Types of spankings

There are six types of adult spankings :

  • “Play”spankings
  • Erotic spankings
  • Punishment spankings
  • Opportunistic spankings
  • Staged spankings
  • Cyber etc spankings

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Spankings generally involve two people, sometimes more as in an  or party situation. Self spanking is an alternative when a spanking partner is not available (see DIY page ).

Sexual activity may be involved, but many purists prefer to abstain. This can be a major factor in getting consent from”real life”partners to”play”with others.

Spankings may be”clinical”in their style, as in most punishment spankings, with little emotion being shown or”non clinical”with something of a drama taking place. Or anything in between.

Adult therapeutic spankings will be of one of the above types (maybe stretching the point in the case of opportunistic and cyber spankings, as below).

The sex of the participants is not a factor in considering these types of spankings.



These are the most common type of spankings between consenting adults. They are done for the enjoyment of one, and preferably both parties, even though they may be intense and painful at the time. A range of implements and positions maybe used in varying locations to achieve the desired level of spanking. The warm glow produced deep within the bottom is satisfying, as is the marking of the bottom (for some). A power exchange  takes place between the participants which can be as important to them as the physical spanking. A spiritual element may be present where the recipient and / or the giver achieves an emotional release.

Many take their spanking activity very seriously and would object to the term”play”, so maybe”normal”would be better to use for these spankings. The idea of play lightens the activity as does the use of humour.

Role playing can be used and detailed planning may be involved. Sometimes the spanker / spankee role is reversed during the”session”.

Many of the factors mentioned here apply to all forms of adult spanking.



Maybe kinky, but nice !


Erotic spankings can be the best of all, because of the way in which pleasure and pain is mixed with a degree of erotic stimulation. They are a variation of the”Play”spankings mentioned above.

An erotic spanking is best planned ahead so the participants can be rested, feel relaxed and able to”play”for a long period without interruption. Baths, showers, champagne, candles, spanking creams and a little soul food all have their place, along with background MUSIC. This is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon exploring your spanking interest.

Needless to say erotic spankings are bare bottom spankings and the caresses of the bottom often extend up the back and down between the thighs. This should be very sensual experience, alternating between hard and soft, light and heavy, hot and cold etc (“Leather and Lace”).

Switching spanking roles is common and helps in getting inside the mind, body and spirit of your spanking partner. Your understanding of self and feelings about spanking likewise increase.




A Punishment spanking is, as the words say, a punishment and a very predictable event. There is a high degree of certainty about what is going to happen. It is something to be avoided, even if the recipient normally enjoys being spanked.

The spanking may start with a period of waiting”go to the bedroom”,”I am going to spank you when I get home”etc. A verbal dressing down may be given, some can even make the recipient cry before the spanking starts. A ritual method, implement and positioning may be used, making the recipient wish that they would just get on with the spanking. There is no warm up and the spanking starts at full force, generally on the bare bottom. Tears, promises to be good, pleas to stop and marks should have no effect, you are spanked until the spanker is satisfied with the punishment. The spanking may not be with your consent.

A period of bare bottom”Corner Time”may follow, if you touch or rub you are spanked again. Another lecture may be given. These spankings should be memorable, even years later. True Punishment spankings, as outlined here, are not very common in domestic settings.

It is a good policy to let the matter which led to the spanking drop when the spanking is finished. See Spencer Spanking Plan,  and Domestic Discipline in Relationships.


Experiments in BDSM poetry

Opportunistic spankings occur spontaneously as a”target”(“Target of Opportunity”, in military parlance) appears and”The Moment is Seized”. They are generally”One Hit Wonders”.  There is a”Thrill of the Chase”aspect to these spankings and an element of risk taking.

These spankings may increase in intensity to become normal (play, punishment or erotic) spankings. They can be a method of Spanking prospecting (search) , done to test a recipients reaction.


Implements room by room

These are mostly prearranged and normally publicity stunts. Sometimes they are done to have some fun by surprising onlookers.



These can be a good way to explore an interest in spanking with minimal risk. It is not a good idea to use the office computer system, however. Various roles and personalities can be assumed for a little variety. A separate spanking only Email address is a good idea, as is reading 10 Tips for Online Dating Safety . If using a telephone, make sure that your caller ID is off.

(A role play site with many Female Brats, a few”Tops”and a some”Switches”.)

Spanking Labels
“I’ve oft times thought that people into spanking and BDSM ought to come with labels.”


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