How a man can find a spankable woman!

The Man’s Guide to Finding Spankable Women


If you are reading this, you are obviously a fellow spanking enthusiast. I myself have been interested in spanking females since I was about five. I spanked the neighbor girl who was a year younger(she was not a willing participant) and have been hooked ever since. There was, however, a long dry spell for many years.

I am strictly a spanker of females. I’m not a switch and I don’t do men. Therefore, I am writing from that perspective.

Not until I got on the Internet did I realized how many men and women were interested in spanking. I, like many others, thought I must be the only person in the world who was interested or there must be something wrong with me. What an Awakening!!

I started really reading a lot of the Ads placed in the different spanking personals and found that a lot of the people were just like me; they were middle aged(I’m 47) and after many years of dreaming about it, they were taking the plunge.

I was fascinated by the number of women who are looking for someone to spank their bottoms. Some women crave spanking for erotic reasons but, most that I have seen are looking for a strict yet loving man who will keep them in line.

Many women, especially those around my age, had a loving father who disciplined them as children and even into their teenage years. They knew they were being spanked because they were loved and they miss that. Some didn’t have a father like that but had a friend perhaps who did, and they always envied that.

From the erotic side, there is a physical reason why spanking can bring pleasure.

The body has built in pain killers called endorphins. These are released into the blood stream when certain pain levels are reached. When enough are released, a sense of euphoria results.

You will notice when you first start a spanking, the first dozen or so smacks(depending on how hard you are delivering) will be reacted to the most. After that, she will usually sort of “mellow out” and go with the flow. This is the endorphins kicking in.

However, everyone is different so this may differ from case to case.

One thing’s for sure; Ole De Sade wasn’t all nuts. <BG>

For whatever reason, there seems to be built into the female phsyche a need to be disciplined, though some of them will never admit it. They’re out there, Guys, and more than we probably think. The trick is getting together.

After replying to some Ads, refining my technique and having success, I decided to write this in the hopes of helping men find and meet a Spankable Woman.

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Answering Ads


As you look through Ads, you’ll see many from women looking for their first encounter. The “Newbie.” I like these personally. The first thing you have to do is gain their trust. Without trust in a spanking relationship, you have nothing. When a woman goes across your lap for the first time, she is literally placing her well being in your hands.

Don’t come on like some biker just out of prison. I guarantee, you won’t get any responses from this type of lady. Even though she is anonymous on the Net, in her mind she is taking a tremendous chance. Her privacy and integrity are at stake.

I chat with many women and have been with several so far in my brief spanking “career” and their main fear is their family or friends finding out their secret. So, believe me, TRUST is a MUST!


BE HONEST!! I can’t stress this enough. Nothing will turn a woman off more quickly than lying to her. Don’t build yourself up as someone you’re not.

If you’ve told a woman you’re 6′, 200 pounds, you better be that. If she decides to meet and you show up 5’5″, 120, she’s gonna slam the door in your face. Not because you may be unattractive or whatever, but because you LIED TO HER!! Don’t be afraid to tell the TRUTH about yourself!!


DON’T RUSH THINGS!! This is Very Important also. Drop a note to say hello. If you’ve never spanked anyone, tell her that. Let her know that you are new to all this too and it would be nice to have someone to talk to and perhaps learn together.

Don’t be pushy and you’ll be surprised at the number of responses you will get. Then you can ask her what aspects of spanking she fantasizes about and tell her yours. Once you get a conversation like this started and she discerns you are someone she can talk to openly without being laughed at or thought silly, you’re on your way!

This technique also works with women who have left a comment in a Guestbook or Message Board. Although they are not openly looking for someone as in a personal Ad, the fact they left a comment shows they’re interested. This is probably the first time most of them have gone this far.

I have made friends and met with several ladies this way. Why? Because I took my time, answered their questions, and Gained Their Trust!! And I would not betray that trust for all the chips in Vegas!! You do the same and you’ll have positive results.



Placing Ads


Although I have placed Ads in many of the spanking personals on the Net, I have had very limited results. However, it’s still a good idea to have a presence out there. And, placing an Ad is usually FREE so, go for it. As with any Ad, the more you tell about yourself, the better but don’t write a book. Give a description of yourself; height, weight, always give your marital status. Tell what areas of CP you like and what you won’t do. This will help narrow the field. If you have a sense of humor, use it.

There are also newspapers you can post ads in. You’ll have to be discreet and watch how you word things. Most papers won’t print “Wanted: Woman to spank.” In fact, papers that will print something that blatant won’t be seen by the type of woman you are looking for.

Use words like “Old Fashioned” “Guidance” or “Traditional Values.”

You can also mention that your favorite movie is “Blue Hawaii.” I must admit, I’ve never seen it, but it’s kind of a buzzword in the spanking community because it contains spanking scenes. Any woman who has been in the scene for awhile will probably know what you are talking about.

Many papers also have the 900 number personals list. You can usually place an Ad and can check your messages once a week for free. Again, you’ll have to be careful how you word your ad or they won’t print it.

