Spanking power exchanges

This page is about a major aspect of the mental element of spanking *. The term”power exchange”has had a lot written about it the S&M/B&D world and is generally used in a lifestyle context. This is not so relevant to spanking (with the exception of some  SPENCER  or  SpankingLife plan users). Most spankings take place within a limited time frame.

Power is used in the sense of one person giving another authority to spank them (“submission “). This does not mean that the recipient is inferior.

This giving of power is akin to sexual submission, but there may or may not, be a sexual side to the spanking.

Non consensual spankings involve a different form of exchange and are really cases of the dominance of one person over another. Even here they may be consent in the form of a general empowerment of the dominant person. This can be a pleasurable situation for the”submissive”person to be in.

Many people have spanking preferences or taboos which affect the position they assume. Examples are men who will only spank women and will not receive spankings. Women who will spank men and receive (called”switches”as they will switch roles). There are many variations, women who will not be spanked by someone who they have spanked, for example.

This exchange of power, authority or whatever you call it is one of the great enjoyments in spanking. The active pursuit of a recipient can be a high point in this area. The ability to consent to freely receiving pain from another, not to move away and to remain in position signifies a high level of personal control and hence power. For others they prefer restraint and granting this additional power to another is a big part of being spanked.

Even the sheer number of variations in power relationships can be a major factor in gaining spanking pleasure.

* Some other mental aspects are; the ability to control their reactions to pain etc, to how others may feel about the participants if their interest in spanking was known, to having the spanking watched by others, to partial or full nudity or exposure, the ability to role play etc.





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