near. Amy knows what the sounds mean. Rain intimates that they should really stop Gavin. Amy says no. Eleanor had been so obnoxious that she deserves the sore bottom. Rain then says he will give her the same treatment if she disobeys in future and wears those revealing britches around other men.
pp. 190-1: We “see” Gavin sit on the stoop at the cabin, pull Eleanor over his knees, lift her dress and petticoats and spank her pantalette covered seat as she protests, curses (at first) then pleads and cries. She apologizes. He forgives her.
pp. 192: Amy is glad that Gavin has spanked Eleanor, as E’s actions are now more in line with a grown woman and not the spoiled brat she had been previously.

Garrett, Bill, HELL TRAIN, St. Martin,, 1982.
A 14 year old boy is caned on the bare bottom at school.

Garrod, Rene J., Ecstasy’s Bride, Zebra, 1987.
p. 217 A woman endangers herself so her husband spanks her. Publically. (p)

Gary, Romain. ROOTS OF HEAVEN, Simon and Schuster, 1958.
p. 220 A group of vigilante anti-hunters sentence a woman elephant hunter to a spanking on the bare. The oldest of their group carries out the sentence. (h)

Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, CRANFORD.
A boy is punished with a cane by his father because the boy dressed up like a woman.

Gayle, Pamela, VALLAMOUNT, Oixjwrm 1979.
p. 41 A young woman gets into an argument with her father. She slaps him. He takes her hairbrush, turns her over his knee and spanks her. (p)

Gees, Beu, LOSS OF HEAVEN, Doubleday, 1998.
p. 207 A Sunday School teacher paddles students while his wife takes pictures. (h)

Gerson, Noel, THE GOLDEN GHETTO, Lippencott, 1969.
p. 185 The hero is trying to convince the daughter of friends to return home, when sassed by her roommate, he tells her that she needs a good spanking. The roommate thinks that is a great idea, and jumps on him. She shows that she is prepared for the spanking, not wearing any panties under her miniskirt to slow things down. He chickens out. (h)

Gerson, Noel B., SWORD OF FORTUNE, Popular Giant, 1953,
pp. 106 The scene itself is about the hero getting angry with a teenaged Dutch girl (not the heroine) when she tries to seduce him aboard ship. He acts in loco parentis and turns her over his knees and don’t stop spanking her until her outraged cries turn to sobs of repentence and his palm is stinging. It is handled as a fade out and in at the point of the spanking. I have rated it as above average for many years, as the dialog is handled well.

Gerson, Noel B., SEASWEPT ABANDON, Zebra, 1986
pp. 89-93: This first scene isn’t about spanking as such, but involves the area of Rae “Red” McClellan’s body that would, and does, get the spanking. The scene is also handled humorously. She gets a splinter stuck in her delightfully feminine bottom. The happy hero (Jericho Smith) gets to extract it.
pp. 138: Here is the spanking. Jericho finds Rae trying to sneak off the ship. She curses him very explictly, which causes him to loose his temper and so he turns her over his knees, lofts the back of her nightshirt and spanks five times her bare bottom. After he finishes that series of spanks, Jericho tells her that he will give her bottom at least twenty more punishing slaps if she continues with her cursing, etc. [Heroines take note – if you want to slow your hero down in spanking your bare bottom, please remember to wear something under your nightshirt. Not guaranteed to stop bare bottom contact, though.]

Giancana, Antoinette, MAFIA PRINCESS, Morrow, 1984.
pp. 49-50 The narrator, as a little girl, tries to help her mother by dusting. She breaks a figurine and her father spanks her with his belt. (h)

Gilbreth, Frank, TIME OUT FOR HAPPINESS, Crowell, 1970.
pp. 96-7 Lots of colorful spanking threats by Grandma.

Gilchrist, Rupert, THE GUNS OF DRAGONARD, Bantam, 1980.
Woman gets whipped three times on her “pink buttocks.” (p)

Gilchrist, Rupert, THE SIEGE OF DRAGONARD HILL, Bantam, 1979.
p. 31 The old south, a black woman threatens to take a black boy’s pants down, turn him over her knee and spank him. (p)

Giles, Katherine. A SHARE OF EARTH AND GLORY, Jove, 1982.
pp. 428-9 The heroine gets spanked. (p)

Giuyas, Constance, LORD SIN, New American Library, 1980.
p. 94 A lovers’ quarrel, she scratches him, he spanks her. (p)

Gladstone, Frances, ANNE’S YOUTH, Schocken, 1984.
pp. 23-4 Two first grade little boys are spanked with a ruler in front of the class.

Gluyas, Constance, BORN TO BE KING, Prentice-Hall, 1974.
pp. 154-5 A woman argues with a man, he spanks her. (h)

Goddard, Robert, IN PALE BATTALIONS, Poseidon Press, 1984.
A woman hits a man so he lifts her skirt, pulls down her knickers and uses a belt on her bare bottom. (h)

Godden, Rumer, THE BATTLE OF THE VILLA FIORITA, Viking Press, 1963.
pp. 254-6 The children are on a hunger strike, the father of one of the girls turns her skirt up and spanks her before her friends. He threatens to spank the girl friend if she doesn’t eat. (h)

Gogol, Nicolas, TARAS BULBA,
Some references to the whippings in school of two sons and another flagellation is described.

Goldrick, Emma, THE ROAD, Harlequin #2690, 1985.
p. 121 Mary is planning her wedding and trying to figure out who not to invite. High on the list is the man who spanked her when she was 15.
pp. 178-81 A woman holds a shotgun on her husband, she thinks it isn’t loaded, but it is and she accidentally fires at him. He turns her over his knee, lifts her skirts, lowers her briefs, and spanks her.
p. 187 They discuss under what conditions she will be spanked again. (p)

Good, Susanna, BURNING SECRETS, Pocket, 1979
pp. 113: Tom, after abusing her generally, rips off Leita’s dress and undergarments and beats her bare buttocks with his belt.
pp. 212: Jack mentions to Madame Charbonnel that a young woman of their acquaintance is spoiled and in need of a sound spanking. Madame laughs that the girl looks a little too old for spanking.

Gordon, Victoria, DREAM HOUSE, Harlequin #1662, 1982.
p. 124 This Harlequin heroine wears a skimpy bikini to tease the hero, he, of course spanks her on more bare flesh than HH’s usually get spanked on. (p)

Gordon, Victoria, STAG AT BAY, Harlequin #2690, 1985.
pp. 70-73 Many M and B romances appear in the United States as Harlequins. In any case, they are getting better, in this one, the deserving young lady is not only spanked on the seat of her jeans, but, when this isn’t effective enough, the spanker takes them down and spanks her on her panties. Daring indeed for this genre. (p)

Gorki, Maxim, MY CHILDHOOD, Several editions.
Splendid description of a boy being caned on a bench.

Goudge, Elizabeth, THE CHILD FROM THE SEA, Pyramid, 1971.
p. 45 A young girl gets her bare bottom spanked by her nanny. (p)

Goudge, Elizabeth, TOWERS IN THE MIST, Pyramid, 1966.
p. 26 Twin girls have their nightgowns turned back and their bare behinds smacked by an older sister for making noise. (p)

Graham, Elizabeth, NEW MAN AT CEDAR HILLS, Harlequin Romance #2223, 1978.
p. 162 An indignant lady ranch owner gets spanked by her foreman.
p. 175 Another man tells her how he had to spank his prospective wife a couple of times before she would marry him.
p. 179 The spanked lady tells her spanker that he was right to do so. (p)

Graham, Heather, GOLDEN SURRENDER, Dell, 1985
pp. 56-7: A short spanking. [Really, one of indeterminate length.] Okay scene.

Graham, Heather, LOVE NOT A REBEL, Dell, 1989.
p. 57 A memory of a young woman’s first spanking.
pp. 275-6 Her husband reminds her of the occasion and then spanks her again. (p)

Graham, Heather, A PIRATES PLEASURE, Dell, 1989.
p. 57 A single swat on the rear.
p. 102 Another single spank, but this time he has her over his knee. He is about to lift her skirts and do it properly when she wimps out.
p. 256 Another single swat. (p)

Graham, Sheila, THE LATE LADY SHEILA, 1978.
p. 24 A description of how runaway boys are punished at a school. In front of the assembled school, including girls, they must remove their trowsers and go across the headmaster’s knees for six or eight stokes with a bunch of rulers, then put on girls panties and stand on a bench. (p)

Green, Sharon, CHOSEN OF MIDA, DAW, 1984.
p. 222 A woman is switched (p)

Green, Sharon, GATEWAY TO XANADU, DAW, 1985.
p. 35 Nobody but a backwoods hick would be stupid enough to spank a Special Agent, but she has found one.
p. 144 Of course she doesn’t learn and he has to spank her again. (p)

Green, Sharon, HELLHOUND MAGIC, DAW, 1989.
p. 325 Typical Sharon Green heroine, she keeps trying to fight a man she can’t beat, finally he spanks her, but she keeps on fighting. (p)

Green, Sharon, JALAV IV, THE WILL OF THE GODS, DAW, 1985.
p. 120 The war leader of Midanna finds herself spanked. She does not enjoy it.

Green, Sharon, LADY BLADE, LORD FIGHTER, DAW, 1987.
p. 267 Sharon Green’s uppity leading lady gets turned over yet more male laps. Nuff said.

Green, Sharon, MIND GUEST, DAW, 1984.
pp. 335-8 Our heroine didn’t think he would dare spank her, but now, over his knee, her nightshirt up, and his hand coming down hard on her bare bottom, she is forced to reconsider her conclusion. (p)

Green, Sharon. THE WARRIOR ENCHAINED, DAW, 1983.
Our sophisticated earth woman of the future returns for another series of spankings by the barbarian she doesn’t admit she loves.
p. 42 She is spanked by him in front of a friend.
p. 58 Another woman gets a switching, off camera.
p. 115 A male friend tells her she should have been spanked.
p. 160 She is switched.
p. 216 She is strapped.
p. 223 Another woman is whipped.
p. 230 Our heroine is strapped again.
p. 244 She is whipped.
p. 337 Another woman, a former queen, is turned over a man’s knee and spanked with a belt. (p)

Green, Sharon, THE WARRIOR REARMED, DAW Books, 1984. You all remember the story from the first two books of this series, our heroine is a pampered member of an effete society, she must deal with our hero, a virile barbarian. She falls desperately in love with him and desires nothing so much as to be loved by him. He continually professes his great love for her and demonstrates it by risking his life, enduring torture and hardship, and the like for her. She of course refuses to believe that he loves her and is continually acting so that she must be punished.
p. 33 He tells her to prepare a switch to be used on her.
pp. 39-43 He must leather her bottom on two occasions.
pp. 54-5 This time he spanks her with his swordbelt.
p. 73 There is too much rain for her to cut a switch, so he uses one made by somebody else.
p. 87 The swordbelt again.
p. 141 Another man turns her over his knee, lifts her skirt and spanks her bare bottom.
p. 253 Last page of the book, they may be living happily ever after, but he spanks her again. (p)

Green, Sharon, THE WARRIOR VICTORIOUS, DAW Books, 1988.
p. 343 Never learning, our heroine gets herself spanked again. (p)

Green, Sharon, THE WARRIOR WITHIN, DAW Books, 1982.
In this story we have a sophisticated woman of the future, who as an assignment must help a barbarian from another planet in negotiations. She travels as his woman. There promises to be sequels.
p. 40-41 While still on her home world, he switches her, after first removing her garments below the waist, for disobeying him.
p. 62 Still on her home world, he switches her for the same reason while one of her friends is in the next room.
p. 78 On the trip to his planet, he threatens to spank an interfering woman passenger.
p. 115 On his planet he switches her for running away.
pp. 131-132 He switches her again.
pp. 186-7 She and her switcher discuss her possible need for a switching.
p. 202 And again, this time for endangering her life to save his.

Green, Suzy, THE “LOVE” GIRL, 1975.
p. 147 Dave’s girlfriend teases him about the size of his penis, so he spanks her bare butt. (p)

Greer, Francesca, FIRST FIRE, Warner, 1979.
p. 64 The heroine has her dress flipped up, bikini panties (blue lace) pulled off, and receives a sound spanking from the hero who then kisses her. The ungrateful wretch then bites him. (p)

Grenville, Kate, LILIANE’S STORY, Penguin, 1986.
pp. 17-8 A little girl must hold her ankles while her father lifts her pinafore, takes down her bloomers and belts her bottom. (p)

Grey, Zane, LOST PUEBLO, Walter J. Black, Inc., 1954.
pp. 124-125 A classic tale of a handsome young hero spanking the beautiful, spoiled heroine when she endangers her life by disregarding his instructions in the desert. In keeping with the author, they both remain fully clothed.

Grisham, John, A PAINTED HOUSE, Doubleday, 2001 (h)
p. 217 A seven year old boy gets three with a hickory stick from his father.

Hagan, Patricia, GOLDEN ROSE, Avon, 1983.
p. 88 The owner of a ranch threatens a young woman with being taken back to the ranch, having her buttocks bared, and being thrashed. (p)

Hagen, Patricia, PASSION’S FURY, Avon Books, 1989.
p. 29 A father uses his belt on his naked daughter’s back.
p. 100 A man spanks his woman’s bare bottom when she tries to slap him after they’ve made love.

Hagen, Patricia, THE RAGING HEARTS, Avon, 1980.
pp. 27-8 A woman rejects a man’s love making, he spanks her bare bottom hard, and they make love.

Hailey, Johanna, ENCHANTED PARADISE, Zebra, 1980.
p. 181 Even after Frayne turns her over his knee, Aurora does not know what he intends. She learns. (p)

Halliday, Ena, MARIELLE, Tapestry, 1982.
p. 81 While a man is raping her, Marielle insults his mother, so he switches her.
p. 262 A man spanks a boy with the flat of his sword.
pp 19-20 A woman taunts a man who turns her over his knee, lifts her skirts, downs her tights and panties and spanks her hard. (p)

Hallums, James, THE GOLDEN TOUCH, Ace Books.
pp. 162-5 Finding his girlfriend has had lunch with another man, our hero strips her, after a bit of a fight, and spanks her hard for two minutes. Then they make love.
p. 185 Two days later she is still having some trouble sitting down.

Hamlin, Liz, COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE, Pocket Books, 1985.
p. 76 A woman gets mad because a girl has a card she considers obscene, so she orders her to her room and to prepare herself. The girl strips and lays face down on the bed in preparation for her punishment, a spanking with a stainless steel spatula. (p)

Hampson, Ann, BELOVED VAGABOND, Harlequin #984, 1981.
pp. 87-8 The husband is forcing his wife to undress in front of him, when she displeases him he spanks her “on the thigh.”

Hampson, Anne. TO TAME A VIXEN, Harlequin #2233, 1979.
You can kiss many a frog before you find a princess in the Harlequin series, despite the fact that most of them feature a head strong heroine who spends most of the book simply begging for some man to take her over his knee. In this one she finally gets what she deserves.
pp. 10-12 The heroine recalls the time when she was 12 that a neighbor spanked her with a sandal. She is teased about it by a girl friend and a relative.
p.20 She meets the man who did it, he says that he should do it again.
p. 22 He threatens her with a spanking.
p. 24 They discuss it again.
pp. 30-1 He kisses her then spanks her. In a daring move in a Harlequin, he “actually moves her long dress.”
pp. 40-41 She recalls the childhood spanking again.
p. 63 She expects another spanking and seems resigned to it. Alas, not this time.
pp. 107-8 He threatens to remove her shirt and switch her.(p)

p. 72 A man remembers the willow switchings he got from his father as a boy. (p)

Hardwick, Molly, BY SWORD DIVIDED, Penguin, 1986.
p. 23 A father canes his daughter. There are several other mentions of whippings and other punishments of the period throughout the book. (p)

Hardwick, Molly, PASSION’S PLEASURE, St. Martins, 1987.
p. 128 Helena talks against her father, so Arline gives her three spanks on her bare bottom. (h)

Harper, Karen, ISLAND ECSTASY, Zebra, 1982.
p. 507 Our heroine is beaten with a belt by a bad man. (p)

Harper, Karen, PASSION’S REIGN, Zebra, 1983.
pp. 394-5 A man spanks a woman but finds her skirts absorb too much of the blows, so he lifts them and spanks her over her chemise. (p)

Harper, Karen, TAME THE WILD WIND, Leisure, 1989.
p. 88 A woman is publically spanked on her exposed backside. (p)

Harris, Alex, PORTRAITS OF SOUTHERN CHILDHOOD, U of Carolina Press, 1982.
p. 179 Description of brothers spanked with a leather strap. (h)

Harris, Lane, DEVIL’S LOVE, Dell, 1981.
p. 413 A long-suffering, mild-mannered husband finally spanks his wife’s bare bottom. She likes it. (p)

Harris, Ruth, IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR FATHER, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1969.
pp 96-7 A discussion of father’s use of the razor strop and one particular spanking.

Harrison, Barbara, THIS CHERISHED DREAM, Zebra, 1984.
p. 141 A woman spanks a young girl. (p)

Harrowe, Fiona, LOVE’S SCARLET BANNER, 1978.
p. 307 An 18 year old boy lowers his pants and receives a whipping with a leather thong from the Dame Baldwin.