The larger the city you may live in or close to, the better the chances of getting a response.


These can be very good for placing an Ad. Give it a try.

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Look for the Clues


OK guys, here are some tips on recognizing when a woman wants a spanking. This was told to me by a woman, so listen up.

Many women are just as frustrated trying to get a guy to spank them as we are trying to find one to spank. Ah, how many ships pass in the night??

Anyway, being a brat is the most obvious sign. If you are on a date and she is picking, pinching or tickling you. Just agravating the hell out of you, it’s a good sign she wants to be spanked.

When you have had enough, tell her if she doesn’t stop, you are going to spank her. If she doesn’t stop, Spank Her!! Don’t say it unless you mean it. Nothing is more frustrating for her than you to threaten to spank her and not follow through.

Don’t make her ask you to spank her. A spontaneous reaction is the most exciting. That’s true for me too. Remember, most Spankable Women have a lot of naughty little girl in them that wants to be put under control. So, if they deserve it, give it to them.

Another thing; don’t hold back. I don’t mean try to beat her to death but make sure she feels it. It’s got to sting!! Giving her a hot, glowing bottom will, in most cases, lead to other interesting activities. Go For It!!

If you go to parties, the super market, anywhere, you can off handedly use the word spank or spanking. For instance at a party, you are talking with a group friends(especially if there are single women present) and someone mentions an unruly wife or girlfriend, just make the comment, “if she were mine, she’d get a good spanking.” Then coyly watch for any reactions. If a woman is interested, she’ll perk up a little bit.

In a super market, say your at the check out counter and you hear a teenager arguing with her mother, for instance, you might remark to the check out girl that the teenager would get a good spanking if she were your daughter. Watch her reaction. Always look at her ring finger too!

<BG>These situations won’t present themselves every day

but, always be ready to discreetly interject the subject of spanking.

Use your imagination.

The First Meeting


Now, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. <EG> You have made contact with a lady, you have talked about your likes and dislikes, you have gained her trust and now you are going to meet.

Although you may have been chatting on the Net for quite some time, meeting face to face is a whole new ballgame. It’s time for the real thing.

I still get nervous meeting a woman for the first time even with the experience I have had. I would not have it any other way! If it doesn’t produce nervous anticipation, what good is it?

Now, if you are nervous, Guys, you KNOW she is going to be nervous. After all, she is going to be allowing you to put her in a very vulnerable position, uncover her bottom, and have pain inflicted on it. All by a stranger!

It takes a hell of a woman to go through with this for the first time.

She as no idea what to expect or how she will react.

Back to lesson one; Don’t Rush Things. Talk awhile, go out to eat, relax. You want to put her as much at ease as possible. Let her know she is in good hands.

Decide on a safe word. A safe word is a must!! This is simply a word she would not normally say; fireplug, chimpanzee, whatever. This way, if she says it while you are spanking her, you will know she really means for you to stop. Always insist on a safe word and respect it without question! This not only shows her you take your new found pastime seriously but that you really care about her safety.

It is most important to use a safe word in your first encounter because neither of you know what her limits are.

With some practice, you will be able to tell when she is approaching the stopping point. The trick is bringing her right up to that point, then slacking off.

It will take a couple of sessions before you can really define her limits so don’t worry about it.

Alright, you have all that settled. It is time. Remember, she wants you to be in charge so do not hesitate now. Take her by the hand and lead her to the place of choice and put her over your lap. Get her into a position where you have the most control of her body. She will want to be held firmly.

Since this is her first time, give her a few warm up smacks over her skirt or panties if she pulled off pants. Then ease her panties down slowly. Alternate from one cheek to the other. Stop occassionally and give her a light rub.

When I am satisfied with the way a woman’s bottom is looking and I think she has had enough for the time being, I enjoy having her lie down on the couch or bed and massaging her bottom with oil or lotion. She will go wild with this.

From there, you can move on to whatever else you decide to try. A lot of women enjoy the intimacy of a hand to bottom spanking. Flesh to flesh. She may think this will be the only kind of Corporal Punishment she will enjoy. However, if this is her first time, she has no idea what all she may like. This will be part of the limit defining process.

Don’t try to force her into anything but suggest she try a few more things. She may find she enjoys the hairbrush, paddle, strap or even the cane. Experiment, Have Fun!! Be very careful with a cane though. They can do damage very easily if not used properly.

Watching spanking video always sets a nice tone. You may want to get a couple to take along.





Well fellows, that’s all there is to it. I thank you for taking a look at this report and I sincerely hope it helps in your quest for a Spankable Woman!

You just have to advertise, reply to Ads, be patient, don’t rush things, be professional. Remember also, it’s a numbers game. You are not going to get them all but don’t give up.

If you do it right the first time, she’ll want you back again. Trust Me on That!

Who knows, you may find the gal of your dreams just by spanking her bottom. Ain’t life Grand?!?!?

We have to stick together so drop me a line and let me know how you are doing.


Spank Long and Prosper!!



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