Spanking for the over fifties


Physical fitness, good nutrition and mental activity are vitally important for the over fifties . Physical and mental activity keeps you young and active , not to mention a pleasure to be around and being attractive in many ways to others . ( One might venture that there wouldn’t be so many grumpy old men and women if there was a little more bottom smacking in this age group . )

Activity raises and validates self worth . Active people are more likely to take on new challenges , such as volunteering , or in this case try a little spanking . Develop a passion or two . Needless to say , active people tend to live longer . ( Don’t be a problem for your children when you can be one for your grandchildren ? )

There is no age barrier to consensual spanking , which , according to newsgroups etc , continues well into the eighties ( at least ) . The same applies to sexual activity .

You are NOT dirty old men or women !


You are sexy ( and / or kinky ) Senior Citizens !

( Ladies , in particular , this applies to you . Try a little ” play ” occasionally , you will be surprised what can happen afterwards in other areas of your life . )

Over fifties singles are not prevented from doing a little  SPANKING PROSPECTING   , be it among your own age group or those many years younger . Use your greater wealth and experience . Develop a Mother or Father image , there are many strong marriages which have significant age differences .

The rubber spatula

” Relationships develop on an unconscious level . Looks are superficial . We’re attracted to people who mirror our internal world . “

” We’re unconsciously attracted to people who remind us of significant figures from our early lives , including father figures or someone with talent – a huge aphrodisiac . ”

……… Brett Kahr ( psychotherapist )


Do what you can to improve your appearance . Remember the maxim ” Old age and treachery will always beat youth and ability . ”

Should a life partner , despite your valiant attempts , not wish to become involved in spanking , do not despair . It may be possible to have agreement to doing a little spanking outside the relationship . This concept is easier to sell when your interest in spanking is understood and , if possible , leave sex out of the arrangement .

Spanking has many benefits , regardless of age , it can , as with other regular exercise , improve circulation , which has recently been shown to be a factor in brain performance , dementia ( see :  Exercise prevents dementia  ) and longevity ( see :  HORMONES AFFECTING SPANKING  ) .

If there may be health problems for you with spanking , see your Doctor . ( Say that you want to start  exercising  and ask their opinion , mention stress testing . )

This site has many pages about adult consensual spanking and how to approach the subject with others . ( Scroll down this page for some page links and practical advice or go to the CONTENTS 2016  Pages . Enjoy ! )



Ask your Doctor about repairing DNA with 500 micrograms folate or folic acid and 50 micrograms of vitamin B12 taken daily . This may be the best way of reversing up to 20 years of DNA damage !

What is DNA ? Goggle it if you like , basically DNA is the building block for the body . If DNA is faulty , it may lead to mutations which may lead to CANCER .

$4 a month ( and no prescription required ) to repair your DNA , not a bad investment !

Catalyst: DNA Doctor – ABC TV Science ( Vitamin C – say 1000 mg , may also be taken in conjunction with folate and B12 –  HSR Science Series )

Implements room by room


If new to or have not been involved in spanking for a while , consider your body especially any cardio – vascular , skeletal , bruising or other skin problems . We have pages dealing with some of these topics . Prolonged heavy hand spanking may cause wrist , arm and neck damage to spankers . Find an  IMPLEMENT  ( or implements ) that are acceptable to both parties and use them after the initial warm up phase of the spanking .

If up to it , this  POSITION  is most effective , it has good control , ” swinging room ” , intimacy ,  dominance etc . But it lacks spinal support for either participant and a deal of muscular effort is required by the spanker to maintain her position . Additionally , the spankee’s skin is drawn tight , making it more liable to damage . The underlying tissue and the sciatic nerve are also more vulnerable .


NOTE : Aging generally makes the buttocks ” flabby ” , but  exercise  may reverse this – a simple exercise is to hold a book in each hand at the chest , extend the arms out to the side and back and go up and down a flight of stairs . Do this until breathing starts labour ( or as medically advised ) , slow down and stop . Note the number of times up and down the stairs ( a single step will do , but change feet ) and gradually increase the number over the following days / weeks . This exercise is great for both spanker and spankee . Another simple exercise is to clench and release the bottom cheeks , this may be done anywhere , in any position and at any time . ( Try not to smile when others are around ! )


By contrast , the problems shown in the first photograph are not present here , there is less strain on both spines and the bottom is compacted . The drawbacks of this position are less ” swinging space ” for the arm and greater difficulty in reaching the so called ” sweet ” spot at the base of each buttock .

In conclusion , have respect and regard for your spanking partner and their limits . Enjoy and develop a passion for spanking !



Married with Children

Al : Marcy, I need your advice. How can a young, attractive, not-so-bright woman like my daughter Kelly earn $1,000 in three nights?

Marcy : Well, lets see. Either as an opening act for M.C. Hammer, or by spanking elderly gentlemen in a tight black leather dress.

Al : Hey now, my daughter may be a lot of things, but she would never resort to professions like that.

[Kelly enters wearing a tight black leather dress]

Kelly : Daddy, I’m going out now and I’ll be home by dawn.

Al : Sure, have a good time pumpkin.

[Kelly exits]

Al : Now, as I was saying, if my daughter was doing something illegal or immoral, I would know about it.

[the phone rings]

Al : Hello? No, Kelly’s out. Sure, I’ll take a message. What’s that? You have the money… and you can’t wait to see if she’s good as the guys say she is? Huh? Uh-ah… and you’ll meet here where? Uh-ah… well maybe I’ll see you there.

……. From : ” Married with Children ” – Cheese , Cues , and Blood (1991)


Mature Adults : Be Healthy , Walk Safely

” ……………. and the effects of natural aging lead to a 20 to 40 percent . muscle loss . … Increased production of endorphins

( en-dor-fins ) improves … ”

( Deals with walking exercise for the elderly , but spanking , regardless of age , can easily be incorporated into the text . )




( These are just a few , search using terms such as ” Retirement Lifestyle ” etc . for more information . )

Face of Ageing – Lifestyle

Exercise prevents dementia

Catalyst: DNA Doctor – ABC TV Science

HSR Science Series – Facing Biological Degeneration———————————




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