Hart, Catherine, FALLEN ANGEL, Leisure, 1989.
pp. 172-7 A man spanks a woman, skirts up, pantalettes down. Then they make love. (p)

Hart, Catherine, FIRE AND ICE, Leisure Books, 1984.
pp. 417-9 A premature feminist has her mouth washed out with soap and then is spanked by her husband after he lifts her skirts and yanks down her lacy underdrawers.

Hart, Catherine TEMPTATION, Avon, 1992
pp. 86: After discovering that he sat down on chewing gum that Amanda left in a chair seat (on purpose, no doubt) Grant threatens that he will tan her hide.
pp. 146: First she threatens him with a thrashing (not said what sort), then he threatens her.
pp. 215: With her dangling head down over his shoulder, she bites him to make him put her down. Instead, she gets a swat, hard, on her upturned parts.
pp. 218: That smack and its effect didn’t help the feeling in her nether region after a horse ride.

Hartwick, Mollie, I REMEMBER LOVE, St. Martin’s, 1983.
The narrator gets mad at a girl, grabs her, yanks up her skirts and spanks her with her own shoe. (h)

Harvey, Marianne, THE DARK HORSEMAN, Dell, 1978.
p. 273 Wife tells her husband that he can’t threaten her with a spanking.
p. 280 A father threatens his daughter with a spanking.
p. 290 The husband mentioned above, slaps his wife’s face, tears her clothes off, spanks her, and then makes love to her. (p)

Harvey, Marianne, GYPSY FIRES, Dell, 1981.
p. 328 A man thinks he is in love with a haughty young lady, she insults his real love, he spanks her during which her dress conveniently falls off. (p)

Harvey, Marianne, THE PROUD HUNTER, Dell, 1981.
The champion teaser! The heroine is threatened with spanking by her boyfriend on p. 81, again on p. 101, her brother says that she should be spanked on p. 109 and again on p. 177, her mother tells her she isn’t too old to be spanked on p. 188 and that she should be well spanked and put to bed on p. 197, her sister’s husband comes after her with a hairbrush on p. 323, her boyfriend threatens to spank her in front of the whole household on p. 397, as her husband, he threatens to spank her if she runs away on p. 408, and a friend speculates that her husband may wallop her on p. 412. In addition, her father thinks that her sister’s husband should spank her sister on p. 71, and her mother and father recall the time that he spanked her mother on p. 153. Throughout this entire book, nobody actually gets spanked.

Hastings, Beverly, DON’T CRY, LITTLE GIRL, Pocket, 1987.
pp. 66-7 A little girl teaches a little boy to play doctor. When his mother catches them, she blames him. The mother sends her home and gives the boy a bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush.

Haunt, Tom, WICKED WENCH, Gaslight (L. S. Publications Corp.), 1964
Generally ugly scenes. pp.150: A man slaps a prostitute’s buttocks hard when she won’t tell dirty stories to him.
pp. 163: The same woman, Jana, gets a severe slapping on her upraised bottom.

Hawkes, John, TRAVESTY, New Directions, 1976.
pp. 67-74 A man spanks his mistress, finds he likes it, he likes it less when she takes a belt to him. (h)

Hawkins, Peter, THE DAFFODIL GIRLS, New English Library, 1969
p. 29 One of the girls gets punished with a whip on her bare bottom when she makes a mistake in the show
pp. 56-9 Another makes a mistake and must lift her skirt and drop her panties for 6 with a cane, after 2, a man breaks in and saves her and canes the caner
p. 247 A man tries to spank a woman until she consents to marry him, but a busybody interrupts.
Hawkes, John, TRAVESTY, New Directions, 1976.
pp. 67-74 A man spanks his mistress, finds he likes it, he likes it less when she
takes a belt to him. (h)

Hayes, Terri, THE JONES GIRLS, 1970.
pp. 144-7 A female narrator tells of attending a party with two men and another woman. The other woman takes off her clothes and submits to a spanking with a ping-pong paddle by both men.

Hayward, Brooke, HAYWIRE, 1972.
p. 27 Two little girls get spanked, one by their mother and the other by their father.

Hedges, Peter, AN OCEAN IN IOWA, Hyperion, 1998.
pp. 104-5 A boy imagines the pants down spanking he will get if his teacher writes a note home
p. 216 A Seven year old boy gets spanked in public.

Heinlein, Robert, THE CAT WHO WALKS THROUGH WALLS, Putnam, 1985.
pp. 139-41 Teenage girl tells our hero that she has to do something or she will get spanked, followed by a salacious discussion featuring “you spanked . . . a grown woman almost” and “Does she spank really hard? Bare bottom?” and the like. Further references, but toned down, scattered through the book. (h)

Heinlein, Robert, GLORY ROAD, Avon Books, 1963.
pp. 112-113 The empress of the universe tells off our hero, so he threatens to take her pants down and spank her with his sword.
p. 149 He threatens her again.
p. 242 She finally gets spanked, but as love play. The threats are better.

Heinlein, Robert, I WILL FEAR NO EVIL, Putnam and Sons, 1970.
pp. 187-189 The heroine teases a male friend to have sex until he spanks her. It turns out that they both enjoyed the spanking.

Heinlein, Robert, TO SAIL BEYOND THE SUNSET, Putnam, 1987.
p. 16 Our heroine threatens to take down the pants of and spank an uncooperative hotel manager.
p. 28 She remembers spankings from her father when she was very young and those from her mother with a peach switch. (h)

Heinlein, Robert, STARSHIP TROOPERS, Ace, 1987.
A high school class discusses the virtues of spanking. (p)

Heller, Joseph, CATCH 22, Dell, 1974.
p. 76 A passing reference to Lt. Bemis’ regular whipping of his wife. (p)

Hempstone, Smith, IN THE MIDST OF LIONS, (?, 1968)
pp 24-5, 162-3 Mike spanks a 14 year old girl for breaking his camera. Years later he meets up with her once more and she teases him into doing it again.

Henderson, Donald, THE CHASTITY OF GLORIA BOYD, Avon, 1950.
p. 17 John doesn’t approve of a man Josie is seeing. He makes this clear by lifting her skirts and spanking her on her pink panties. (p)

Henley, Virgina, DREAM LOVER, Delacorte, 1997.
p. 334 A man lifts a womans skirts and gives her three spanks in public.(h)

Henley, Virginia, THE FALCON AND THE FLOWER, Dell, 1989.
pp. 127-8 A man turns a woman over his knee, lifts her dress and shift, pulls down her drawers, and spanks her. (p)

Henley, Virginia, THE HAWK AND THE DOVE, Dell, 1988
pp. 164-5 A man spanks and rapes a woman. He is immediately deeply ashamed. (p)

Henley, Virginia, IRISH GYPSY, Avon, 1983.
p. 23 A woman frees a vixen which was to attracted foxes for a fox hunt. Herhusband turns her over his knee, lifts her nightgown, and spanks her. He enjoys it, the cad! (p)

Hepburne, Melissa, PASSION’S BLAZING TRIUMPH, Pinnacle Books, 1980.
pp. 10-1 A captive queen is beaten, naked with a rope on her backside
pp. 76-76 She is spanked while making love

Hepburne, Melissa, PASSION’S PROUD CAPTIVE, Pinnacle Books, 1980.
p. 11 The heroine gets her bare backside whipped with a rope.

Hepbourne, Melissa, PASSION’S SWEET SACRIFICE, 1979.
p. 120 The heroine has her naked buttocks whipped by no less than Rasputen himself. (p)

Hill, Deborah, KINGSLAND, 1981.
pp. 118-9 A graphic description of a boy’s punishment by his father with a razor strop.

Hill, Judith, KNIGHT’S DESIRE, Zebra, 1992.
pp. 262-3 A man takes off his belt, throws his wife on the bed, rips off her dress, and finally decides not to whip her.

Hill, Mars, THE MOANER’S BENCH, 1998
pp. 272-3 A boy discovers that the new teacher doesn’t fool around when he gives misbehaving students licks with a hickory stick (h)

Hill, Pamela, BRIDE OF AE, St. Martins, 1983.
p. 84 A gentle woman who has been lowered in life to the position of a servant has to bend over and be beaten with a razor strop. (h)

Hill, Pamela, THE DEVIL OF ASKE, St. Martins Press, 1972.
p. 58 A boy is horsed and beaten with his pants down by a footman, at his grandmother’s order.
p. 256 A teenage girl is whipped by her father.

Hill, Pamela, THE HEATHERTON HERITAGE, St. Martins Press, 1973.
pp. 268-269 A little girl is sent to her room to take her pants down. A woman comes up and spanks her severely with a birch rod.

Hill, Pamela, THE MALIVE INHERITANCE, St. Martins Press, 1973.
pp. 71-2 A girl is whipped. Various people are threatened with spankings on pp. 267, 277, 302, and 339. Spankings are mentioned on pp. 13, 14, and 36-37. (H)

Hill, Pamela, STRANGER’S FOREST, St. Martins Press, 1978.
pp. 195-197 A husband orders his wife to remove her nightgown and bend over a bed. He then spanks her with his belt.

Hill, Pamela, THE SWORD AND THE FLAME, St. Martins Press, 1991.
pp. 22-3 A marriageable young lady has her skirts thrown over her head and her backside whipped. (H)

Hiller, Flora, LOVE’S FIERY DAGGER, Popular Library, 1978.
p. 325 A Christian held prisoner by Arabs is given 12 lashes with a cane on her buttocks by the chief eunuch.
pp. 332-3 She is supposed to be beaten by the cook, but she resists, the next day she is stripped naked and beaten by one of the heardsmen. (p)

Hintze, Naomi, GHOST CHILD, Fawcett, 1983.
p. 115 A little boy plays with paint, so his mother pulls down his pants and spanks him until her palm stings.
p. 212 This time a man spanks a boy.
p. 227 The first boy gets spanked by a man. (p)

Hix, Martha, MAGNOLIA NIGHTS, Zebra, 1988.
pp. 381-2 A man tires of his wife getting her own way, so he turns her over his knee, spanks her bare bottom, and then they make love. (p)

Hoffman, Richard, HALF THE HOUSE, Harcourt, 1995
p. 90 Remembrance of how father used to pull his belt from his waist and order the naughty brother to drop his pants
pp. 110-3 The narrator, now grown, confronts his father about the childhood spankings (h)

Holmes, Mary, THE WHITE ROSE, Signet, (1983).
pp. 286-7 When she throws something at him, a man decides to spank his new wife. He tells her to take off her clothes, she refuses and attacks him, he manages her, rips off her clothes, puts her across his knees, and spanks her soundly. (p)

Holt, Georgia, STAR MOTHERS, Simon and Shuster, 1988.
p. 298 A discussion of the childhood punishment of Beau and Jeff Bridges. (h)

Horseman, Jennifer, PASSION’S JOY, Zebra, 1988.
pp. 34-7 A man threatens a girl, disguised as a boy, with a spanking.
pp. 51-2 Same man turns “boy” over his knee and spanks her in front of the men in a tavern.
p. 95 The man reminds the girl of her spanking. (p)

Howard, Charles, HARD CITY, Dutton, 1990
pp. 240-1 Description of the bare bottom paddling of a boy in a foster home. (H)

Howard, Clark, QUICK SILVER, Signet, 1989
pp. 185: Buck threatens to strap Tony for playing hooky.
pp. 308: Denny threatens to strap Kerry’s bottom, though she is now grown.
pp. 531: Tony tells Francie she has a couple of spankings coming, when does she want them. It is let drop there.

Howard, Monroe, CALL HIM ROD, Dell, 1972.
pp. 26-7 A high school teacher has Rod spank her and make love to her throughout his senior year.

Howard, Monroe CALL ME BRICK, Dell, 1967
There are so many scenes in this book that I am only going to enumerate them here. pages 23, 32, 34, 38, 39, 69, 72, 96, 102-3, 108, 111, 122, 143-4, 146, 149, 158, 160, & 174 are all either threats or mentions of spankings.
pages 109 & 188 are single slaps to the girl, Brick’s, bottom.
pages 30-1, 60-4, 138-41, & 161 are spankings.

Howard, Robert E., MARCHERS OF VALHALLA, Berkeley, 1978.
p. 176 A woman gets spanked on her naked hips and thighs. (p)

Howard, Robert E., PEOPLE OF THE BLACK CIRCLE, Berkeley, 1977.
p. 245 A woman claims to be a goddess, but Conan rips off her skirt and spanks her. (p)

Howard, Robert E., THE SHE DEVIL, Ace, 1983.
pp. 150-3 A new teacher in a mountain school is faced with the misbehavior of two 18 year old girls from feuding families. He has been advised that spanking is the only form of discipline which will be effective. Despite the danger of being attacked by their families, he keeps them after school and takes them to the woodshed. The first struggles, but he turns her over his knee, lift her dress (mountain girls wear no underwear) and spanks her with a leather strap. The second warns him that her brother, a notorious feuder, will kill him if he spanks her. He tells her that it would not be fair to whip one girl but not the other. When she sees that he is determined, she takes off her own dress and stands nude before him for a minute, before going to lie over the bench so he can spank her. He loses interest in spanking her and makes love to her instead (an obvious pervert). Justice, however, is served, later she must whip herself with a switch so that she will have marks to convince the other girl’s family that she was punished too, so they won’t kill the man for taking sides. Instead of killing him, her brother makes them get married so it will be okay for him to whip her. (p)


Hudson, Lois Phillips, THE BONES OF PLENTY, Atlantic Monthly – Little, Brown & Co.,1962.
pp. 175: On a North Dakota wheat farm in the 1930’s depression, farmer George Custer spanks his preteen daughter, Lucy, with his razor strap. Her legs and bottom become a burning blaze. She is greatly humiliated by the experience and the young heroine hides under her bed with the dust balls. We are led to believe she has been getting spanked with greater frequency of late. (h)

Huggan, Isobel, THE ELIZABETH STORIES, Viking, 1987.
pp. 7-8 Her mother threatens a little girl with a spanking in front of her friends if she continues picking on another little girl. It works.
p. 13 Elizabeth gets spanked by both her father and her mother. (h)

Life in an English public school. Not very descriptive.

Hurston, Zora, DUST TRACKS ON A ROAD, 1942.
pp. 107-8 The famous Black author relates how she was spanked on her underpants by a male teacher. (h)

Huxley, Aldous, ISLAND, Harper Brothers, 1962.
pp. 132-6 A discussion of child-beating and religious practices. (h)
pp ? Danny spanks Susan for an attempted seduction, and threatens to do it again if she’s still there when he finishes shaving.

Ikor, Roger, THE SONS OF AVRON, Premium Goncourt.
Two splendid descriptions of a boy’s punishments in a Jewish family.

Inman, Robert, HOME FIRES BURNING, Little Brown, 1987.
p. 68 A woman straps a boy.
p. 216 Two boys fight in school and they both get paddled by the principal. (h)

Isaacs, Susan, ALMOST PARADISE, Harper, 1984.
p. 55 A mention of how a young girl is spanked by her father.
p. 60 A further description of the spankings she received. (h)

Jacobson, Howard, PEEPING TOM, Ticknor & Fields, 1985.
p. 152 Our hero finds himself giving a spanking to Melpomeme’s bare bottom at her rather aggressive instructions. (h)

James, Leigh Franklin, WINGS OF THE HAWK, Bantam, 1981.
pp. 36-7 A Spanish gentleman gets tired of the shrewish behavior of his wife, so he turns the mature, dignified lady over his knee and spanks her. The shrew is tamed.

Janson, Hank, HELL OF A DAME!
pp. 160-1 The hero spanks the girl, she reveals she wanted it. (p)

p. 108 A man spanks a woman, very soundly, in front of another couple. They seem to agree that she deserves it.

pp. 115-6 Sadie is a backseat driver so Harry stops the car and spanks her bottom. It seems to work. (p)

pp. 157-8 A woman slaps a man so he spanks her.

Jennings, John ROGUE’S YARN, Popular, 1953
pp. 57-8: Kit Carey (hero) gets angry with his cousin Angie and picks her up under his arm and whacks her pretty rump several times as punishment.
pp. 68: He has to threaten to spank her again to get her to shut up.
pp. 74: He gives her a much more colorfully worded threat for teasing him.

Jerina, Carol, GALLAGHER’S LADY, Tapestry #46, 1984.
p. 19 Frustrated at a young woman, Chris threatens to repeat an experience when she was 7 at he put her across his knees, took down her drawers, and spanked her soundly. (p)

Jerina, Carol, LADY RAINE, Tapestry #39, 1984.
p. 167 Slade turns Raine over his knee and lifts her skirts preparatory to spanking her, but lets himself get distracted by the sights. (p)

Johnson, Susan, SEIZED BY LOVE, Playboy, 1978.
p. 218 A woman flirts with another man, ends up, end up with her skirts flung back and her lacy drawers lowered for a few spanks. (p)

Johnston, Joan, Sisters Of The Lone Star #1: FRONTIER WOMAN, Pocket, 1988
pp. 99: Martha tells Cricket that her father should take a switch to her backside.
pp188-9: Creed doesn’t take a switch to her, but he does put Cricket over his leg, lift her skirt over her head, and spank her very hard with the flat of his hand.

Jong, Erica, ANY WOMAN’S BLUES, Harper, 1990.
pp 72-75 When Laila’s lover catches her in a lie, he makes her bend over her own easel with a self-portrait, and pull down her jeans. He then punishes her with a riding crop. Of course, this leads to lovemaking.

