Spanking: Do You Want To Spank Or Be Spanked?

Sexuality, bless it, is rich and diverse. Just because you don’t enjoy something or find it intimidating or frightening doesn’t lessen the pleasure of those who enjoy their particular variation.

Straight, gay, male or female please feel free to share your experiences, frustrations and wishes about spanking or being spanked.

Do you enjoy consensual spankings?

Would you like to spank or be spanked but have never had the gumption to confess your desire to a partner?

Perhaps you did and he or she fled never to return. Or was just rendered speechless.


  1. I absolutely adore being spanked by my wife. We are not interested in role play or discpline or punishment. She spanks me because I ask her to. She actually hates it but loves me and knows that I need it and crave it.
    I love her and show my eternal gratitude for her.
    I love all the aspects of it – the anticipation, the sounds and the feel of each implement and the chemical cocktail rush that comes with it.


    Happy Spankings


    • Thanks for the compliment !
      We all love spanking around, whoever gives them and whoever receives them, doesn’t matter.
      Are you a switch or more into FemDom?
      I will be posting on switches in the next time.

  2. I love being spanked. Hubby does it because I enjoy it. I would love to be spanked with something other then a hand.

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