Tennis spanking

The games of Tennis, Squash, Badminton,  Ping Pong  and other racquet ball games ( e.g.  Jokari ) open up spanking possibilities. These games use racquets etc. which may be pushed into service as spanking implements. The sporting atmosphere is conducive to spanking wagers ( see  PROSPECTING  page) and ” punishments ” for cheating etc..

Needless to say tennis clothing adds to the  ambiance  of the occasion.



Kajol – The Bollywood actress was spanked with a variety of implements by her mother Tanuja when she misbehaved growing up. She told the website : ” I was the most spanked kid at home. My mother has horrifying memories of beating me up with badminton racquets, plates and whatever she could lay her hands on ! “

And her mother told the website : ” I must have spanked her with everything I could lay my hands on, – from a book to a badminton racquet ! “

………….. Spanking Facts and Research

Spanking Facts and Research  also has references to the following players being spanked :

Jennifer Capriati

” In an article in the Daily Mail, it mentioned that the American tennis star’s father, Stefano, would chastise her when she lost matches……… “

Mary Pierce

” I remember reading a couple of articles about the French tennis star just before Wimbledon 94, and at the time the split with her father and ex-trainer was getting a lot of publicity. It was mentioned that he used to beat her even as an adult when she wasn’t performing well enough in training. “

Steffi Graf

” In Total Sport Magazine, there was a feature about the great German tennis player, and it mentioned that her father would reward her when she did well and punish her when she didn’t, mentioning that he used ” The carrot and the stick ” system. “

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