Spanking Positions

” Position is everything. “

……………Princess Suessan

This page is one that we have been considering for some time, it completes our  “How to” information pages. There are more positions for smacking bottoms than there are positions for sex. As usual we welcome comments. Some positions can merge with others, for example the Standing and Bending Over positions.

For more advice about how and where to spank, see the  FAQ  page.

Factors in selecting spanking positions include :

  • Comfort and ease to adopt the position
  • Length of the spanking.
  • Clothing.
  • Suitability for the implement being used.
  • Control and restraint.
  • Ability to reach all areas of the bottom.
  • Psychological presentation of the bottom.
  • Personal preferences.
  • Visual aspects.

Clothing may be pulled up in some positions to make the underside of the bottom more accessible :

spanking-positions-FM otk hb1

What follows are general groupings of positions. We have been looking at a system of recording them which is not unlike that used by Choreographers :

 (Please note that images have been chosen to illustrate particular points, regardless of the sex of the participants. As an example, some problems may occur in the Across the Lap Position because of the relative sizes of the spanker and spankee. Using a female spanker and a male spankee is the best way to demonstrate these problems.)

Over the knee (OTK)


This an excellent example of the position. 

Firstly, a strong chair (otherwise the two of you may end up on the floor half way through) with a low back (the lower the better) is being used. Chairs with wheels are not recommended ! The spankee’s bottom should be the highest point of the body . (Should he ejaculate during the spanking, it will be contained by the underpants, or a condom may be used. )

The spanker’s right arm is almost fully raised for maximum swing, her other arm exerts control by holding his body just above the hip and the forearm can be used to push his body down.  The high heeled shoes lift the knees to bring the lap into a horizontal position, preventing the spankee from rolling off. Keep your back as straight as possible to avoid stress on the spine and neck, not as shown in these examples :


Finally, she is looking at where she is going to hit (remember spanking is about hand eye coordination). Some ladies, with large breasts, may have difficulty using this position. If so, place the spankee as far out and to the side as possible or use the Across The (single) Knee position.

The spankee may be held in place with the arm.

spanking-positions-FM otk hb1

When using an implement, place the recipient as far out as possible, otherwise the blows will land more on the outside cheek, as is happening here.


Longer implements are better used in one of the other positions, bending over positions are recommended.

(This is a variation of the above position, note that the spankers knees are interlocked, producing a stable platform. The spankers may be left or right handed and different implements may be used at the same time. It is a good position to use to teach how to spank in the OTK position.)

THE LAP  discusses some psychological aspects of this position.



This is the classic spanking position. The recipient’s legs should have a slight gap between them, this flattens the bottom and makes the inside of the cheeks more accessible. A weakness is lack of control of the spankee’s legs.

spanking-positions-FM otk hb1  

This variation resolves the leg control problem. It also allows the spankee to be placed further out from the spankers body, increasing the ” swinging room ” and making the inside cheek more accessible.

ACROSS THE SINGLE KNEE (using knee to separate legs)

This modification retains the control of the Single Knee position while separating the legs.



  • This position is good for using longer implements, such as canes and paddles. Two common faults are not keeping the legs upright and not ” arching ” the back, these are both shown in the second photograph. The lower part of the bottom is tucked away rather than exposing it as shown in the fourth photograph. Control of the spankee is poor, although this may be increased by holding the waist, as shown in the first photograph. The angle which the spankee is bent at is important.


Control is significantly improved over the Bending Over position.


     This is an improvement in that the recipient is less likely to move and may lean forward for greater exposure.


The same muscular extension is present as in the On Chair position.


This is a visually exciting position for the spanker, it has good control but care needs to be taken not to hit the scrotum etc..


The contraction of the glutaeuinal muscles of the bottom, as shown in the third picture, is a feature of this position.


A good position for lengthy spankings. A classic punishment position with good ” swinging room “.


A good position if using a stool and the spankee’s upper body is pushed down. The cheeks should overhang the stool or chair.


Inverted positions are the most painful. Care should be taken not to use these positions for long periods of time because of blood rush to the head.



The aim of any positioning exercise should be to get the recipient into the chosen spanking position as quickly as possible. That is unless the thrill of the chase is part of the spanking ! A common mistake is not to arrange the clothing at the same time.




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