Exercises For Spanking!


Spanking exercises

Always have regard for your physical limits when engaging in spanking play or exercise, and seek proper advice if you have physical problems such as heart disease or back problems.

In his book The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe, Dr. William Rossi places considerable importance on the buttocks as a sexual stimulus. He writes that”A rhythmic, mobile female buttocks is a wanton sight that has fascinated man since Adam. Woman, knowing it, has practiced the seductive art of hip swaying since Eve. What draws the wolf whistle of male admiration? Not a face, not even a figure. It’s the wiggle of the walk, the hustle of the bustle.”And women readily admit that they are turned on by the back view of a sexy, gluteally developed male runner.


My bum is too big, maybe that’s because I was caned at school.

………. Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York – Duchess of Pork was used in Weight Watchers television advertisement.)

Over the years we have watched several people develop ailments from giving spankings. Although there may have been other factors, exercising the relevant muscle groups should help to prevent this from happening. Likewise there some exercises that can make receiving a spanking more enjoyable
(after all it is a sore bottom you want, not a sore back, isn’t it ?).

This page is not intended to be a set of exercises to follow, it is designed to point you in the right exercise direction to strengthen your body. What you do with your new friends at the gym is up to you !

As in all physical activities, the condition of the participants is important. Even a moderate spanking can work up a sweat. So the first thing to do is to make sure that you are up to it, that is, maintaining a sustained period of physical exertion.

Some women (and a few men) get overly concerned that their bottom is too big. If it really is, well, having it regularly spanked will help ! The layer of fat under the skin on the bottom is there for a purpose, to protect the spine from being jarred each time you sit down and also as a energy reserve for the body (hence the expression”to work your ass off”), it also acts as a reserve for breast feeding. By all means tone up the muscles underneath but let nature take care of the rest.




The”Ripple Effect”shown above is caused by the movement of this layer of fat and is quite normal, it happens with men and women. As you can see the ladies above are not overweight.

Before you rush into your new exercise routine remember to warm up and stretch, particularly your back muscles. This is a good idea when playtime arrives too, also avoid taking aspirin as it can increase marks and bruises. You want the bottom warm before and during the spanking and cool afterwards (keep a gel pack in the freezer).

Toning up to be spanked involves strengthening the back (including the neck) as one way or another it will be horizontal for some time, possibly also being jarred by the blows of the spanking. The abdominal muscles also have a role to play and should be strengthened. Exercises such as push ups or lying on the stomach and arching the back are good as are twisting movements when seated or standing. Try sitting down and put one arm straight out from your chest and raise the forearm to a vertical position extend the other arm out horizontally across your chest and lock it inside the elbow of the other arm, turn your head as far as you can away from your arms. Hold this position for a few seconds with each arm pushing against the other and then reverse the direction to strengthen the other side. Touching your toes and going up and down stairs is recommended. Oh yes, do not forget the bottom, clenching it when sitting or standing is easy to do, although you may have to explain why you are smiling ! (You may like to imagine that you are being spanked when doing this exercise, this is also a great way of programming yourself that”Spanking Is Fun”. Should you have”dry skin”, don’t forget the moisturiser at night.

The ultimate spanker’s exercise ?


Sometimes the real thing is best.

The ultimate spankees exercise ?


Well, maybe start without the weights !



Some other suggestions :

Give small pinches to the buttock muscles not hurting them while massaging with any good body oil.
One of the easiest and best exercise is climbing the stairs.
Stand in a straight posture, squeeze the buttocks, release. This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime. This releases toxins from the area and improves the muscle tone.

All of the above will help to prepare you to give a spanking, yes even strengthening the bottom because you have to support a lot more weight with someone over your knee. Exercises that develop your shoulder and arm muscles are recommended, hold a book in each hand straight out and bring them into your chest. It is much easier to maintain your aim if your muscles are not tired. You need a strong back and your spine should be kept as straight as possible when spanking. Developing the anterior (front) muscles of the thighs and not having too large a”stomach”makes your lap more appealing (and comfortable) to lie across. If you really want to get serious, take up Sir Winston Churchill’s pastime of bricklaying (this will also toughen up your hands).

There was once an advertising slogan of”Don’t Kill Your Wife With Housework, Use Electricity !, well the spanking equivalent would be Don’t Damage Your Hand And Neck / Spine, Use An Implement !, (they generally require less force and we sell them – see IMPLEMENTS page). Of course, as SpankingLife is now always politically correct,who you use them on is up to you.

We don’t want to say much more as it may put us”Pros”out of business !



  1. 体のシルエットが悩みのタネとなるのは陽気が良くなってきて薄着になる頃です。


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