Exercises For Spanking!

November 13, 2016 Steve 3

Spanking exercises Always have regard for your physical limits when engaging in spanking play or exercise, and seek proper advice if you have physical problems […]

When To Spank

November 7, 2016 Steve 5

When to Spank (from US News) For decades, parenting experts have said spanking irreparably harms kids. But a close look at the research suggests otherwise […]

The female brain and BDSM

November 5, 2016 Steve 1

The Female Brain “Connecting through talking activates the pleasure centres in a girl’s brain. We’re not talking about a small amount of pleasure. This is […]

Spanking Creams

October 21, 2016 Steve 2

Have your ever wondered whether some oils could help you for spanking? Well, it turns out you make them at home… at least I do […]