Jong, Erica, PARACHUTES AND KISSES, New American Library, 1984.
p. 283 Isadora’s first fuck with Bean includes him telling her that she has a beautiful ass but it is not red enough. “He smacked her until the whole room resounded with smacks, until her buttocks smarted and tingled and the fiery feeling seemed to pass to her cunt.”

Jordan, Robert, WINDS OF TIME (series)

I’m no sure of the pages or the exact books, but Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time fantasy series is peppered with numerous instances of spankings and threats of spankings. The ones that stand out most are [spelling is probably wrong for most of the names]:

The Amyrlin (the head of the Aes Sedai) is about to use her power to spank one of the main characters before that character fights back with her own power. One of the Aes Sedai in either the second or third books insists on being switched by the Mistress Of Novices. It happens off-stage.

In either the same book or the next book, an off-stage switching takes place for three of the female main characters. Only the after effects are alluded to in Elaine’s case.

In either the fifth or sixth book, one of the Avendia is switched off-stage and Egwene notices the stripes on her bare backside and has to ask about them.

In Lord of Chaos (sixth book), Faile, Perrin’s love (later his wife) is spanked off-stage by Perrin. The after effects are alluded to more strongly than Elaine’s.

In Lord Of Chaos, Egwene has to go through an all-out strapping with her own belt. The strapping takes place off stage and the reader comes in just as the last smack has happened. A very nice description of the aftermath of the strapping is taken up at that point and alluded to fo several pages thereafter.

Numerous references to past spankings or switchings run throughout the entire series.

pp 30-1 Jim dumps a gorgeous but intoxicated redhead on a sofa and delivers an effective spanking.

Joseph, R. F., ODILE, Ballentine, 1977.
p. 260 A girl is spanked and a slave is whipped at the same time. (p)

Joyce, Alice, GINGERBREAD MAN, 1977.
p. 44 Two girls in an orphans school are caned, bending over a bench, with their skirts held up. (h)

Joyce, Brenda, FIRESTORM, Avon, 1988
pp. 86: Storm tells the men that when she was a girl she had ridden off on a mare and had neglected her chores. Her father had then spanked her. After the words are out of her mouth, she regrets telling them, as she then feels that their interested looks indicate that they are now thinking about that part of her grown up anatomy.
pp. 97-8: Brett spanks her very hard — her buckskins don’t protect her buttocks from thestinging pain. She cries and gets angry. He had spanked her because she risked getting raped -almost did – and he had had to kill two men to save her.

Joyce, James, DUBLINERS.
Two short stories about punishment. In “Counterparts,” a son is flogged without reason, because his father had a bad day. In “Encounter” (2nd short story of the book) a man speaks to a boy about punishment.

Discussion of the floggings some boys who escape from school will receive. Also, an account of a punishment on the hands that the hero receives in school.

Joyce, James, ULYSSES, several editions.
The punishment of young marines in the British Navy.

Kahn, Roger, JOE AND MARILYN, Morrow, 1986.
p. 74 A memory of Marilyn Monroe spanked with a razor strap on her bare bottom when she was a child. (h)

Karr, Mary, THE LIARS’ CLUB, Viking, 1995.
pp. 70-72 A woman remembers her childhood spankings from his mother.
p. 79 She gets spanked again.
p. 133 She hears a neighbor boy get a hairbrush spanking. (h)

Kamiriski, Andre, KITH AND KIN, International Publishing Corp., 1988.
pp. 30-1 A father beats his eleven sons with their pants down, starting with the 24 year old. (h)

Kastle, Herbert, THE MOVIE MAKER, Bernard Geis Associates,distributed by Grove Press, 1968.
pp. 218-219 A woman is spanked by her lover.

Keene, Day, DEAD IN BED, Pyramid, 1959.
pp. 76-7 A girl’s Hawaian fiancee gives her a very hard spanking on the naked butt when she seems about to have a tantrum. (p)

Kent, Katherine, WATERS OF EDEN, Pocket Books, 1981.
p. 17 A description of how an uncle had continually strapped his niece as she grew up. (p)

Kessler, Leo, THE BLACK COSSACKS, Severn House.
pp. 62-3 In the midst of various forms of sex, our hero uses a knout on the woman he is with. (h)

Ketchum, Jack, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, Warner, 1989.
pp. 82-4 A group of boys watch while a woman lifts a girl’s dress, pulls down her cotton panties, and gives her 18 with the belt.
p. 138 This time the boys help bare her for the woman’s belt. (p)

King, Norman, EVERYBODY LOVES OPRAH!, Morrow, 1987.
pp. 34-5 Oprah describes how her grandmother used to switch her and how she had to go and cut her own switch. (h)

Kipling, Rudyard, STALKY AND CO.
Kipling describes the punishments he and his friends received in a public school. Not very descriptive, but a beautiful work.

Klosner, Lily, MY GIRLHOOD AMONG OUTLAWS, U of Arizona Pr., 1972
p. 121 A man teaching adults, chastises one with a ruler on his hand, in turn the student turns the teacher over his knee and spanks him.
P. 141 A man writees a little girl, telling her to study hard and that she should be spanked if she doesn’t. (H)

Koch, Polly, INVISIBLE BOARDERS, Simon & Schuster, 1991.
p. 167 A woman remembers the bare bottom spankings her father gave her as a girl. (h)

Koontz, Dean R., LIGHTNING, Putnam, 1988.
p. 67 A girl feels successful when she is able to use words to provoke her foster father into spanking her. (h)

Krahn, Bettina, PASSION’S TREASURES, Zebra, 1989.
p. 336 A man tries to spank his wife. Her skirts and petticoats give her too much padding for it to be effective, but when he lifts them, they make such a mass that he can’t see what he is doing. Eventually, he gives up.
p. 428-9 This time he is determined to do it. Rather than have them ripped off, she removes her hoops and then her dress. When she bends back over his knee, her short chemise comes up, baring her bottom for the spanking. (p)

Krantz, Judith, I’LL TAKE MANHATTAN, Crown, 1986.
p. 264 A man gives a woman three spanks, hard; so she grabs his penis, hard. (h)

Krentz, Jayne Ann, GIFT OF GOLD, Popular Library, 1988.
p. 369 A man spanks a woman so she tells him she loves him.

Lachnet, Djanet, LALLIA, Coronet, 1983
p. 45 Sakia gets the dunce’s cap and a spanking with a ruler with her pants taken down. (h)

Lamb, Charlotte, OBSESSION, Harlequin Presents #393, 1980.
pp 174-5 Lang says he doesn’t normally beat women, but under the circumstances he proposes to make an exception of Nicola. One of the better Harlequins.

Lamott, Anne, ROSIE, Viking, 1983.
pp. 217-8 A girl leaves is careless with an iron and her mother spanks her.

Larsen, Bill, UNTAMED PLAYMATE, Merit, ?

pp ? Man spanks a woman for taunting him. Probably from the 1960’s and steers a nice middle course between the tame and the over explicit.

Lash, Jennifer, BLOOD TIES, Bloomsbury, 1987.
p, 52 A man bends a woman over a table and uses the belt on her (hb)

Laurie, Michael, WHITE FIRE, Quality Press.
A jealous housemaster whips a boy because he misunderstands the maternal affection relationship between his wife and the student.

Lawrence, James, REBEL HAWKE, 1976.
p. 16 Hawke spanks Caroline, to her immense pleasure. (p)

Leckie, Robert, BLOOD OF 17 FIRES, Signet, 1983.
pp. 154-5 A brave Christian captain is commanded by his captors to praise Allah, he refuses and is beaten on his buttocks with a cudgel. (p)

Lee, John A. THE HUNTED, Price, Milburn & Co. 1975.
Written by a New Zealand politician who spent some of his childhood in a brutal reformatory. Contains several severe punishment beltings.

Lee, Linda, DESERT ROSE, Diamond, 1991
pp. 243: Clay Warfield (boy H.) gets tired of trying to reason with Lorena Cervantes (girl H.), so he pulls her down onto the sofa next to him and then over his knees. She tells him she is too old to paddle at nineteen. She learns differently.
pp. 254: They both remember her spanking when he makes a playful threat to spank her if she beats him at chess. They both get embarrassed.

Leigh, Petra, CORAL, 1980.
p. 149 A man watches another man make love to a woman and then act like a little boy and get spanked by her. (p)

Lenz, Siegfried, THE GERMAN LESSON, Hill & Wang,1972. Originally published in German by Hoffman Un Campe Verlag Hamburg.
Splendid description of a boy’s punishment by his father.

Levy, Norman, OUR DAY, Avon, 1983.
p. 13 A third grade boy comes home with a bad report card and is spanked by his father with a toy machine gun. (p)

Lewis, S., PERSONAL HABITS, Doubleday, 1982.
p. 45 A father’s only physical contact with his daughter comes when he spanks her. (h)

Lidz, Franz UNSTRUNG HEROES, Random House, 1991
p. 130 A boy must fetch his father’s belt, drop his pants, and bend over so his mother can punish him. She is sick and it doesn’t hurt . (h)

Linlop, Audrey, I START COUNTING, Doubleday, 1966.
pp. 150-152 A man demands that a teenage girl be spanked, and when her mother refuses, he does it himself.

Lindsey, Johanna, BRAVE THE WILD WIND Avon, 1985.
pp. 182-3 Your basic love story, a man proposes to a woman, she punches him and insults him, he spanks her. I assume later on they live happily ever after. (p)

Lindsey, Johanna, CAPTIVE BRIDE, Avon Books, 1977.
p. 112 The heroine, who has been abducted by a desert sheik, is spanked by him.
pp. 222: She is still thinking about her spanking and what she will do to him if he does it again.
235-8: She tells a woman friend about being spanked by him. The friend is scandalized, as they both think he is just a servant and unworthy of spanking a lady.

Lindsey, Johanna, DEFY NOT THE HEART, Avon, 1989.
p. 368-72 Only three spanks but an elaborate buildup and nicely done. Over the knee, bare bottom, with her reluctantly cooperating. (p)

Lindsay, Johanna, KEEPER OF THE HEART
p. 170 She finds out that warriors punish their women by spanking them. She is not pleased.
pp. 283-4 She gets a spank on the bottom
pp. 318-22 He takes her over his knee for a spanking, but changes his mind after one spank
pp. 379-82 She finally gets a real spanking. Lots of talk afterwards about how it was deserved.

Lindsey, Johanna, MAN OF MY DREAMS, Avon, 1992
pp. 80: Miss Megan Penworthy gets a veiled threat of being spanked by Devlin Jefferys (who is really Ambrose St. James, the Duke of Wrothston.)
pp. 109: Another threat.
pp. 164-5: Again.
pp. 203-4: “It” finally occurs. She thinks her thick woolen skirt will protect her bottom. The spanking lasts long enough and is hard enough that the protection “wears thin.” [Like several of Johanna’s heros he isn’t satisfied with the “slight” spankings many other writers have their heros give to the heroines. Way to go, Jo!]

Lindsey, Johanna, ONCE A PRINCESS, Avon, 1991.
pp. 134-6 The girl reached for a knife in her boot but Stephen grabber her hand. He pulled her across his lap and raised her skirt. The, skinning down her panties, he preceded to smack her bare behind with vigor. (p)

Lindsay, Johanna, PRISONER OF MY DESIRE, Avon, 1991.
|p. 351 A father spanks his daughter with his sword belt in the hall for all to see.

Lindsay, Johanna, WARRIOR’S WOMAN
p 237 The hero informs the heroine that she is to be punished, she assumes she will be spanked or something and tells him “break out the whips and do your worst”, to oblige, he spanks her a bit, and then moves on to her punishment.

Lindsay, Kathleen, RUSTLE OF SPRING, Hurst and Blackett.
pp. 157-60 A plot to kidnap the governor, a colonel, a lady leader of outlaws, the colonel must spank her to get her to tell him about the plot. It takes seven minutes, but somebody’s got to do it.
pp. 170-71 She admits that she deserved it, they plan to get married.

Linton, Duke, KILL AND DESIRE.
p. 92 A naked girl receives the spanking of her life. (p)

Logan, Jake,THE COMANCHE’S WOMAN, Playboy, 1975
pp. 68: Slocum has an argument with Laura Kenton, a tease. It ends up with him placing her in position over his lap and hand spanking her naked buttocks hard. She got very angry with getting spanked for her attempted seduction. That, though, didn’t stop the seduction or its outcome.

London, Joseph, ANGLE OF ATTACK, Popular Library, 1952.
p. 234-5 A man spanks a woman on the bare bottom. He offers to let onlookers join in the fun. (p)

Lord, Shirley, FACES, Crown, 1989.
p. 49 To her dismay, a woman finds that she can watch in a mirror while a man bends her over his knee, bares her bottom and whips her. (h)

Lowell, Joan, CHILD OF THE DEEP, ª1936

In this autobiography, the author has several references to and descriptions of spankings given her by her father.

Luder, William Fay, ONE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, Farnsworth Books, 1958
pp.278-9: Nathan and Ruth discuss spanking children and how a friend of theirs doesn’t spank her children.
pp. 421: Nathan spanks Joanna, his young daughter, for going into the road to play.
pp. 467: He threatens Joanna with another spanking if she doesn’t stop being naughty.
pp. 471-5: This is another discussion of child spanking, this time with some of their friends (h)

Lynden, Jacki, DAUGHTER OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA, Houghton, 1997.
P. 73 A girl strips her sister whips her buttocks. (H)

MacDonald, John D., THE DECEIVERS.
pp. 170-1 A cheating wife tells of how her husband made her strip naked and then whipped her bottom with a steel putter. (p)

MacDonald, John D., A PURPLE PLACE FOR DYING, J. Lippencott Co.,1976.
p. 31 Reference to a man spanking his young wife.
p. 45 The man promises to spank his missing wife when she returns home.

Macintyre, Lorn, CRUEL IN SHADOW, St. Martins, 1979.
p. 64 A father lifts a boy’s kilt and whips his bare buttocks with a cartridge belt
p. 259 A girl remembers her fathers belt on her bare buttocks (h)

MacIver, Joyce, THE EXQUISITE THING, Putnam, 1968.
p. 14 A little girl sees her playmate spanked by her father on her “red woolies.”
pp. 24-25 The girl, now 13, gets spanked by a 13 year old boy with a pointer in a deserted classroom.
p. 106 A man takes down a woman’s slacks and spanks her.
pp. 136-142 A man spanks his wife’s bare bottom with a ruler and with a hairbrush, in front of company.
pp. 236-237 A woman gets spanked on her bare bottom with a whip.

MacIver, Joyce, THE FROG POND, Lancer Books, 1961.
pp. 298-299 After fantasizing for years about being spanked, a woman finally visits a man for that purpose and does get spanked, although, sadly, reality is not up to fantasy.

MacLane, Jack, GOODNIGHT MOON, Zebra, 1989.
pp. 28-9 A man takes his belt to both his son and his wife. (p)

MacMillan, Terry, MAMA, Houghton-Mifflin, 1987.
pp. 7-8 A man spanks his wife on the bare with a belt. (h)

MacNee, Patrick, BLIND IN ONE EAR, Mercury House, 1989.
p. 20 A group of boys are slippered by a woman.
p. 36 A group of boys are caned at school. (h)

MacPherson, ROUGH AND TENDER, Avon, 1991
pp. 22: Raven Delacour is threatened with a spanking by Eben St. Claire.
pp.76: He wonders if her parents had ever “beat” her. No. He tells her, at her question, that his father had cared enough for him to whack his “skinny little backsides” and with love in each spank.
pp.83-5: He finally gets around to spanking her pretty hind cheeks.

Mair, George B. MISS TURQUOISE, Random House, 1964.
p. 168 A woman insults another. The uncle of the insulted woman, holds the insulting woman under his arm and spanks her. (h).

Makow, Henry, ASK HENRY, 1962.
pp. 28-35 Questions to “Henry” from parents and kids about how, why, and whether to spank. (p)

Malcolm, Aleen, CHILDREN OF THE MIST, Jove, 1986.
pp 259-60 A reasonable spanking scene, spoiled for this reader, by the spankee having a festering dog bite in the punished area.

Malcolm, Aleen, THE TAMING, Dell, 1979.
pp. 174-5 The heroine is disobedient and receives a severe spanking. (p)

Mallon, James, BULLWHIP DAYS, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1988.
This book contains the recollections of former slaves.
p. 18 A description of whippings on the plantation.
p. 299 A male child gets spanked by the overseer.
p. 309 A mistress of a plantation spanks slave children for learning to read.
p. 341 A slave girl is spanked by her grandmother.
p. 380 A woman recalls admiringly that her owner would pull up the dresses and whip the bottoms of his women slaves himself, rather than having an overseer do it. (h)

Manceron, Claude, THE FRENCH REVOLUTION – PART IV, Borzoi/Knopf, 1983.
There is a fascinating portion of chapter 3 titled A Spanking at Saint Lazare, dealing with the writer Beaumandais’ famous punishment as a result of controversy over his play, “Marriage of Figaro.” The chapter includes various interesting historical notes on spanking.

Mandrell, Barbara, GET TO THE HEART: MY STORY, Bantam, 1990.
pp. 30-1 Ms. Mandrell editorializes in favor of spanking with a story of one of her own.

