Thanks For The Support Of The New Website!

Dear friends, readers, fans, commenters, or anyone else for that matter,

I wanted to say but one thing:

Thanks for supporting the new site !
As you know, I had to move the entire blog recently, and as a result I had to start from zero again.
However, I received great support especially from the following Bloggers (links are all in the right column, mobile users have to scroll down):

– the SpankingBloggersNetwork (who updated his link quickly)
– Hermione
– Erica Scott
– Ronnie Soul

Thanks for updating and helping me out here!

Spankinglife has also started fairly well, averaging 100 unique readers per day.
I have to admit that 10 -20 % of these readers are from China.

Are my writings that much interesting for Chinese people? [Wordpress says they find me via Baidu.]

We’ll see.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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