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Spanking For The First Time

March 22, 2017 Steve 0

There are six  TYPES OF ADULT SPANKINGS. This page deals with so called “play” spankings, although much of what is said here applies to other types, […]

What Is A Spankpack?

March 13, 2017 Steve 0

What is a spankpack (other than a word that we invented)? It is a collection of implements and other things that might be useful to have […]

Sensuous Spanking

February 28, 2017 Steve 0

Sensuous spanking Spanking is a much more personal and intimate than other forms of discipline. There is nothing quite like the feel of your slave bent […]

Bathroom Spanking

February 2, 2017 Steve 0

Bathrooms are often the scene of spankings. They are popular because of their soundproofing, the availability of brushes, water and lotions and  offer the spankee […]