One of the greatest geniuses of all times discusses corporal punishments in dialogue between two of his most important characters.

p. 102 The doctor threatens to spank his fiancee.
pp. 114-5 The doctor spanks his fiancee, who then runs away.
p. 129 The fiancee thinks of how humiliating it was to be stripped and spanked like a naughty child. (p)

Manvers, Betty, SISTER ANGELA, Wright & Brown, 1967.
Angela finds herself at a medical mission in Africa. A doctor gives her a quite thorough spanking.

Marlowe, Dan, OPERATION BREAKTHROUGH, Fawcett, 1971.
pp. 47-9 Our hero watches while a man canes his Chinese mistress. She accepts it passively, but when the man attempts to give her more strokes than he had said, she demonstrates her prowess in martial arts. (p)

Marryat, Fredrick, PERCIVAL KEENE.
This famous author and seaman deals frequently with corporal punishment. This is about the life and punishment of a schoolboy.

Marryat, Fredrick, MIDSHIPMAN EASY.
Discussion of practicality of flogging boys.

Marryat, Fredrick, PETER SIMPLE.
The adventures at sea and descriptions of floggings in the British Navy.

Marsh, Ellen Tanner, REAP THE SAVAGE WIND, Ace, 1982.
p. 189 A woman on a boat does something dangerous, she is spanked in front of the crew. (p)

Marshall, Edison, YANKEE PASHA, Farrar, Strauss and Co., 1940.
p. 269 The hero spanks the bare bottom of a woman he has been given as a slave.

Marshall, Rosalind, BOND OF FLESH, 1952.
pp, 122-5 A grandfather spanks his two young granddaughters with their dresses up and their panties down for doing something they were forbidden to do. (p)

Marten, Jacqueline, BRYARLY, Pocket, 1981.
p. 201 A little girl is caught swimming with a boy in her underclothes. Her father switches her in front of him.
p. 212 The same girl uses a mouse to frighten her elderly aunt. This time her father spanks her over his knee.

Marten, Jacqueline, AN UNFORGOTTEN LOVE, Tapestry # 61, 1985
pp. 74-5: Mr. Llanwelly spanks “young Vicky” three swats after he had spanked, much harder, his three sons. They had been swimming in a dangerous pool and she was supposed to lookout for them all.
pp. 77: Miss Ettington tells her that Mr. Llanwelly should have spanked her harder. Vicky laughs that it wasn’t hard at all, at least not as hard as the boys got.

Marten, Jacqueline, VISCOUNT OF THE DAMNED, Playboy, 1979.
p. 160 A Saxon woman finally irritates a Norman enough for him to spank her on the bare bottom. (p)

Martin, Kat, CAPTAIN’S BRIDE, Charter Diamond, 1990.
pp. 118-9 The heroine has caused a boy to be punished. She feels it only fair that she receive seven strokes with a leather pointer on her bare behind. (p)

Martin, Kat, CREOLE FIRES, Dell, 1992
Nicole St. Claire dresses as a younger girl, binding her breasts down. She is auctioned as a servant. Alex du Villier buys her services.
pp. 98-9: Nicki has insulted his fiancee. She refuses to apologize. As they argue, shemakes the mistake of saying he may beat her but she won’t apologize. He agrees and pulls herover his thighs on a sofa. Her skirts go over her head, he raises his hand looks down at the sightbefore him and stops. Her bottom is so rounded and full that it is apparent that she isn’t a girl butis rather a woman. When he starts getting a stoppage of blood circulation in a certain appendage he gets angry with himself and doesn’t spank her.
pp. 236-8: She is finally spanked. She gets it properly on her bare bottom for seven vigorous whacks of his palm.

Martin, Kat, DUELING HEARTS, pageant, 1989

pp.112-3: Molly’s uncle whips her back (mostly), with occasional flicks to her heinie.
pp.122-9: Sam swears to beat her uncle senseless for what he had done to her. She gets her injuries tended.
pp.189: Sam wonders at no tears from her at her uncle’s beating but tears aplenty at him (Sam) wanting to love her.
pp.258: Sam threatens to spank her bottom over his knee if she continues to break dishes in her rage. pp.333: He gives her a smack on the derriere in play.
pp.339: They remember about the threat in the dishes breaking episode, after he tells her she can beat him if he ever touches her in a harsh way. He modifies it to mean that a wife’s bottom belongs to her husband to punish if he sees fit. She doesn’t really disagree.

Martin, Kat, GYPSY LORD, St. Martin’s, 1992
pp.130-1: Dominic, the gypsy, turns Catherine over his knees in front of everyone and spanks her well. Though it is more show and humiliation than real pain.
pp.131: Vaclav threatens to spank Yana, too, as it seems to be a good treatment for wilful wives. She believes him (as she should.)

pp. 2-3 Our heroine curses a man, of course he spanks her.
Pp. 334-6 A stepdaughter is sent to her room to undress down to her underclothes for a birching, her stepfather comes in, lifts her shift and gives it to her on her bare bottom.

Martin, Kat, MAGNIFICENT PASSAGE, Pageant, 1988
pp. 138-40: The great spanking. Hawk upends Mandy over his waiting lap, yanks up her skirts and rips her thin pantalettes in getting them down. He then gives a good accounting of himself and his angry at her continued disobedience and stubbornness. Her buttocks show it when he is done.
pp. 143: He remembers her beautiful white rounded bottom and the way it turned a bright red when he was done spanking it.
pp.143-4: She is embarrassed greatly by the spanking and its way of being carried out – bare butted. And finding it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in wasn’t easy that night.

Martin, Kat, NOTHING BUT VELVET, St. Martin’s, 1997.
pp. 61 A woman fires a gun at a man, he gives her 3 hard spanks, hardly seems like a fair exchange.

Martin, Mary, PIRATE’S CONQUEST, Zebra, 1987.
pp. 217-8 Girl argues with her fiancee about their upcoming marriage. He starts things off on the right foot by spanking her.
p. 325 A spanking threat.
p. 423 Another threat. (p)

Martin, Kat, SAVANNAH HEAT, Dell, 1993
pp.35: Morgan spanks Silver across his lap.
pp.48: He thinks of “beating” her again.
pp.99-100: She remembers the welts of the razor strop her father used to use on her as a girl and young teenager.
pp.153: Morgan threatens her with another spanking.

Martin, Kat, SWEET VENGENCE, St. Martin’s, 1993.
p. 111 A brother threatens to spank his sister.
p. 179 An employer keeps a birch rod to use on deserving employees.

Martinez-Serros, Hugo, THE LAST LAUGH, Arte Publico, 1988.
p. 74 A ten year old boy gets ten with the belt. (p)

Mason, F. vanWyck, BLUE HURRICANE, Lippincott, 1954,| [HardBack]
pp. 97: The hero spanks his sister after she tries to stop him from going away to sea. Nicely handled scene.

Mason, F. Van Wyck, HARPOON IN EDEN. Eagle, 1969.
pp. 267-268 The best of Mason’s spanking scene, a woman who is acting as an officer on a boat, has her pants taken down and is spanked by her brother.

Mason, F. Van Wyck, PROUD NEW FLAGS, Lippencott, 1951.
p. 55 A woman has a quick memory of getting spanked with her Mama’s old corset stay, “on the bare. (h)

Mason, F. Van Wyck, RETURN OF THE EAGLE, Pocket, 1959.
pp. 135-8 A princess insults the disguised Octavian, of the Roman Empire. He turns her across his knee and smacks her bare bottom until she is scarlet behind and sobbing. (h)

Mason, F. Van Wyck, RIVERS OF GLORY, Lippencott, 1942.
p. 233 A man and a woman recall playing a similar prank while in school. He got caned, she got birched in front of the whole school. (h)

Mason, F. Van Wyck, STARS ON THE SEA, Grosset and Dunlap, 1940.
p. 599 Two sisters get into a fight, one pins the other, pulls up her skirt, and spanks her with a slipper.

Mason, F. Van Wyck, THREE HARBORS, Sun Dial Press, 1942.
pp. 162-4 A runaway servant girl is made to cut switches and then undress before her master and mistress. The mistress switches her severely. (h)

Mason, F. Van Wyck, WILD HORIZON, Little, Brown and Co., 1966.
p. 129 After a girl is seduced, her father straps her bare bottom.

Mason, Hilary, MORISCO, Ballentine, 1979.
p. 90 A woman tries to take a dagger from a sleeping man, instead, he gives her a spanking. (p)

Mason, Richard, THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG, World Publishing Co,1957.
p. 123 Suzie is spanked by the hero and thus realizes that he loves her.

Masterton, Lewis, RANSOM, Corgi.
pp 50-1 For a change, a western. A spoiled seÒorita uses a whip and spurs on her horse with unnecessary cruelty. Morgan Kane uses the whip to teach her how the horse feels.

Mather, Anne, GREEN LIGHTNING, Harlequin Presents #626, 1983.
pp. 92-5 Even more daring, than Stag at Bay, in this romance the deserving heroine gets her spanking with a hairbrush on her bare bottom. The reader’s sensibilities are somewhat salved when the author makes it clear that she pulls her pants back up with her back towards the hero. (p)

Matthews, Kevin, PAGAN EMPRESS.
p. 35 A common soldier bares the buttocks of the empress over his knee and administers a spanking until her bottom is red and she is howling. (p)

Maule, Hamilton, JEREMY TODD, Random House, 1959.
pp, 118-9 A boy is spanked by his grandmother with a fly swatter. (H)

Maxwell, Pat, NOTORIOUS ANGEL, 1977.
p. 229 A man catches his fiancee whipping a bare-bottomed groom with a riding crop. The man kills the groom. (p)

McBeth, George, THE SEVEN WITCHES, Harcourt, Brace, Jonavitch, 1978.
p. 78 A woman orders another to bend over a typewriter, takes down her underwear, and gives her four strokes with a broad belt. Then they make love. (h)

McCarry, Charles, THE BRIDE OF THE WILDERNESS, Signet, 1989\
pp. 112-3: The Englishwoman, Fanny Harding, is bound and gagged aboard ship by Frenchmen. She is brought into a cabin where Montagu is waiting with his cane. He slashes at Fanny’s fanny. Pain! Again! Agony! Both times she cries out – muffled by the gag. At the third stroke, she just gasps. Montagu feels she is learning, so he stops hitting her. She is crying. He runs his hand up under her woolen nightdress and feels the ridges. He wants to see the marks aswell. He takes her over to a window, forces her to turn away from it and bend over. He lifts theback of the gown and looks at and again feels the welts. He wants more so he has her straighten up and he lifts the skirt higher, around her breasts. As his face heads south along her bare stomach, her knee heads north. Result – a broken nose. It isn’t helped any by her hard kick to his face. He is a caitiff in the story so he can’t get away with what a hero who punishes a heroine may usually, but not always, get away with. Anyway, a hero would punish his heroine with an eye to what he is doing for her not what he is doing to her. These heroines are smart, they can tell the difference and they act accordingly.

McDonald, Malcolm, A NOTORIOUS WOMAN, St. Martins, 1988.
p. 7 Much discussion, although no action, about spanking a teenage girl.
pp. 98-9 Another girl gets a birching on the bare.
p. 265 The first girl reminisces about the other’s punishments. (h)

McGahern, John, THE DARK, Panther Books, 1969.
In chapter one, a boy is about to receive a belting from his father. All the preparations are very well described, but in the end, the punishment is not carried out, leaving a frightened, crying boy.

MacKendrick, Louise, NATCHEZ, Belmont Tower, 1977
pp. 13-14: In front of the heroine and everyone else on the street a couple of American keelboat men strip a young prostitute who had stolen money from one of them. They find it tied to her garter. The hero, sits on a conveniently placed barrel and turns the pretty fille de joie buttocks up over his knees. He then starts spanking the frightened and protesting girl with cracking slaps that soon have her rounded bottom red and sore and her in abject tears. The heroine even thinks she sees the girl’s backside swelling.

McKendrick, Louise, A PASSION FOR HONOR, Leisure, 1977.
p.88 A woman holds a gun on a man. He disarms her and orders her to undress. When she doesn’t, he sits on a fallen tree, lifts her skirt, and spanks her soundly. (p)

McMahon, Kay, DARA’S DESIRE, Zebra, 1985.
pp.388-9 It’s the old woman-on-board-her-husband’s-ship,-she-doesn’t-realize- that-she-has-to-obey-him-until-he-spanks-her story.

McMahon, Kay, ECSTASY’S CONQUEST, Zebra, 1984.
pp. 115-6 After throwing sand in his face, etc., Victoria is caught and spanked by Sean.

McMillan, Terry, MAMA, Houghton, 1987
pp 6-8 Man beats his wife with a belt. Since he’s drunk at the time, it isn’t all that pleasant, but some may like it.

McNaught, Judith, A KINGDOM OF DREAMS, Pocket Books, 1989.
p. 74 A woman ruins the blankets of a work crew, so a man spanks her.

McNeil, Elizabeth, NINE AND A HALF WEEKS, E.P. Dutton, 1978.
The story of a woman’s submissive love affair with a man. Although there are numerous references to her being tied and/or beaten, she is only properly spanked once on pp. 123-124.

McNeill, George, WHITE TRASH, Bantam, 1983.
pp. 252-3 In the ante-bellum South, a woman takes revenge on another by tying her to the bedpost, stripping her from the waist down, and whipping her buttocks with a riding crop. (p)

McNeilly, W., LAND OF THE FREE, Mayflower, 1966.
pp. 77-8 The teenaged daughter is sneaking food to her boyfriend. When her father finds out he turns her over his knee, skirts up, knickers down, and gives her a good spanking.

Mead, Shepard, HOW TO SUCCEED AT BUSINESS SPYING BY TRYING, Simon and Schuster, 1968.
p. 200 A haughty woman receives three whacks on the bottom with her own riding crop.

Meriwether, Louise, DADDY WAS A NUMBERS RUNNER, Prentice Hall, 1970.
pp. 93-4 A mother holds a young teen-age girl down on the bed, takes her panties down, and straps her. (h)

Merkin, Daphne, ENCHANTMENT, Harcourt, 1986.
p. 102-4 Tells of the bare bottom spanking of a little boy by his mother. And of the little girl’s getting turned on, including the universal spankophile childhood ritual of looking the word “spank” up in the dictionary.
p. 217 A mother spanks her son, pants down, at a public swimming pool.
p. 283 The narrator gets spanked by her boyfriend.

Metzger, Barbara, BETHING’S FOLLY, Avon, 1981.
p. 152 A husband doesn’t like his wife’s behavior at a racing meet, so he spanks her.

Michaels, Fern, WILD HONEY, Pocket Books, 1982.
pp. 134-5 A man spanks a naked woman. (p)

Michaels, Kasey, THE BELLIGERENT MISS BOYNTON, Avon, 1982.
pp. 55-6 The day before they get married, his fiancee slaps a man. What else is there to do, he throws her on the bed and spanks her.
p. 131 This time they are already married, she throws things at him, he offers to spank her again, but she pleads off on the basis that she is pregnant. (p)

Michaels, Kasey, THE DUBIOUS MISS DALRYMPLE, Avon Regency, 1990
pp. 41: The sixteen year-old maid, Lily, mentions that her mum would switch her backside if she is late.
pp. 77: Alastair (hero) starts to thinking that he should turn Elly (heroine) otk and smack her a few times where she would gain the most from the treatment.
pp. 141-2: Lily gets a good six slap spanking on her squirming backsides while over Alastair’s knees after she tries the old teenage girl’s trick of attempting to seduce the hero. Nice scene.

Michaels, Kasey, LURID LADY LOCKPORT, Avon Books, 1984.
p. 122 A husband spanks his wife.

Michaels, Kasey, THE RAMBUNCTIOUS LADY RAYSTON, Avon Books, 1982.
p. 17 A man mentions to Samantha that he hopes her father spanked her often as a child. She says he did until he realized that it was a waste of energy.
p. 41 Now they are married, she makes fun of his age and he tells her why he hasn’t spanked her yet.
p. 135 He asks her if she is through talking or if he is going to have to spank her.
p. 161 Finally he spanks her, but still only five smacks over her underwear.

Milburn, George, JULIE, Lion Library, 1956.
pp. 186-7 The good women of town are offended by a young girl’s morals, so they pin up her dress and switch her out of town. (p)

Miles, Cara, PROMISE ME FOREVER, Avon, 1992
pp. 162: An implied threat of spanking of Lily when Matt is slapping a strip of rawhide against his thigh.
pp. 165-6: Matt tells Lily to take off her clothes so he can beat her. She doesn’t do it so he does, but then he doesn’t beat her.
pp. 240: He puts her over his shoulder and hand spanks her bottom several times in front of his men.

Miller, J. P., LIV, Random House, 1973.
p. 227 Teenage boy gets paddled. (h)

Miller, Judi, PHANTOM OF THE SOAP OPERA, Dell, 1988.
p. 8 A boy gets a bare bottom spanking from a woman. (p)

Miller, Linda Lael, ANGLEFIRE, Pocket, 1989.
p. 51 The hero turns Angel over his knee, lifts her skirts, but then doesn’t spank her.
p. 232 Angel demands the hero let her down, he replies that he will do that only to spank her, she changes her mind.
p. 327 This time Angel is threatened with a paddling by another man, again all talk, no spank. (p)

Miller, Linda Lael, BANNER O’BRIEN, Tapestry, 1984.
pp. 176-7 Adam spanks Banner with her skirts up in front of his mother.
p. 192 Banner’s mother-in-law tells how her own husband spanked her on the bare bottom and they were interrupted by a neighbor woman. (p)

Miller, Linda Lael, DELPHINE, Pocket Books, 1983.
pp. 69-70 A young woman gets a very sound, and very deserved spanking. (p)

Miller, Linda Lael, DESIRE AND DESTINY, Tapestry, 1983
p 245 This author’s spankings usually seem a bit livelier than most of the genre, and this one is up to standard. Lots of screaming and outrage. (p)

Miller, Linda Lael, EMMA AND THE OUTLAW, Pocket, 1991.
pp. 191-2 In order to teach his flirting girlfriend a lesson, a man spanks her tightly skirted bottom on a public street. (p)

Miller, Linda Lael, FLETCHER’S WOMAN, Pocket Books, 1983.
p. 152 Rachel is threatened that a wrong decision may mean that she will have to sit on pillows for a month.
p. 274 Rachel gets spanked. The spanking ends when a servant intervenes with a gun. (p)

Miller, Linda Lael, JUST KATE, Silhouette Desire #516, 1989
pp. 46: Heroine given a single swat while she is face down over hero’s knees in a playful “spanking.”
pp. 135 & 181: threats of other spankings.

Miller, Linda Lael, WANTON ANGEL, Pocket Books, 1987.
p. 142 A man threatens to spank a woman, but they are interrupted.
p. 182 Another man threatens to spank her, this time she is over his knee before the inevitable spankus interruptus. (p)

Miller, Marcus, THE GOLDEN DYKE, Leisure, 1967
pp. 159-60 This short paperback ends happily with a very satisfactory spanking in a hotel lobby, followed by a reconciliation.

Minahan, John, THE GREAT HOTEL ROBBERY, Norton & Co. 1982.
pp. 71-6 Two transvestites act out a scene. In a switch, the “daughter spanks the “mother.”

Mitchell, Gordon, IMMORAL WIFE, Cozy Books, 1960.
Runaway wife is reconciled to her husband by a spanking, followed by lovemaking. A good scene.

Mitchum, Hank, TUCSON (STAGECOACH STATION #12), Bantam, 1984
pp. 98-100 A young boy is spanked by the heroine using a hairbrush. (p)

Monmouth, Jack, LONELY LOVELY LADY, Jarrolds, 1956
p. 132 A woman throws a statuette at a man, not unnaturally, he spanks her. She bites his leg, so he disengages her mouth and spanks her on her black, lace-trimmed panties

Moody, Ralph, LITTLE BRITCHES, Norton and Co., 1950.
p. 14 Tells of being spanked as a child.
pp29-30 threats.
p. 35 Our hero spanked by his mother.
pp. 39-40 He doesn’t quite get spanked.
p. 41 He doesn’t get spanked again.
pp 64-5 His father spanks him, but with a cupped hand so more noise than sting.
p. 153 This time he gets a hard spanking.

Morgan, Katheryn, CHILDREN OF STRANGERS, 1981.
pp. 48-9 A description of how the author’s mother got a “whipping and a promise” when she was a girl. She would have to cut switches for her own whipping and take down her pants for a good switching. The she would be promised one for the next week too, which she would get.

Morgan, Sally, MY PLACE, Holt, 1987.
p. 266 Some discussion of the caning of girls.

Motley, Willard, KNOCK ON ANY DOOR, Appleton, Century, Croft, Inc., 1947
Several other publications. Describes life in a reformatory for boys, with three very good scenes of boys being chastised. There are also two beltings from the hero’s father.

Mullally, Fredrick, THE PRIZE WINNER.
pp. 219-33 Two men need to get a woman to talk, in order to do this, they tie her face down on a bed, lift her skirt, pull down her panties and spank her with a belt. This doesn’t succeed, so they use a cane, when this doesn’t work, they get a feather and tickle the truth out of her. (p)

Myrus, Jane, ANGEL’S ECSTASY, Zebra, 1988.
p. 377 A husband puts his wife across a bench and maneuvers her skirts, petticoats, and pantalettes so he can give her the thorough spanking he feels she deserves. (p)

Myrus, Jane, ISLAND ENCHANTRESS, Zebra, 1990.
p. 120 Another girl dresses as a boy, stows away, gets spanked. (p)

Myrus, Jane, SWEET FIERCE FIRES, Zebra, 1984.
pp. 351-3 Slade spanks Brigida’s bare bottom with his hand. When she still calls him names, he repeats the process with a belt. (p)

Myrus, Jane, TENDER TORMENT, Zebra, 1984.
p. 427 Quinn turns Caitlin over his leg, slides the fur above her waist, and spanks her bottom. (p)

Navratilova, Martina, MARTINA, knopf, 1985.
The famous tennis player talks about being spanked when she was a child.

Neiderman, Andrea, IMP, Pocket Books, 1985.
p.25 A woman straps a boy.

pp. 25: An “urchin” (Christianne, really) gets a hard over the knee spanking from James Mallory.
pp.54-5: He threatens the “boy” with sore buttocks for a month if “he” doesn’t take a bath and soon.
pp.60: She remembers the swats to her bottom and vows to get even.
pp.287: She gets hit with a belt but it is on the bare back and not the rump. The hero doesn’t do it.
pp.423: She herself gives a man a vigorous whack with a cane on the upraised buttocks.

Neri, Penelope, DESERT CAPTIVE, Zebra, 1988.
pp. 316-7 A woman tries to run away from a sheik, he turns her over his knee, yanks up her skirts, and spanks her bare bottom in front of two men.
p. 512 She is threatened with another spanking. (p)

Nichols, Beverly, FATHER FIGURE, Simon & Schuster, Book 2,
Chapter One: Very good, but brief, descriptions of punishments in a famous English school, during WW I. Nicholson, Christina, QUEEN OF PARIS, Charter, 1985.
p. 232 Truly an impressive spanking. Our heroine is held by Fouche and de Bourienne, her skirts turned up by Tallyrand, and caned by Napoleon. (p)

Nicole, Christopher, BLACK DAWN, St. Martins, 1977.
pp. 118-119 Our hero holds down a teenage girl while her mother lifts her skirts and canes her bare bottom. (This is a historical novel, taking place before underpants.)

Nicole, Christopher, BLOOD AMYOT, Bantam Books, 1964.
p. 52 A ten-year old slave boy is birched.
Chapter 1 An 18 year-old girl fears being strapped.
p. 211 A teenage girl gets two strokes with a belt.

Nicole, Christopher, THE CRIMSON PAGODA, Signet, 1983.
pp. 270-1 Some men think a woman knows where some gold is, so two of them beat her bottom with bamboo to make her tell.

Nicole, Christopher, OLD GLORY, Severn, 1986.
pp. 77-8 When his daughter helps his prisoner to escape, Bartlett orders her to go to her room, and kneel with her skirts up. He follows her and use his belt on her bottom.
p. 131 On another occasion, he spanks her by hand, lifting her skirts himself. (h)

Nicole, Christopher, THE SEA AND THE SAND, Severn House, 1988.
p. 80 and p. 101 Before and after a woman is caned. (h)

Nicole, Christopher, SUNSET, St. Martins, 1978.
p. 13 A girl recalls a whipping that she and a boy got from her father. She got it with her skirts up and her pants in place, he got it on the bare.
pp. 85-86 The girl, now 15, has to bend over while her step mother raises her skirts (no pants this time) and her father gives her a belting.

Nin, Anais, SEDUCTION OF THE MINTOUR, Swallow Press, 1961.
pp. 111-3 The heroine was spanked by her father when she was a little girl. Years later, she sees an arcade movie of little girls being spanked with their skirts up and their panties down and is surprised to find that she envies them. (p)

Norman, John, TIME SLAVE, DAW Books, 1975.
p. 79 The heroine gets a spanking with a belt. As far as I know, the one good spanking in all of Norman’s works.

Nye, Robert, MERLIN, Putnam and Sons, 1978.
p. 58-9 A woman is birched by a nun.
p. 132 A naked woman is severely whipped. She loves it.

O’Brien, Edna, A PAGAN PLACE, Knopf, 1970.
pp. 207-209 A teenage girl gets her bare bottom spanked by her father for having sex with a boyfriend.

O’Brien, Saliee, CAYO, Bantam, 1983.
p. 145 Seven year old girl spanked. (p)

O’Donnell, Kate, DEFY THE WIND, Avon, 1987.
p. 30 A man tells the heroine’s father that she needs a switching.
p. 33 He spanks her himself, while on horseback. (p)

O’Donoghue, Maureen, JEDDER’S LAND, Pocket, 1984.
p. 33 A serving girl is playfully spanked on here bare bottom.
p. 278 A young girl runs away and gets a spanking. (p)

O’Hara, Mary, FLICKA’S FRIEND, Putnam, 1982.
pp. 18-21 The author of My Friend Flicka recalls a spanking she got from her mother when she was 5. (h)

Olson, Ted, RANCH ON THE LARAMIE, Little Brown, 1973.
p.20 The author recalls how his mother would order him to drop his pants for a spanking when he was a child.

O’Neal, Reagan, THE FALLON BLOOD, Ace Books, 1980.
p. 46 A serving girl describes to her lover how the cook switches her bare bottom.
p. 473 A teenage girl is threatened with spanking.
p. 502 Same girl, same threat.

O’Neal, Regan, THE FALLON LEGACY, Tom Doherty Asscs. 1982.
p. 40 The cook threatens servants with a wooden spoon which she sometimes spanks them with.
p. 52 A mother threatens a little girl with a switching.
p. 65 A father threatens to strap a 17 year old girl.
p. 81 Man spanks the bare bottom of a woman who tried to kill him.
p. 95 A woman gets strapped.
p. 115 A man threatens two small children and his wife with a switching if they touch his gun. (p)

O’Neal, Reagan, THE FALLON PRIDE, Pinnacle Books, 1981.
p 297 When a woman deliberately tries to mess up her husband’s business deal, he takes her into the next room and gives her a spanking.
p 299-300 The husband tells the woman’s father about the spanking.
pp. 69, 140, 154 Women are threatened with spankings.
p. 313 A naked woman is caned.

O’Neill, Olivia, IMPERIAL NIGHTS, Berkeley Books, 1979.
pp. 46-47 A father bends his 14 year old daughter over his knee and spanks her with a whip, gently.
p. 59 A report of two children whipped.
pp. 172-174 A man spanks a woman in front of Arab villagers who are enraged because she has killed a pigeon and this is the only way to save her life (honest, that’s what the book claims).

Orwig, Sara, REVENGE FOR A DUCHESS, Harlequin Regency Romance #1, 1984.
pp. 63-4 During a fight with a man, Melissa picks up a hairbrush to throw at him. It is a mistake.

Ott, Patricia, BITTER PASSION, SWEET LOVE , Tower Books, 1981.
p. 30 A woman attempts to strike a man with a riding crop, he spanks her with his.
p. 199 The Emir whips an insolent woman with a riding whip.
p. 327 A man spanks a woman who disobeyed him. (p)

Ovid, LOVE POEMS, (translated by Horace Gregory) Mentor, 1982.
p. 69 Elegy VII refers to slave girl “who when she’s naked shows that her back and buttocks love the whip.” (p)

Owen, Wanda, GOLDEN ECSTASY, Zebra, 1985.
p. 159 Gil spanks Topaz in front of Jeff. (p)

Pacter, Trudi, THE SLEEPING PARTNER, Harper Paperbacks, 1992,| GraftonBooks, U.K., 1991
pp. 63: Brian spanks Louise on her bare buttocks.
pp. 370: Clay spanks Tiffany, first on her covered bottom, then with her pants down.
pp. 500: Abner gets ready to whip Louise with a small(?) whip. It is to be an erotic whipping.

Pargeter, Margaret, STORM CYCLE, Harlequin #1788, 1982.
pp. 21-22 A girl interferes in a dispute between adult men, one of them spanks her.
pp. 89-90 After she has stowed away and saved his life, another man feels that this girl should be spanked. Promises, promises. (p)

Parker, Laura, A ROSE IN SPLENDOR, Warner, 1986.
p. 82 A man spanks a beggar boy, then gives him coins. The boy is really a girl. (p)

Parris, P. B. WALTZING IN THE ATTIC, Doubleday, 1990.
p. 17 A girl lies on the bed, pulls up the back of her skirt, and pulls down her underpants for a belting from her father.
p. 45 This time she is already naked when her father gives her a hand spanking (h)

Parton, Dolly, DOLLY, Harper Collins.
pp. 16-18 Dolly recalls compares and contrasts her mother and father’s spanking methods.

p. 41 Newly captured female slaves are given three lashes each on their bare buttocks to show them who they belong to.
p. 95 A man thinks a woman has been unfaithful to him and slaps her “taut buttocks”.

Patterson, Orlando, DIE THE LONG DAY, Morrow, 1972.
pp. 105-8 A slave woman is accused of stealing corn. She is prepared for a bare bottom whipping in front of a group of people, but then spared. (h)

Pearl, Esther, DEEPER THAN SHAME, Jove, 1980.
pp. 232-3 A woman taunts a man into putting her over his knees, lifting her skirt, pulling down her panties, and spanking her. She climaxes during all this.

Peters, Natasha, SAVAGE SURRENDER, Ace, 1977.
p. 62 A woman refuses to eat, so her husband lifts her gown and chemise and spanks her. (p)
pp. 371-2 Another spanking.

Phens, Hayden, DAFYDD, 1978.
p. 71. Two adolescents are experimenting with sex when her father walks in on them and takes his belt to her. (h)

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, THE COPELAND BRIDE, Dell, 1983, reprinted 1989
pp. 241: A hot time for the trouser-seat, and especially the fleshy structures underneath, of the heroine. She is taken across the lap of the hero and he gives her her just reward. She gets angry with the perfectly sensible punishment at his hands and bites the calf of his leg. He chickens out and doesn’t carry through as the hero of James Cavell’s book, TAI-PAN did and tame his termagant after that outrage of unlady-like behavior.
pp. 304: Over his shoulder and a hard slap on her bottom for her protests.

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, HONEY MOON, Pocket Books, 1993.
pp. 122-3 A man takes a woman into the barn and spanks her, then he threatens to let everybody she has wronged contribute. (p)

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, RISEN GLORY, Dell, 1984, reprinted 1989
pp. 50-1: The heroine is trying, and succeeding, to pass herself off as a stableboy. The hero gets angry with her (“him”). So, what do we do now? Spanking, that’s what! She is held in the traditional position for the paddling and gets a hard spanking on her pert (covered) bottom with the flat of the angry hero’s hand. Good scene, even if heroine is “supposed” to be a boy.
pp. 221 & 254: threats of spankings.
pp. 255: Another “lift your lady over your shoulder and smack her when she protests,” scene.

Plaidy, Jean, LION OF JUSTICE, 1975.
pp. 42-3 The abbess bends Edith, a novice, over the arm of a chair and severely canes her bare bottom. (p)

Plunkett, John, SHE’LL GET HERS, Monarch, 1960.
pp 120-1 What this particular “she” gets is a bare bottom walloping.

Porter, Katherine Ann, THE COLLECTED STORIES, Harvest/HBS Book, 1979.
The famous short story “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” contains a reference to “Granny” spanking her daughter. (p)

Pozzessere, Heather Graham, DARK STRANGER, Harlequin Historical #9, 1988
pp. 155: Hero’s brother takes the heroine’s sister over his lap to spank the rambunctious lady. He gets in one good solid smack on her upraised backside before the heroine stops him.
pp. 286: He gets to slap her bottom again, this time as she is huffily walking past him.

Prather, Richard, SCRAMBLED YEGGS, Fawcett, 1958.
pp. 12-13 A private detective spanks the sister of his client. There is also a picture of the spanking on the cover. (p)

Prentis, Charlotte, LOVE’S SAVAGE EMBRACE, Jove, 1981.
p. 120 A man decides that a woman is acting like a spoiled child, so he turns her over his knee, lifts her robe, and spanks her bare bottom with his hand. (p)

Pryor, Richard, BLACK AND BLUE, Bantam, 1984.
pp. 15-16 Description of how Richard would be switched when he was young, including having to go and cut a switch for the event himself.

Pykare, Nina, THE SCANDALOUS SEASON, Dell Books, 1979.
p. 30 The old run off on a horse, get caught by the man you love, and get spanked by him bit.

Ramsey, Mark, THE FALCON #3, 1983.
pp. 48-9 A group of male students get scourged by a monk (p)

Rawlings, Louisa, AUTUMN ROSE, Harlequin Historical # 86, 1991
pp. 12-3: An eighteen year old Amelie is “caned”. One stroke on her bottom as she bends over her bed and nine others on the coverlet. This to impress her listening aunts. It is an age-old ritual to her.
pp. 76: She makes a roundabout threat to her brother, Damien.
pp. 93: Her father makes a prefunctury threat to her.
pp. 126: Man wonders if he should kiss or spank a woman.
pp. 236: Various talk of whipping and getting whipped by Amelie and her step-mother.
pp. 240: Amelie’s little brother Damien has his rump beat with his “little sword” by another woman. It is red and welted when Amelie sees it.

Rawlings, Louisa, DREAMS SO FLEETING, Popular Library, 1985.
p. 25 A man thinks of a girl who has been beaten.
pp. 147-8 A man is spanking his wife, a woman listening asks a man how he can let it happen. He tells her it is deserved, and promises to spank her should she deserve it. (p)

Rawlings, Louisa, FOREVER WILD, Popular Library.
p. 238 A man threatens to spank his fiancee. The idea excites her.
p. 404 This time he gets her across his knees with her skirts up, before they get distracted by other erotic activity. (p)

Rawlings, Louisa, STOLEN SPRING, Playboy, 1988.
pp. 344-5 A man takes a servant girl over his knee, lifts her skirts, and switches her.

Rawlings, Louisa, STRANGER IN MY ARMS, Harlequin Historical # 60, 1990
pp. 104-7: Charmiane and old Henri were married for eight months when he gives her her first marital spanking. This because she had pleaded to be left off their lovemaking. He bares her bottom and slaps it severely. She went home to mother after that. Her mother tells her to endure. Later she learns to carry-on with kicking, protesting and crying when he spanks her. This lessens the strength and duration of the spankings because he then feels he is really “making her suffer” for her obstinance. All this ends when he has a heart attack and dies because he wants to horsewhip her with a real horse…. I mean, a real whip. The cad and idiot!

Ray, Janisse, ECOLOGY OF A CRACKER CHILDHOOD, Milkweed, 1949.
pp. 133-6 Telling of how a brother and sister got a belt whipping from their father. (H)

Raymond, Ernest, TELL ENGLAND.
Several references to corporal punishment.

Reese, Terrence and Jeremy Flint, TRICK 13, Bibliagora, 1980.
pp. 26-27 A woman tells a man how a woman bridge player spanks her partner (also a woman), when the partner makes a bridge mistake.
pp. 86-87 The man spanks the partner with his hand and then with a hairbrush. (p)

Reisser, Anne, CAPTIVE LOVE, Dell Candlelight Classic Ecstasy #24, 1987.
p 43 A girl is abducted (for her own good, of course) and is spanked when she tries to escape. Various pleasing subsequent references to her physical discomfort and mental irritation.

Rethke, Marian P., HIGHLAND RAPTURE, Jove, 1979.
p. 33 Our heroine throws a rock at a highlander, and predictably ends up over his knee with her skirts raised for a bare bottom spanking
p. 45, 57, 109 she recalls her spanking, bare bottom and all. (p)

Reymond, Ladislao, THE PEASANTS, Nobel Press
A boy is punished with a belt.

Reynolds, Sheri, THE RAPTURE OF CANANN, Berkeley Books, 1997.
p. 63 A little boy is spanked on the church stoop.p. 134 A teenage girl must lift her dress, slip down her underpants and bend over for a strapping from her grandfather. (hb)

Rhee, Dena, LESSONS OF LOVE, MacFadden Romance #96, 1979
pp. 56-7: Corey is acting like a child and refusing to get dressed and go downstairs and apologize to another, older, woman. Stewart is miffed at her already and when she slaps him, he loses it momentarily. Sitting on her bed, he brings her into position and spanks her pajama seat. She has a good cry and is embarrassed by it all.
pp. 64: She tells an older woman about her spanking, among other things.

p. 115 A man spanks his fiancee while she is wearing scanty underwear. (p)

Rice, Ann, EXIT TO EDEN, Dell, 1985.
Most of the book is devoted to S/M with numerous scenes of paddlings and other corporal punishment. (p)

Richards, Judith, SUMMER LIGHTNING
Several allusions to spankings and other corporal punishments throughout the text. Two very good scenes where a boy receives a belting, one by his mother and one by a stranger.

pp. 38-44 A girl kidnaps a man, he gets loose and takes her with him, when she swings at him with a riding whip, he stops being tolerant and spanks her. (p)

Rickenbacker, Edward, RICKENBACKER, Prentice-Hall, 1967.
pp. 6-7 At age 9, the famous flyer resolves to behave so his father won’t have to switch him and cause his mother pain at hearing it. (h)

Ridley, Diana, SOMEONE TO LOVE.
pp. 155-8 A young girl returns home very late hoping her father and nanny are asleep. Patrick, a friend of her father, takes her across his knee and spanks her skirted bottom. (p)

pp. 184-8 A man has treated our heroine badly, she takes it out on another man who, sensibly, spanks her. She realizes the justice of it all. (p)

Riley, Eugenia, ANGEL FLAME, Warner, 1990.
pp. 130: Roland Delacroix threatens to spank Angelique.
pp. 208: He gives her a good spanking — with a hairbrush. (!)
pp. 213: He threatens to do it again.
pp. 263: He thinks of “having her sitting on pillows.”
pp. 266: A veiled threat that she should learn to obey or face the consequences when she comes to see him in the bedchamber.
pp. 268-9: She brings him the hairbrush for the spanking. She knows she deserves one. But he just says, as he throws it aside, that he can think of a better use for her sweet bottom, whatever he means by that. No spanking here in this scene, but not the worst of build-ups.

Riley, Eugenia, LAUREL’S LOVE, Warner, 1986
pp. 57, 99, 117, 266, 282, 283: Jacob Lafflin spends some energy threatening to spank or otherwise corporally punish Laurel Ashland.
pp. 67: Laurel feels Jacob got his promise of “a good spanking” as she comforts her aching bottom after a vigorous horse ride.
pp. 212: Jacob gets to finally administer a sort of spanking to Laurel’s derriere as he carries her upstairs over his shoulder. His officers are amused by her predicament as the blows land and she yowls, etc.

Riley, Eugenia, PHANTOM IN TIME, Avon, 1966
p. 263 Jacque spanks Bella in a carriage. (p)

Riley, Eugenia, TAMING KATE, Avon, 1992
Should really be classed as a teaser, but what a teaser!
pp. 4, 5, 45, 182, 233, 240 & 241: Are all mentions of some sort of spanking or related punishment that needs to be done to or has in past been done to the brattish Kate.
pp. 27, 37, 70, 94-5, 200, 215, 319, & 355: Are all threats of one sort or another to Kate by the hero, etc.
pp. 37, 357: Are threats of washing her mouth out with soap.
pp. 52: Is a thought by hero of giving another girl a spank.
pp. 64, 157: Are his thoughts of spanking Kate.
pp. 70, 200, 216, 251, 264, & 338: Are single slaps on Kate’s bottom; some while it is in traditional positions for spanking.

Rimmer, Robert, GIRL FROM BOSTON, McFadden, 1963.
p. 173 A man spanks a woman’s wet, bare bottom in a rowboat. (p)

Rivers, Francine, REBEL IN HIS ARMS, Ace, 1981.
pp. 342-3 A man lifts up the heroine’s skirt and petticoat and then spanks hers.
pp. 364 This time she is tied to the bed naked and hit with a riding crop. (p)

Robards, Karen, DARK OF THE MOON, Dell, 1988.
p. 65 Caitlyn is spanked until she agrees to do what she is told. (p)

Robards, Karen, DESIRE IN THE SUN, Avon, 1988
pp. 308-9: Josh San Pietro pins Lilah on his lap, lifts her skirt and starts spanking her. She objects and bites him, which ends the punishment.
pp. 310-11: She claims he beat her. He suggests it was really lovepats. She scoffs and tries to gain sympathy by claiming she won’t be able to sit for a week.
pp. 318: Though one part of him regrets his actions, another feels her spanking was overdue.

Robards, Karen, FORBIDDEN LOVE, Leisure Books, 1983.
pp. 54-5 A seventeen year old girl kicks a man, he turns her over his knee, lifts her skirt, and delivers three spanks on her “muslin pantalets.” (p)

Robards, Karen, ISLAND FLAME, Leisure, 1981
p. 26 A pirate captures a woman, she objects, he spanks her.
pp. 61-3 He does it again on the bare, this time until she admits that he is her master. (p)

Robards, Karen, SEA FIRE, Leisure Books, 1982.
pp. 146-7 A woman is spanked on ship before the crew and passengers. The man lifts her skirts and spanks her on her “ruffled, lace-trimmed pantalets.” (p)

Robbins, Harold, GOODBYE JANETTE, Pocket Books, 1981.
p. pp Janette gets spanked. There are also scattered through the book, various beatings with canes, cats of nine tails, and the like, but they are more brutal than sexy and you will have to find them yourself, if you are interested.

Robbins, Harold, THE STORYTELLER.
p. 205 A man makes a woman turn around, lifts her skirt, and spanks her twice. She tells him that her father does it harder and more.

Roberts, Jennifer, TENDER FUGITIVE, Tower, 1980.
pp. 78-9 A woman has misbehaved. She is marched to her room, and put across the hero’s lap. He lifts her skirt and lifts his hand to spank her. Changing his mind, he pulls her underpants off first and then spanks her severely. She is not tamed. (p)

Robins, Gina, CAPTIVE ENCHANTRESS, Zebra, 1989.
p. 362 Jared asks Chelsie for a kiss goodbye, she replies she would rather be whipped, so, agreeably, he turns her over his lap and spanks her. (p)

Robinson, Jr., Edward G., MY FATHER, MY SON,Popular Library, 1958.
Junior receives the first real beating of his life.

Roche, Ben, LEGEND OF SHAME, Dell, 1979.
p. 76 A slave girl is whipped. (p)

Rogers, Rosemary, BOUNDLESS DESIRE, Avon, 1988
p 352 Helena objects to having a chastity belt fitted and is spanked with one of her own hairbrushes. One cannot say that RR has much idea of writing about spankings, but at least she tries.

Rogers, Rosemary, THE INSIDERS, Avon Books, 1979.
Chapter 14 A description of how a teenage girl is spanked by her father and after his death, by her brother with her skirt up, over her panties.
Chapter 17 She manages to goad her brother into spanking her again.

Rogers, Rosemary, THE WANTON Avon Books, 1985.
p. 43 A woman is alternatively spanked and made love to.

Rogers, Roy and Dale Evans, HAPPY TRAILS, Simon and Shuster, 1994.
pp. 34-5 Dale Evans talks about a spanking she got as a child.
p. 36 Another one when she was a bit older.
p. 39 How her first grade teacher would line miscreants up and paddle them.

Rome, Margaret, ADAM’S RIB, Harlequin Presents #158, 1979.
pp. 72-3 Tammy lets Adam know that her father had arranged for him to be in London for Tammy’s sake. Adam does not like being manipulated and lets Tammy know of this fact by spanking her.
p. 98 Adam threatens her with another spanking. (p)
Ross, Dana Fuller, COLORADO!, Bantam, 1981.
p. 123 During love making, a man give a woman a good spank everytime she objects, she loves it. (p)

Ross, Dana Fuller, MISSISSIPPI!, Bantam, 1985.
p. 128 Millicent gets her naked bottom caned by another woman.
p. 138 More spanking.
p. 145 More talk. (p)

Ross, Dana Fuller, MISSOURI!, Bantam, 1985.
p. 223 Millicent gets the riding crop. (p)

Ross, Diane Fuller, WYOMING!, Bantam Books, 1979.
pp. 258-9 One woman on the wagon train is a general pain, nobody will work withher. Eventually, she gets assigned to help the man who keeps the train’s supplies. He, too, gets fed up with her so he spanks her. This seems to help. (p)

Ross, Malcom, THE DUKES, 1981.
pp. 216-8 Discussion of the birching of boys at Eton.

Ross, Regina, FALLS THE SHADOW, Troubadour, 1974.
p. 14 A man threatens to spank a woman.
p. 63 A man gives a woman three spanks with her dresses up, he threatens her with more if she doesn’t cooperate. Unfortunately, she does so he doesn’t.

Rousseau, Jean Jacques, CONFESSIONS.
A well-known work by a famous philosopher in which he discusses his desire to be beaten.

Russell, Ray, PRINCESS PAULA, Houghton, 1979
pp. 266-8 Woman hears prostitutes being spanked by their clients on their bare backsides.
pp 280-1 One of the prostitutes is whipped with a cat of nine tails (h)

Ryan, Michael, SECRET LIFE, Pantheon, 1995.
p. 36 A brief description of how his father spanked his children.

Ryan, Nan, DESERT STORM, Worldwide, 1987
pp. 7-8: Mention of Angie(heroine) , getting belt spankings as a girl until her rebellious spirit was “tamed”. She is said not to have learned to hate her father for doing that to her.
pp. 9-10: Angie as a young teenager is soundly punished by her minister father for flirting (or so it seemed to the father) with a boy. There is no doubt as to the kind of punishment administered and the area it is given by what has become known of his treatment of her a page earlier in the story.
pp. 27-8: A flash-back to when she was three and neighbors heard her being spanked by her father with his belt.
pp. 39: A mention of a time when a young Pecos McClain (hero) had his bare bottom spanked by his father.
pp. 160: Pecos tells Angie about his own bare bottom spankings as a youth from his father. She is slightly amazed that she wasn’t the only one treated thusly.
349-50: Pecos threatens to bare her bottom and spank Angie. She gets hysterical from her remembered paternal spankings (beatings, really). She tells him about the trauma of those encounters with her father and Pecos doesn’t proceed with his threat.
pp. 357: He remembers his threat of a spanking and her reaction. Poor Angie was wrecked for the pleasures of courtship and matrimonial spankings by the savage treatment of her mad father.

pp. 2-3 Victoria Woodhull remembers being switched with green walnut withes by her father. (h)

St. Claire, Jessica, CERISSA, Leisure, 1979
pp. 27: Cerissa gets a whipping with a bamboo cane from her uncle. It has happened before.
pp. 35: Lord Bret Lindsey sees the badly welted results.

Sams, Ferrol, RUN WITH THE HORSEMEN, Peachtree, 1982.
pp. 48-9 A description of how an aunt switches a boy.
p. 262 The boy is switched by his mother when he is almost 14 years old.
pp. 306-7 The boy is paddled in school.

Sattler, Veronica, CHRISTINA’S RAPTURE, Zebra, 1982.
pp. 70-1 A young woman takes a man’s clothes while he is swimming. He comes after her anyway and spanks her. (p)

Sattler, Veronica, JESSE’S LADY, Worldwide, 1986
pp. 159: Jesse threatens Brianna that he will spank her “sweet little bottom” until it is bright pink.
pp. 166-7: He spanks her for trying to sneak off and go riding, wearing male clothes under her dress. He first brings down seven slaps on her trousers seat then starts to count to five to give her time to apologize or face more punishment. He gets to four before she gives in.

Sattler, Veronica, PROMISE OF FIRE, St. Martins Press, 1989.
p. 262 Bryce warns Brittany that he will spank her if she wears breeches again.
pp. 302-3 She does, so he does. She pleads for an adult punishment, so he stops, pulls her breeches down and continues on the bare. (p)

Saul, John, NATHANIEL, Bantam, 1984.
pp. 93-4 A boy’s grandfather makes him drop his pants and bend over for a session with the razor strop.

Saul, John, WHERE THE WIND BLOWS, Dell, 1981.
p. 119 A little girl has to drop her pajama pants and take a spanking from her aunt.

Scott, Amanda, THE DAUNTLESS MISS WINGRAVE, Signet Regency, 1989.
pp. 74-4 A man threatens to spank his wife in front of the servants. Disappointingly, he settles for kissing her. (p)

p. 59 Father spanks his daughter with a riding whip.
p. 123 The hero goes to spank Melissa, when he bares her bottom he sees the marks of her father’s riding whip.

Scott, Amanda, HIGHLAND FLING.
pp 214-5 A man spanks the leader of a bandit gang in front of her folowers.

Scott, Amanda, HIGHLAND TREASURE, Zebra, 1998.
pp 39-40 A man tears of a woman’s dress, lifts her chemise, and spanks her bare bottom with a riding whip. (pb)

Scott, Araby, WILD SWEET WITCH, Avon, 1981.
pp. 56-7 A woman endangers a ship visiting Tahiti by insulting the natives. Our hero makes things right again by putting her over the ship’s rail, lifting her skirts, and spanking her.


This book deals almost solely with female domination including its manifestations in the form of corporal punishment. (p)

Seton, Anya, THE WINTHROP WOMAN, Houghton Mifflin, 1958.
pp. 28-31 A little girl in a seventeenth century puritan family misbehaves and is ritualistically spanked on her bare bottom with a switch, in front of the assembled family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins. (h)

Selwyn, Francis, CRACKSMAN ON VELVET, Stein and Day, 1974.
pp. 219-220 A girl is tied over a rocking chair and switched with her pants down.

pp. 115-116 A young woman is switched on her bare bottom by another woman.

Seymour, Janet, PURITY’S ECSTASY, Avon, 1978.
pp. 55-6 A woman rival has Purity stripped and flogged on her buttocks with a whip of wet silk. (p)

Seymour, Janette, PURITY’S PASSION, Pocket Books, 1977.
pp. 8-9 A woman is whipped.
pp. 108-109 Purity is whipped by her husband.

Seymour, Janet, PURITY’S SHAME, Avon, 1978.
p. 44 Purity plays a game with her boyfriend involving her getting spanked.
pp. 88-90 Purity owes a man some money. Her creditor decides to collect by having her stripped in a tavern and using a belt on her backside. Purity does not enjoy it. (p)

Shallitt, Joseph, THE BILLION DOLLAR BODY, Avon, 1954.
Wealthy Frederic Gilham hires Dan Morrison to act as bodyguard and compulsory escort to his unruly socialite daughter, Marjorie. You can guess the rest.

Sharpe, John, THE TRAILSMAN #29: HIGH MOUNTAIN GUNS, Signet, 1984
pp 16-7 The hero proceeds from words to action, as when he smacks the pink bloomers of a young lady who points a gun at him (p)

Sharpe, John, THE TRAILSMAN #17: RIDE THE WILD SHADOW, Signet, 1983.
p. 37 Another young lady points a gun at the hero and gets spanked. (p)

Sharpe, John, THE TRAILSMAN #8: SIX GUN DRIVE, Signet 1981.
pp 124-5 This time the spankings on the bare bottom (pink bloomers torn off this time!) of another jealous and arrogant young lady. (p)

Shellabarger, Samuel, CAPTAIN FROM CASTILLE, Little, Brown, and Co., 1944.
p. 212 A boy brings a woman a switch and asks her to spank him.
p. 268 A woman talks about switching her (hypothetical) son.
p. 473 The hero, tired of the heroine’s bossy ways, puts her under his arm and uses a belt on her backside in front of a male friend.
p. 480 A friend of the heroine sees the marks of the belting, they agree that an occasional beating is not so bad. (h)

Shepard, Lee, DEVIL’S DANCE IN ME, Chariot, 1963
pp 102-3 Girl doublecrosses man. “I’ve never socked a dame in my life” he gritted, “but there is a way.” Now read on…

Sherwood, Valerie, THIS LOVING TORMENT, Warner, 1977.
p. 430 A man spanks a woman over her thin, lacy gown. (p)

Sherwood, Valerie, WILD WILLFUL LOVE, Warner, 1982.
p. 27 The governor’s daughter is threatened with having her skirts lifted and her white bottom spanked until it is cherry red. (p)

Short, Jackson, BLUE ALICE, 1981.
pp. 192-3 Alice has her dress raised, her panties lowered, and is spanked, first with a man’s hand and then with a woman’s shoe. She gets turned on by the experience.

Silver, Richard, CAPTAIN SHARK #2, Pinnacle, 1975
P. 28 She threw a chamber pot at him, he lifted her skirts and spanked her. (p)

Sillanpaa, F.E., SAINT MISERY, Noble Press.
Very good description of a boy receiving a whipping.

Silva, Julian, GUNNYSACK CASTLE, Ohio U. Press, 1981.
A man spanks his son for having a Japanese friend. (p)

Singer, Isaac Bashevis, A DAY OF PLEASURE.
Story of a Jewish boy growing up in Warsaw. In chapter 9, “The Cheder,” is the whipping of two boys.

Small, Beatrice, ADORA, Ballentine, 1980.
p. 225 Adora has an argument with her husband, he spanks her, although not too hard.

Small, Beatrice, ALL THE SWEET TOMORROWS, Ballentine, 1984.
pp. 119-20 Our heroine, married to an evil Frenchman, is told she will be beaten with a birch rod every night until she gives up her business. He commands her to kiss the rod, she refuses and receives a tremendous birching which results in blood. (p)

Small, Beatrice, DARLING JASMINE, Ballentine, 1997.
pp. 341-2 The villain chains Jasmine and beats her with a tawse. (p)

Small, Beatrice, ENCHANTRESS MINE, Signet, 1987
p 319 To teach his wife, Moira, obedience, Eric whips her on the shoulders. Finding the results unsatisfactory, he switches his attentions to her naked posterior. (p)

Small, Beatrice, HELLION, Ballentine, 1996.
p. 25 She pulls a sword on him, he takes it away and spanks her.
pp. 105-6 Hugh orders her to remove her gown so he may spank her. She does and he does.
p. 141 Hugh gives her bare bottom a few love spanks, she chides him it doesn’t hurt enough.
p. 300 He must discipline her, so it is six with a hazel switch. (p)

Small, Beatrice, LOVE WILD AND FAIR, Ballentine, 1978.
p. 36 A man threatens his betrothed with a hazel switch.
p. 43 A woman is beaten with a riding crop for lying.
p. 44 The man tells his betrothed’s mother that he plans to beat her.
p. 48 Another threat.
p. 49 A woman doesn’t take a man’s boots off readily enough so he rips off her shift and whips her bottom with a riding crop. p. 54 The man describes the spanking to her maid.
pp. 63 & 81 More threats. (p)

Small, Beatrice, SKYE O’MALLEY, Ballentine, 1980.
p. 356 A man spanks a woman, sodomizes her, and then makes love to her. She is not amused. (p)

Small, Beatrice, THIS HEART OF MINE, Ballentine, 1985.
pp. 127, 176, 249, 352 References to the fact that the heroine needs a spanking.
p. 486 A man tells his mistress how he beat his wife. (p)

Small, Beatrice, UNCONQUERED, Ballentine, 1982.
p. 34 A woman insults her mother and cousin who turns her over his knee, lifts her gown and spanks her.

Smith, Barbara Dawson, DEFIANT SURRENDER, Zebra, 1987
pp 410-11 The heroine behaves childishly and is treated accordingly. Quite a good scene.

Smith, Robin, PASSAGE TO GLORY, Ace, 1982.
p. 303 A woman remembers teasing a man by stripping naked in the woods. He, of course, chased her and spanked her when he caught her. (p)

Smith, Wilbur, ROAR OF THUNDER, Dell, 1962
p. 12 A man whips his son.
p. 285 A woman throws things at a man, he spanks her. (p)

Smith, Wilbur, A SPARROW FALLS, Doubleday, 1978.
p. 263 A young woman of 24 has been rude to a man. Her father finds out and spanks her for the first time since she was 14. He turns her over his knee, lifts her skirts, and warms the seat of her pantaloons. A nice scene. (h)

Sommars, Colette, A DISTANT HEAVEN, Dell, 1979.
pp. 56-58 A father makes his daughter get a peach-tree switch. They go to her room, where he makes her bend over the end of the bed. He lifts her skirt, pulls down her drawers, and gives her fifteen strokes. (p)

Spada, James, THE MAN WHO KEPT SECRETS, Bantam, 1991.
pp. 35-6 Story of Peter Lawford as a boy being spanked by his mother.

Spencer, Ethel, THE SPENCERS OF AMBERSON AVE., U of Pitts. Press, 1983.
p. 121. The author recalls a spanking from her mother and one her sister got. Apparently the mother didn’t spank very hard as she had to remind the sister that she was being spanked, upon which, the sister cried. (p)

Spinner, Stephanie, ed. MOTHERLOVE, Dell, 1978.
Colette, p. 19 A mother lifts her young daughter’s petticoat and chemise and gives her a half dozen good spanks.
Joyce Carol Oates, p. 181 A mother spanks her young daughter and then pulls down her panties to spank her harder.

Spring, Howard, FAME IS THE SPUR, Literary Guild, 1940.
p. 111 A mother turns her teenage daughter over her knee, bares her bottom and spanks her.

Standish, Caroline, SWEET TEMPTATION, Ace, 1982.

pp. 22-23 A young woman gets spanked by her father in front of her sister and brother-in-law. He takes down her drawers and lifts her petticoats and skirts and spanks her with a riding switch.

Stanford, Lara, DADDY DEAREST, Zebra, 1979.
pp. 140-143 A long, loving description by a woman of a spanking she gets from her lover with a hairbrush.

Stember, Sol, JUDITH, A LOVE STORY OF NEWPORT, Signet, 1983.
p. 285 A father whips his son over his underpants with a rod. (p)

Stern, Richard, BROOD OF EAGLES, World Publishing, 1969.
pp. 170-1 A fourteen year old girl decides to test her new sexuality by walking in on her older brother while she is naked. He sees through her ploy and spanks her hard. As she is leaving he tells her that she has a nice body. (h)

Stevenson, Yvonne, HOT-HOUSE PLANT, 1976.
pp. 3-4 A description of a spanking the author got from her father when she was five. Already a future OTK reader, she urges him to spank her harder.

Stirling, Jessica, THE GOOD PROVIDER, St. Martins, 1988.
p.12 Mention of a girl strapped, skirts up, drawers down to her ankles. (h)

Stirling, Jessica, THE WORKHOUSE GIRL, St. Martins, 1996.
p. 58 Nancy, for the first time, refuses to let Mr. Ferris lift her skirts and cane her. (h)

Stone, Charlotte, CHEON OF WELTANLAND, Daw Books, 1983.
pp. 56-7 A servants bare bottom is beaten by her mistress using a belt.
p. 184 The mistress spanks a woman with her hand, having first removed her gown and pants. (p)

pp. 202-3 A man spanks a lady lawyer, as he progresses, he bares her bottom. She claims that it is sexual assault, he illustrates the difference.

Stowe, Rosetta, THIS OUTLAW HEART, Dell, 1978.
p. 170 Husband playfully spanks his wife, she punches him and he has to sleep on the sofa.
pp. 259-60 He spanks her again, this time seriously. One of her friends walks in. After she leaves, the wife realizes that she deserves the spanking. The couple then make love very successfully. There is a moral here someplace. (p)

Strindberg, August, THE SON OF ? (In Swedish the title is Swodish Tjanstevquinason. In
Spanish the title is El Hijo de la Sierva. Probable English translation is The Son of a Servant (or Slave or Serf)). A boy is beaten for something he didn’t do.

Stuart, Anne, MUSEUM PIECE, Harlequin American #52, 1984
pp. 129-30: Mary Lindsay McDonough (Molly) uses an obscenity on James Elliott during an argument. She said it again, liking the sound. He threatens to wash her mouth out. She repeats it. But before a fourth round, he drags her towards the bathroom. She kicks him. That did it! He turns towards her bed, sits down and flips her into position and 1…2…3…4 and 5! he spanks her. She cries a bit, then in general love play, she admires his “strong hand.”
pp. 179: When they are driving, she makes him angry again and he threatens to pull over and spank her. He doesn’t do it this time, though.

Summer, Locke Elliott, CAREFUL, HE MIGHT HEAR YOU.
p. 109 A girls and group of kids make a boy drop his pants and take several strokes with a switch to join their club.

Summers, Diana, FALLEN ANGEL, Playboy Paperbacks, 1981.
p. 44 A man threatens a woman with a belt.
p. 75 A man spanks the heroine’s bare bottom. (p)

Summers, Diana, LOVE’S WICKED WAYS, Playboy Press, 1978.
pp. 97-8 This heroine becomes a slave, when she defies her master, instead of whipping her, he takes her over his knee, lifts her skirt (as usual in these historical romances, she doesn’t seem to be wearing any underwear), and spanks her with his hand. (p)

Suster, Gerald, THE DEVIL’S MAZE, Dell, 1983.
p. 152 A boy is birched.

Swanson, Neil, UNCONQUERED, Doubleday, 1947.
pp. 142-4 An indentured servant girl is stripped to the waist and whipped. (h)

Swinburne, Algernon, LESBIA BRANDON, several editions.
This superb poet is also well known for his flagellation predilection. Splendid scenes in this unfinished novel.

Swinburne, Algernon, REGINALD HAREWOOD.
Contains severaL descriptions of whippings of young boys.

Swindells, Madge, SUMMER HARVEST, Signet, 1985
pp. 407: Katie Smits, in traditional position, gets her teenaged rump whacked soundly a few times by Michael O’Carrol, the Irish music teacher at her finishing school.

Swindoll, Charles R., YOU AND YOUR CHILD, Bantam, 1980.
Several sections of this “child-rearing” guide deal with corporal punishment in Christian households. (p)

Sydes, Libby, BAYOU DREAMS, Dell, 1991.
pp. 87-8 A woman tries unsuccessfully to seduce Jonas and then to kick him in the groin. He paddles her in return. (p)

Taylor, Andrew, THE SECOND MIDNIGHT, Dodd, 1987.
pp 5-6 Fairly extended description of a father/son caning. Verging on the sadistic. (h)

Taylor, Dwight, BLOOD AND THUNDER, Athenium, 1962.
pp. 84-5 A father describes to his son how he took down a woman’s pants and spanked her. (hb)

Taylor, Janelle, PASSIONS WILD AND FREE, Zebra, 1981.
p. 155 A stepfather uses a spanking of his stepdaughter to fondle her. (p)

Taylor, Timothy, ELAINE THE FAIR, Horseshoe Press, 1991.
pp. 211-2 Elaine gives Sandra’s naked bottom 4 spanks, as hard as she can.
p. 234 A woman slaps another, so Sigurd gives her one stroke with the whip.
p. 256 This time Elaine spanks Sandra’s bare bottom until it is a “hot glowing crimson.”
pp. 512-3 This time Sandra is spanked by Anton in the middle of lovemaking.
p. 750 Elaine’s husband states that he should spank her, she agrees, but they settle for making love three times (more the fools they.)
pp. 934-5 Elaine’s new husband also thinks she should be spanked. He does it. (h)

Tennant, Emma, ADVENTURES OF ROBINA, Persea, 1986.
p. 147 Robina watches Mr. W. spanking Joy with his belt, which Joy enjoys. (h)

Tesich, Nadia, SHADOW PARTISAN, New Rivers Press, 1989.
p. 90 Some advice on picking out a stick to be spanked with.

Thompson, John B., TABASCO, Beacon, 1959.
Young man sees a female relation loading a duelling pistol, with the evident intention of doing some damage, whether to herself or to someone else is unclear. He disarms her, puts her across his lap, and does some damage to her rear end.

Thompson, James Myers (“Jim”), NOTHING MORE THAN MURDER, Dell, ?

THE KILLER INSIDE ME, Black Box, 1987, pp 123-4
There has recently been a revival of interest in the “hardboiled” crime writers of 1940’s and 1950’s and various titles have been reprinted. Unfortunately, “hardboiled” doesn’t necessarily mean quick with the hairbrush or strong right hand. Jim Thompson is something of an exception. In the first title, the hero spanks a girl and then inspects the damage. In the second, there is a severe strapping and various other scattered references.

Thompson, Jim, THE ALCOHOLICS, Lion Library, 1953.
pp. 106-7 Doctor Murphy spanks a naked woman, but finds he can’t bring himself to rape her. (p)

Thorne, Ramsey, RENEGADE #6, PANAMA GUNNER, Warner, 1980.
pp. 158-9 Cathy finds her lover with another woman and tries to kill him, he tries with more success to spank her.

Thornton, Elizabeth, PASSIONATE PRUDE, Zebra, 1988.
p. 274 A woman spits at a man so he spanks her. (p)

Thornton, Elizabeth, TENDER THE STORM, Pinnacle, 1991
Zoë, for reasons of her own (and the plot) must act that she is a young teenager.
pp. 32-3: The deputy, Rolfe, spanks Zoë’s squirming posterior as he drags her back into camp by the scruff of her neck. The men all laugh at her blushing, tearful protests that she isn’t a child.
pp. 54-5: Even though Rolfe thinks Zoë is thirteen or fourteen, he still gives her a doll. Then he later mentions that she doesn’t spank her doll as his own nieces do theirs when the dolls are “naughty”. She says she doesn’t believe in spanking children. They both know that she is really referring to the spanking he had given her earlier.

Tilsley, Frank, MUTINY, Ballantine Books, F533, 1961
Splendid description of the punishment of marines and midshipmen in the British Navy. Made into an excellent film called H.M.S. Renegade, which contained very good floggings.

Tolivar, Robin, IN LOVE’S FURY, Avon, 1985.
pp. 38-9 After Dani knifes him, bites him, and spits at him, Clay pulls down her pants and spanks her.
pp. 235-6 This time Clay spanks his own wife. They got married in the interim.

Torme, Mel, IT WASN’T ALL VELVET, Viking, 1988.
p. 12 Mel Torme’s father spanks him for losing a fight. (h)

Towle, Alexandra, MOTHERS, Simon and Shuster, 1988.
p. 58 Sir Lawrence Olivier recalls how much it hurt his mother to take down his pants and spank him, and how at the age of nine he resolved not to cause her this pain anymore. (h)

Travis, Neal, ISLAND, Avon, 1986.
pp. 22-3 A man rapes a woman and then uses a riding crop on her.
pp. 34-5 A pregnant woman is bent over, her shift raised and her bare bottom whipped to make her tell the name of the father.
p. 312 A man has hlis pants lowered and is caned by two men at the direction of his wife. (pb)

Travis, Neal, MANSIONS, Avon, 1984.
p. 111 A man and a woman play a game, him spanking her like a little girl. She gets a little more than she wants, but they make pleasant love after.

Tunberg, Karl and Terence Tunberg, MASTER OF ROSEWOOD, Warner, 1980.
pp. 242-4 A man whips a servant girl’s bottom after his wife makes her strip. His wife, who is watching, gets very excited.

Turner, Elizabeth, INSIDE PARADISE, Avon, 1996.
p. 28 A young woman is faced with the prospect of being bent over the settee in her grandfather’s study, having her backside bared, and getting the cane. She manages to talk her way out of it.
p. 119 She remembers when she was 15 and received a caning over her thin cotton drawers from her grandfather. (p)

Twain, Mark, TOM SAWYER.
Tom takes Becky’s licking.

Some very good drawings, designs or gravures of boys’ punishments are frequently found in the many versions of this and TOM SAWYER.

This work also presents good illustrations of the corporal punishments of young boys.

Undset, Sigrid, THE LONGEST YEARS, Knopf, 1935.
pp. 198-9 A seven year old girl is birched by her father. (h)

Updike, John, BRAZIL, Knopf, 1994.
p. 209 The heroine feels bad that she has been overly sexually aggressive and makes herself pay by inciting her husband into buggery and spankings.

Vailland, Roger, THE TROUT, Dutton, 1965.
p. 174 A girl is strapped by her father because she stole a jacket. (hb)

Van Hazinga, Cynthia, WHITE COLUMNS, Dell, 1980.
pp. 34-5 Rather than be sent away, Livia begs Angus to punish her, he thinks of an appropriate way.

Vandergriff, Aola, DAUGHTERS OF THE OPAL SKIES, Warner, 1982
pp. 177-9: Denis Dugald gets angry when Ramona bends the barrel of his new Winchester. He carries her in an undignified way (under his arm) to a bench and sitting, bends her squirming body over one knee as he traps her thrashing legs with his other. He then whacks her pretty backsides vigorously with his hand.
pp. 336: He remembers the spanking and the feel of her soft bottom.
pp. 337: She thinks he is about to spank her again. He doesn’t, though.

Vandegriff, Aola, DAUGHTERS OF THE SHINING CITY, Warner Books, 1982.
p. 127 A man tells his wife that he thinks her sister should be spanked.
p. 146 A woman spanks a girl thief.
p. 170 The woman warns the same girl to be a good wife or she will paddle her.
p. 261 A man tells a woman she should be spanked. (p)

Vandergriff, Aola, DAUGHTERS OF THE STORM, Warner, 1983.
p. 246 A woman has tricked a man, so he goes to the hospital where she works, marches her out to an unoccupied tent, turns her over his knee, and spanks her. (p)

Vaughn, Dona, THE GLITTER GANG, Tudor, 1989
pp. 126: Inga gives the youngest “Glitter Gang” juvenile Hollywood star, Sharon, a moderate otk spanking.

Vaylez Valerie, MISTRESS OF THE NIGHT, Dell, 1985
p. 27 A virtuous young lady who works as domestic help in a house of prostitution, gets into a fight with one of the ladies and spanks her.

Vellenga, Dirk, ELVIS AND THE COLONEL, Delacorte, 1988.
p. 14 A boy gets strapped by his father. (h)

Vendor, Nick, SABRINA AND THE SENATOR, Midwood, 1960.
High and mighty young lady strips down to her undies, gives man the old come on, then slaps his face when he doesn’t respond. The inevitable follows.

Venturi, Carl, PASSION’S VINEYARD, (Gargoyle, ?)
pp 44-5 A hard spanking on her girdle for a red-haired nurse and one on the bare for a brunette switchboard operator. No blond recipient could be found.

Victor, Kathleen, CAPTIVE DESIRE, Playboy, 1982.
p. 88 Man discovers the marks of a birching on his lover’s back and bottom. She remembers how her father did it, first stripping the clothes off of her. (p)

Viereck, G. S., GLORIA, Duckworth, 1952
pp. 138-40 Discovering Gloria in a compromising situation, Adam spanks her with a silver handled hairbrush, not only for that but for women’s perfidy across the ages. She quotes Nietzsche to him, he answers with an English ditty, and they make love

Virtue, Noel, REDEMPTION OF ELSDON BIRD, Grove, 1989.
p. 15 A boy gets punished with a razor strop by his father.
p. 65 With his dad unavailable, his mother takes over the razor strop chores.
p. 69 She does it again. (h)

Von Elsner, Don, THE ACE OF SPIES, Universal Publishing, 1966.
pp. 88-9 On first hearing about the teenage daughter of an acquaintance, the hero feels that she should be spanked. On these pages he meets her and spanks her. On the next couple of pages he threatens to do it again. He also warns against getting sexually excited by spankings. (p)

Von Elsner, Don, THE JAKE OF HEARTS, Award Books, 1968.
Another one for you bridge players.
pp. 83-4 A bridge expert spanks a young woman. (p)

Wade, Bill, THE BRAND OF DESTINY, 1965.
pp. 9-10 A woman throws a knife at a cowboy, naturally he spanks her.

Wagner, Geoffrey, NICCHIA, Tower Books, 1957.
p. 45 A man thinks longingly of turning up Nicchia’s skirts and spanking her.
pp. 74-5 Nicchia’s mother switches her. (p)

Wagner, Geoffrey, THE PASSIONATE STRANGERS, Pyramid, 1966.
pp. 150-9 The crooks suspect our hero and our heroine of being in cahoots, they insist they don’t know each other. As a test she is stripped and has her backside beaten with a ropes end. Our hero manages to watch with outward equanimity. Our heroine decides that the experience was worse than a sorority paddling.

Wagner, Geoffrey, WINGS OF MADNESS, 1978.
p. 52 A slave woman is held down and strapped on her exposed buttocks. (h)

Walden, Luanne, TIDES OF ECSTASY, Zebra, 1980.
p. 110 A man spanks a woman’s bare bottom.
p. 121 Threat of another spanking for disobedience.
pp. 125-7 The heroine is severely beaten with a riding crop by her father.
p. 160 She is threatened.
p. 174 She receives a spank on her bottom to wake her up.
p. 196 The hero threatens to turn her over his knee.
p. 330 Another threat.
pp. 382-3 A girl is put into position for a spanking, but the man is foolishly dissuaded by her pleas. (p)

Walpole, Hugh, FORTITUDE.
Study of a growing boy who suffers many beatings.

Walpole, Hugh, JEREMY AT CRALE.
Two runaway lads are publicly flogged by their schoolmaster.

Waugh, Alec, THE FATAL GIFT, Farrar, 1973.
pp. 227-35 A 13 year old boy and his aunt have great fun discussing his canings at school. After one, he shows her the marks. Eventually, she begins to birch his bare bottom and they indulge in some sex play. (h)

Waugh, Alec, A SPY IN THE FAMILY, Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, 1970.
pp. 79-83 A woman suggests to another that she whip her husband. They discuss it, and then she gives her a riding crop to use as a whip.
pp. 86-7 The first woman demonstrates the crop on the second.
pp. 91-4 The wife shows the riding crop to her husband and discusses its virtues.
pp. 111-113 She orders him to take of his pajamas and lie over a pillow. She then whips him. She has to think about her tennis form to get the right stroke.
pp. 122-6 They talk about his schoolboy experiences with the cane.
p. 141 He tells her about a lover he use to spank.
p. 147 She thinks it would be fun to be turned over his knee, have her skirt lifted, and be spanked. (h)

Way, Margaret, COPPER MOON, Harlequin Presents #82, 1975.
pp. 77-78 The hero says that the heroine should be spanked, she says “you wouldn’t dare,” he dares. (p)

Way, Margaret, THE GIRL AT COBALT CREEK, Harlequin #2591, 1983.
p. 177 A woman gets spanked. (p)

Way, Margaret, NORTH OF CAPRICORN, Harlequin #1674, 1982.
p. 40 She slaps him, he spanks her. Fair exchange is no robbery. (p)

Way, Margaret, STORM FLOWER, Harlequin Presents #82, 1976.
p. 58 The hero reminds the heroine that she is not too old to go over his knee.
pp. 81-3 She does.
p. 85 He regrets that he didn’t use a hairbrush. (p)

Way, Margaret, TEMPLE OF FIRE, Harlequin #1527, 1981.
p. 111 A lovers’ quarrel, nothing to do but spank her. (p)

Wayne, Rochelle, ELUSIVE ENCHANTMENT, Zebra, 1989.
pp. 204-5 A man turns a woman over his knee and spanks her. He then threatens to do it again. (p)

Wayne, Rochelle, MIDNIGHT LAND, Zebra, 1988.
pp. 242-8 A man orders an overseer to strip a female slave and paddle her. His son volunteers to do it instead, but she is saved by another man who buys her. But he then threatens to spank her bare bottom. (p)

Wayne, Rochelle,TEXAS ECSTASY, Zebra, 1990
pp. 146: Doug turns Janet over his knees on the steps to the porch and mentioning that she was lucky to have remembered to wear pantaloons and avoided more embarrassment, proceeded to loft the back of her skirts and slam spanks on her rounded buttocks until she cried.
pp. 159: Doug tells Layne that he had to spank Janet. Layne feels that she had needed that for years and not to worry, she’ll come around sooner or later.
pp. 167: Janet remembers the spanking Doug gave her and taking no chances as they argue, tells him to stay away from her. [Later they are lovers, etc.]

Weiss, Winfried, A NAZI CHILDHOOD, Copra Press, 1983.
p. 58 The author recalls his father caning him once, in the bathroom, over his knee. (p)

Welty, Eudora, THE COLLECTED STORIES, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich.
The short story “The Wide Net: includes, on its last page, a spanking of Hazel by her husband William Wallace. (p)

Wentworth, Sally, THE SEA MASTER, Harlequin Presents #512, 1982.
pp. 104-6 A woman has a childish tantrum, so the hero spanks her like a child. (p)

Wentworth, Sally, KING OF THE CASTLE, Harlequin Romance #2185, 1978.
p. 126 Lee’s fiance decides that she is a spoiled brat and the proper treatment is a spanking, but he only delivers two spanks.

West, Anthony C., RIVER’S END, 1958
A school teacher fantasizes about birching one of her female students. (h)

West, Jessamyn, THE WOMAN SAID YES, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1979.
pp. 56-7 A boy gets a whipping in the woodshed, he convinces a girl that she is a “devil’s child” and will be until she gets a whipping just as hard. She tries, but her father won’t.

Weyrick, Becky, RAINBOW HAMMOCK, Fawcett, 1983.
pp. 122-3 After making love to a girl, a man feels guilty so he spanks her. (p)

Wharton, William, BIRDY, Alfred Knopf, 1978.
A father punishes his son cruelly.

White, Edgar, THE RISING, Marion Boyars, 1988.
pp. 18-9 A boy gets the belt from his grandmother and knows he is going to get switched at school the next morning. (h)

White, Edmund, A BOY’S OWN STORY, NAL, 1983.
pp. 67-8 The author’s mother asks his father to spank him. The father takes him into the bedroom, takes down his pants, and spanks him with a belt. (p)

White, Tiffany, OPEN INVITATION, Harlequin Temptation, 1989
pp. 171: A hairbrush is used by Kyle on the bare backside of the teasing, face-down over the knees heroine, Amanda. Playful. Average scene, but nice.

Wiat, Philippa, MAID OF GOLD, Hale, 1978
p 32 Our heroine is whipped by her grandmother’s housekeeper. On p 88, the same again, only more so.

Wigoda, David, IMAGES OF DESTRUCTION, Rutledge & Kegan, 1987.
p. 77 A 7 year old boy steals a pound note and his father makes him undress, ties him to the bed, and straps him.
p. 113 The boy becomes the first boy in his class to be caned. (h)

Wilbur-Cruce, Eva A., A BEAUTIFUL CRUEL COUNTRY, U. of Arizona Press, 1987.
p. 75 A girl takes a horse when she shouldn’t, her mother spanks her with a hairbrush.
p. 83 An Indian woman slaps the bare bottoms of three little boys with a whiskbroom. (h)

Wilde, Jennifer, ANGEL IN SCARLET, Avon, 1987.
p.. 19 The heroine is taken across a man’s knees and spanked with her skirt and petticoat up. What a shame she neglected to wear underpants. (p)

Wilhelm, Kate, “The Funeral” in Harlan Ellison, AGAIN DANGEROUS VISIONS, Doubleday, 1972.
pp. 216-7 A teacher whips a naked girl with a plastic rod. (h)

Wilkins, Vaughan, AND SO VICTORIA, MacMillan, 1937.
pp. 298-304 A school teacher birches the bare bottom of a teenage girl, her two aunts lure the teacher to their house, hold a trial and sentence her to the same.

Willingham, Calder, ONE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, Farnsworth Books, 1958. 
pp. 278-9: Nathan and Ruth discuss spanking children and how a friend of theirs doesn’t spank her children.
pp. 421: Nathan spanks Joanna, his young daughter, for going into the road to play.
pp. 467: He threatens Joanna with another spanking if she doesn’t stop being naughty.
pp. 471-5: This is another discussion of child spanking, this time with some of their friends.

Willingham, Calder, RAMBLING ROSE, Dell, 1973
pp. 37: “Daddy” threatens to take off his belt and whip Rose.
pp. 280: “Daddy” tells his son that sometimes he feels like taking Rose over his knees, pulling up her dress and spanking her with a hairbrush.

Willoughby, Lee, THE EXPRESS RIDERS, Dell, 1982.
pp. 53-4 A woman teasingly refuses to have sex with a man, he spanks her and then they make love to their mutual enjoyment (p)

Willoughby, Lee, THE GAMBLERS, Dell, 1983.
p. 109 A 13 year old boy is being trained as a gambler by his father. When the father finds him showing off, doing card tricks, he takes down his pants and spanks him with a belt. (p)

Wilson, Charles Morrow, THE BODACIOUS OZARKS
pp. 43-50 A young man wonders through “Whuppin’ Holler”, so named because of the favorite method of discipline of daughter and wives. (h)

Wilson, Colin, GOD OF THE LABYRINTH, Mayflower Books, 1971.
pp. 41-3 A governess spanks two boys across her knees, often and bare. All three enjoy it.
p. 265 A woman is spanked for sleeping with other men while her lover is away. (p)

 Linda, DELTA MOONFIRE, Zebra, 1992
pp. 20: A teenaged male gets a bit of a caning.
pp. 23: The young Erin Devereau gets her own buttocks caned.
pp. 24: She seems to be a bit put out because her rump is sore.
pp. 34: Jack Tyler (the infamous caner and the hero) gives a solid smack on the bottom to her for her filthy mouth.
pp. 35-6: He soaps her mouth out. She doesn’t enjoy it.
pp. 72: She complains that there isn’t any way to talk to him without getting her mouth washed out for her choice of words.
pp. 88-9: He must resort to soaping her mouth again. But now he also adds a solid smack on her bottom for good measure. pp. 180: A savage man is sexually assaulting her and she remembers that he is the one who had “mounted” (? exact meaning not known) her aunt and whipped the woman with a riding crop many years before.

Windsor, Linda, PIRATE’S WILD EMBRACE, Zebra Heartfire, 1990
pp. 110: Morgan Hawke puts Shannon Brennan over his lap on the beach and spanks her. She doesn’t appreciate the concern he has shown by doing that good deed. Brat!

Windsor, Linda, TEXAS LOVESTORM, Zebra Heartfire, 1991
pp. 180: Laura gets a painful slap on her upraised buttocks by Major Wade McCulloch.
pp. 228: After she whips his rump with a rope, he comes very close to really giving her a spanking, proper. He chickens out, like a wimpy hero should.
pp. 245: Laura talking to her brother mentions that Wade’s punishments are wonderful, then tries to cover her slip of tongue. What is meant by “punishments” is left open…. maybe Wade spanks her in private, outside of view of readers. NAW!

Winston, Betty, THE AFRICANS, Dell, 1983
p. 33 A man threatens to lift a slaves dress and paddle her behind. (p)

Winston, Donna, GOLDEN TRAMP, Beacon, 1958.
p. 72 A man thinks a woman is laughing at him so he spanks her, not tearing her clothing from her, but “he did lift it, push it, arrange it for his convenience.” (p)

Wolff, Geoffrey, DUKE OF DECEPTION, Berkeley, 1980.
p. 134 A teenage boy is beaten by his father with a razor strop on the bare. (p)

Wolkers, Jim, TURKISH DELIGHT, Marion Byers, Inc., 1974.
A girl urges her lover to smack her bare buttocks to cure her of misbehavior. He does so with a vengeance. Her naked posterior is read and swollen when he finishes. (h)

Wooley, Bryan, SOME SWEET DAY, Avon, 1973.
p. 40 A girl is taken to the barn for a whipping from her father. (p)

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pp. 2-3 Mention of two spankings received by a little girl.
pp. 66-7 Two sisters are switched together.

Wouk, Herman, THE CITY BOY.
A fully described, touching spanking of a mischievous little fat boy, given naked by his father.

Yerby, Frank, DEVILSEED, Doubleday, 1934.
p. 213 A frustrated husband turns his wife over his knees, lifts her skirt and petticoat and spanks her. (h)

Yorke, Katherine, FALCON FURY, Pinnacle, 1980.
pp. 46-7 Father makes his son take down his pants. Then he spanks him with a belt, in front of his stepmother. (p)

Zachery, Elizabeth, LAND RUSHERS, Dell, 1982.
p. 17 A man makes love to a woman, she becomes demanding so he spanks her. (p)

Zide, Donna Conneaux, CHELAINE, Tapestry # 83, 1986
pp. 19: Henri recalls the time when he switched Chelaine for being such a forward “child” and kissing and hugging the “outlaw” Corbeau.
pp. 42: Here the incident is remembered by Chelaine but it is called a spanking.
pp. 67: Another time, Henri had disapproved of her being at a tavern and had dragged her home and birched her buttocks.

Zide, Donna Conneaux, SAVAGE IN SILK, Warner Books, 1978.
p. 383 A woman gets one spank on the bottom.
pp. 472-5 A man carries his wife home to her bedroom. When she still defies him, he rips off her clothes and spanks her.

Zola, Emile, L’ASSOMMOIR, Penguin, 1970.
pp. 46-7 Gervaise paddles Virginie. (p)


  1. Sebastian Faulks. The Girl at the Lion d’Or. A sozzled old local ogles the new arrival at the hotel. He mutters that she deserves a spanking, and that he would be perfectly happy to take her knickers down to administer said spanking on her ‘bare bottom’. He is practically drooling. In Faulks’ great hit, Birdsong, the leading lady complains that her husband treats her like a child, and ‘uses a slipper’ to do so. She is decorous and only hints.

  2. And this may not be appropriate as it’s only about spanking (and caning) My Life in Flagellation on Kindle – a memoir written by an English gent born in the great heyday of CP, the 1950s.

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